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It is something that is talked about in civics, history, and Government often, the separation of powers. How the framers of our Constitution came together and created a system with checks and balances where each branch can check the powers and the excesses of any other branch.

But in an age of ever-growing and out of control Government, in an age where all of our Government branches are being twisted out of proportion, I do not think many people understand what the three branches are.

And from spending, to the military, to domestic issues and the foreign policy we have to understand our roots if we are going to have any hope in hell of saving our Government. So we can again restore the proper balance within our Government.

the legislature: They write the rules and decide what resources and assets will be used to go where. They have the power of the purse…at least as was originally intended.

The Executive: They execute the laws and help regulate them and ensure that they are carried out. They can veto the legislation passed, but then the legislature can over ride that veto.

The Judicial: They decide if the laws passed by the Executive and the legislature are right and proper and if they fall within proper and established Constitutional guidelines.

If we use the Foreign policy arena as an example of how these three branches work we can begin to better understand them, how they work, why they work, and begin to understand more about our Foreign Policy (continuing the theme of the last few blogs 😛 )

The legislature convenes and decides who the enemy is. If we need to declare war on this enemy, what resources and funding will be used in the persecution of this enemy. And the parameters of the general mission.

The Executive executes the war and the mission, actually commands the military, and uses the resources that are given by the legislature.

And the Judicial…while they normally do not have any power in a war situation…they can still decide whether the declaration of the war was legal in the first place. And more importantly Constitutional.

All three branches are supposed to work in perfect synch, competing and rubbing against each other, creating and building the Government but often at odds with agendas so that any legislation that passes, can be the right one, and can take time. For if we let one branch have greater power then the others it upsets the balance of power and then we either have rule by a mob, or rule by a petty and executive tyrant.


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  1. very true…:-)

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