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Recently some group of ‘experts in their field’ suggested that, for the good of the children, obese kids should be taken away from their parents as a result of abuse. (Story)

Now this seems to me to be overly…draconian…and not a solution to our present problems. Or even this problem.

Can we really trust the Government to take care of our children? They have done such a fantastic job with everything else they have done…after all.

But I wonder if they may not be the solution to the problem, but part of the problem. Especially in their efforts to care for us.

Through a slew of Government programs that include (but by no means is limited to) Health Care, Medicare, Social Security and a lot of other welfare projects that cost a lot of money. Money that we do not really have.

Programs whose cost money while we already have a deficit, a deficit that it is being run up, which may cause us to lose our credit rating, and also is forcing us to print more money which is causing our dollar to have less and less value.

And with our high unemployment rate (Nine Point two percent last I checked) fewer people are actually making any money in order to provide for their family even with rising prices and inflation.

Or since energy prices will ‘necessarily skyrocket’.

And Oil is beginning to tick upwards again which is going to raise our gas prices. (Source)

All of this means that we have less and less money to spend (or have to choose between energy and food) while the money that we do have is worth less and less.

Which then makes fast food a viable and cheap alternative to regular staples and Costco and grocery shopping.

So if you want to solve the Obesity problem, solve our fiscal problems.

Though also no is a powerful tool, maybe we should restore the word no.

Mommy mommy can we go out to McDonald’s!

No you’ll be fat.

Mommy Mommy I want to go to a college where I will spend hours a day behind a desk and not get any exercise…oh well…ok…if you will get educated. :S

Mommy mommy I want to go into radio and sit behind a desk and look like a cream puff!…..:S

So it’s a matter of personal responsibility, and a matter of finding fiscal ways to empower the people again so they can again make proper dietary decisions with the resources and monetary assets, to make those decisions.



  1. yeah….not to mention that the government wants us to eat healthier.,….all the while subsidizing the processed junk industry….end those subsidies and force that industry to compete with healthy/organic stuff and I think the playing field between the 2 industries will be much more even….if not tipped in favor of healthy/organic stuff

    • Valid point actually considering Wal-Mart’s waiver.

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