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A while ago I was doing a blog about true wealth and just what it means for humans in general to have wealth and to make it.

I want to expand on that and talk about value, the value of things. What it means for something to be valuable, in general, and especially in relation to our dollar.

Our dollar is inflating, our economy is collapsing, we are having to work harder, and longer, or get more money to pay for less things. Why is this? What does it mean? Why is our dollar and our economy getting weaker even though we have a capacity to spend more and more?

Well lets take it back for a second, all the way back. Back to the most simplest of this debate.

Imagine if there was only one dollar in the entire world.

Would that not be valuable? Would that not be a highly sought over commodity? Would it not have a lot of purchasing power? If that was the only dollar in existence, that needed to be used to buy anything, the only currency in the world, why wars would be fought over it, to try to get it and trade it for something of value.

Now multiply that by a hundred, a thousand, a million. Each time you do, the less that one thing can get you. Where now there are more of those things in order to get you stuff so the dollar becomes less and less valuable, and can do less and less with it.

OK that does not work? How about food?

Imagine if there was one apple, and that was the only apple in the world.

It would be worth a lot of money. It would be worth a lot of effort.

It may even be a collectible. Something to put in a cage and admired instead of eating. Something to be revered, a weird fluke, whose value to the owner is immense.

Now you gamers, imagine if there was one XBox, one Wii, and one Play Station 3.

If you liked games and the only way you could play them was to own one of these systems, what would you do to get them? If you were one of the owners what would you accept in trade? How many dollars if you KNEW you had a Wii and someone else wanted one?

And for all those lovers out there.

You love someone, they are unique and special. You value, or mesh in your core personality and your values.

They are valuable, precious, there is not another like them in the entire universe. They are completely individual and completely valuable to you. A treasure. Not to be repeated.

But what if they were to be cloned? In every way?

Would they maybe not lose value to you if there were two of them? Four? Ten? If they lose their uniqueness would you not lose interest? Or would you stay, mine is the genuine article, etc etc?

But what if you did want them both? I mean this is a pretty sweet deal! The woman who I love and treasure was just cloned! Two for the price of one.

Not so fast.

In fact, you would have to work harder for the two of them. To keep them satisfied and happy. You would have to put in more effort to make each of them feel loved, and appreciated, more work, more resources, more effort, less you can do in other areas.

And that is what true value is. It is not the accumulation of stuff, but it is finding the right and proper balance to make the best use of that stuff, and create the wealth.



  1. actually I think a better way to measure how highly you value something is to ask yourself….would you bleed and die for that which you hold so sacred?

    you alluded to that in your blog when you said that people would fight wars over that proverbial only dollar…and we have one this……today’s culture glorifies money over and above anything else…including liberty and freedom

    • Indeed, very aptly put and very bendy. 😛

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