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This article, and then the one on Powerline, made me consider something. Putting two and two together about something that was really one of my really first big political issues.

This goes way back. The sixth grade, just me trying to figure out the world. And towards the end of one of my classes we had to read correspondents between an Israeli citizen, and a Palestinian.

Long Story short (could not tell you most of it even if I wanted to) I remember stating, or forming the opinion, that you could not give a state to a terrorist entity. Or those who do not deserve it.

Now this is the opinion of a sixth grader so it was crude and simplistic, but it seems to stand.

In this case.

Whether or not the Palestinians deserve their own state, or that is a reasonable argument for them not having one, is really beside the point.

The fact remains is, they have, and it escaped my own notice.

To the layman or to the person trying to be ignorant on the issue, this probably has not occurred to many people.

But when Gaza was handed over, as the article and current world affairs supports, the Palestinians have their own state.

Of course, now they want more. It’s not enough.

And since they have gotten it they have fired rockets, and continued terrorist attacks, and continue to attempt to kill Israeli Citizens.

The area is run by a terrorist organization that wants to wipe our Israel.

Who, as the article purports, their rise to power was not entirely democratic.

The historical parallels here are quite astounding.

You have a group, a political, cultural, and even religious…especially in this case… who is trying to absorb more land, from an already existing country…claiming it as their own…and this group came to power through Democratic means but kept power not through a ballot box…and then began a campaign to wipe out the Jews.

Sound familiar?

If Israel is to survive, and if we are going to know who to stand with, we must look at the past, to try to predict the future. Especially when the parallels are so clear, and the rhetoric so deadly.



  1. yeah….unfortunately many liberal Jews are blind to this parallel that the Arabs are trying the same thing Hitler tried….to eradicate the Jews from the face of the earth…..what they didn’t reckon on was Jews and Christians standing together in such strong solidarity….Hitler didn’t reckon on it and neither do the Arabs…..that 2 similar yet vastly different ideologies could come together and unite so strongly against tyranny

    • 2 for 2 tonight….what happned to your blogs? 😛

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