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A while back I saw a video that someone posted on Facebook containing a speech that Ron Paul did, condemning the war in Libya. The Poster’s comments to this were basically, that no matter who was in charge, the President, or the party, that Libertarians would be the anti-war party.

Oh how I wish I could run back to Conservatism, take me back I didn’t mean it!

Not only do I feel that being ‘anti-war’ is foolish personally I believe it is contrary to principles of Liberty, and the Government that the Founding fathers gave us as enshrined in the Constitution.

In fact I can find no special evidence that the Founders were anti-war. Yes they warned about what wars to get into and not get into, warned about the possibility of an over bearing Military complex and the dangers of a standing army, but they were not anti-war.

The same people who many of today’s ‘anti war’ Libertarians respect as being the forefathers of the thing they are fighting for, Liberty, and Libertarian principles.

In fact if the early history of the Republic is to teach us anything, is that the era of the founding fathers was a turbulent and violent one when it came to the issues of Foreign Policy.

Which they recognized, which is why they enshrined in the Constitution to carefully and selectively carry out a foreign policy through the declaration of war, the appointment of Ambassadors, and the signing of treaties. All things that, no matter their personal opinions, they gave us as a basis for our Government and its principles.

Whether it was the Barbary Pirates, or the diplomatic relations with the major powers of France and England at the time, our early history was fraught with peril, war, and diplomatic maneuvers that would contribute greatly to the size of the future country, and our position in the world from there to eternity.

Some of the founders (like Thomas Jefferson) supported and wanted to actually help the revolution in France, they even wanted to go to war on France’s behalf on the old enemy of England, especially since France was a military ally during the revolution.

On the other hand, despite the sympathy that France had in several areas, we and France also existed in a state of semi war for a period of few years during the John Adams administration.

We signed one of the most important treaties in history with the French that gave us the Louisiana territory.

England: Two Wars, and more treaties, like the John Jay treaty.

And we fought the Barbary Pirates in a long period of war because they were threatening American interests, and shipping, over seas. While they demanded tribute from us, we gave them none, and it was Jefferson who helped persecute that war.

And in fact the founding of this nation was full of the very thing that most ‘anti war’ Libertarians hate today, and claim that the Founding Fathers hated.

We fought a war, against a foreign power, we made a military alliance with another foreign power (the French), and then we engaged in foreign diplomacy to achieve wars end.

If the anti war sentiment of a number of people existed, then there would not be a country right now. We would still be living under British rule, and likely would not be as free as we were today. The American experiment would have never taken route.

So while the Founders may have had some issue with war, who doesn’t?, they still recognized the need to have them in order to protect our lives, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness.


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