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Well we are close again to another July Fourth Weekend. The barbeques, the fireworks, the….swimming…and all the activities that we use to celebrate the birth of our country…without really understanding the principles of the founding of our country.

This blog, will, try to correct that. Be the first step in trying to show some of what our Government means, and is supposed to do. And this is a blog that will explain those principles, without really trying to pass judgement on them.

The Prime Directive of Government is simply this: To provide for, or protect, or allow for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and property. As was stated in the original Declaration of Independence.

This is what Government is supposed to do, before all else, and when stripped down to its basic parts. Before all the health care, and medicare, and social security, and welfare.

Life: To protect people’s lives from physical harm.

To have a police force, a fire department, or to pass laws and allow for the people to be able to cope with their own fires and try to defend themselves from harm.

Liberty: To protect people from coercion, and protect the liberty of the people and their ability to make choices.

That the Government passes laws that are equal, fair to all, and do not trample on anyone’s ability to make a choice, unless that choice harms or unfairly coerces another.

The Pursuit of Happiness: The ability to pursue your economic goals, to pursue your liberty and the choices that will make you happy.

From who or what you want to marry, to pursuing an education, to doing whatever you want.

This is what the Government is responsible for, at its most basic. This is the Prime Directive.

Anything else is…theoretically..nice add ons and bonuses.

From healthcare to welfare, to subsidizing the Sciences and education. Those are things that a Government might decide to do as long as they have the money to do so, and as long as it does not trample on the Prime Directive.

Because the debate rages on in this country. What does it mean to let people live? What does it mean to let them pursue happiness? Would it not be better to have the Government ensure everyone is healthy? Would it not be better that we level the playing field so everyone can have that shot?


The Government protects you, but what you do after that is your own business.

And all three of these are in constant conflict.

Just how much life (security) can we get before it tramples on our Liberty? Is there too much Liberty that hampers our ability to keep us alive and safe, and even semi free?

How do we Pursue Happiness without running over everyone?

And we all must answer the question in our own ways, but to do so, I think we need a base to start from.



  1. indeed….marriage though is vital to public health by its very nature as an institution conformed to the production of new human life, new life being essential to the survival of human society and thus in the interests of efficiency any benefit of joining this institution should have a centralized custodian in the form of the state….Social Security it can be debated whether or not that should be a benefit at all….let alone one having to do with marriage

    • I think *been a while since I wrote this* 😛 that I was talking about…exactly that…this was a blog where I tried to be value neutral and provide the sides and different perspectives on this. Like some people believe in SS and some people do not.

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