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I debate…often. I get into debates and conversations about politics and religion on a regular basis. In fact I am rather an expert at it…albeit its the poor man version who often gets his dandruff up. 😛

But in all the time and in all the debates I have come up with three reasons why one should debate. Why should you debate? Just what are you trying to prove? Why should you put up with all the pitfalls of debating when your ‘opponents’ (for lack of a better word) might be thick dunderheads who cannot possibly ever consider or see your point.

So why do it?

Well, obviously, you do it to try to get someone to see a point. To bring them around to your way of thinking or enlighten them on a specific subject.

To share your opinion to where someone just may, go, ‘huh I never saw it like that before.’ It might get them to see an issue in a new light whether they agree with you one hundred percent or not.

Secondly, you need to do it to provide an example to someone else.

Debates are not just a battle of personalities and wills there is something more metaphysical to it, literally the battle between good and evil. Or something along those lines. 😉

Sure one can get into personalities and make that personal, but if you do you risk making it personal. More about you versus me rather than the things and the issues you are trying to debate. And you risk losing, losing the debate, losing yourself, feelings will get hurt and lightning will split the mountains…wait.

But the point is you are getting your opinions out there, into the void. Someone may read it, or hear it, and a seed will be planted. That will affect them or their lives. Sure they may not agree with you one hundred percent but maybe, just maybe, they will pause and think.

And finally you are trying to teach. For the pure sake of teaching, to teach, and to learn.

Not only someone else, but yourself. Who knows what you might learn?

When you are trying to put your opinion out there and make an argument or a case you might learn that the opinion does not work and is not logical. You are trying to go about the process yourself. Debating with yourself almost.

If you are honest about it, if you are honestly questioning, then in the process of articulating, in the process of getting your opinions out there, then you will discover something.

Or maybe someone else will.

All that matters is you stand firm and try.



  1. You’ve just expressed my reasonings for sharing. I also believe that my sharing is God’s will, especially when I’m sharing according to the bible. Thanks for a great blog.

    • Thank you. And I am humbled. Keep on reading I plan on doing in December nothing but religiousy blogs.

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