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I think this idea goes back to the heart of the foundation of our Republic. One of the best principles that is found in our Constitution, in our principles, in the book of Deuteronomy and is just plain common sense. That the best morality, often comes from the local, the small group, or even the individual.

The town, or the family, or the church. Some local organization that you can go to that has its own laws and customs.

You see the Government can force things on you. The Federal Government, or the local Governments and States even. Higher taxes for any number of things like roads, or schools. Or wide and sweeping laws that restrict your behavior when and where you cannot drink, what times you can be out, what roads you can travel on and when.

And the larger these things are, the harder they are to escape. And the more easily they can be corrupted.

You cannot always escape your Government, especially if you like living in the area that you are living in. If the Federal Government passes a law or regulation that you consider to be unfair, or unjust, then you still have the right to move, but you are no longer an American. You no longer enjoy any of the benefits of being an American and you have to be something else.

And in this case you have to give up everything you knew, just to escape a law, a policy, or a custom you do not like. Or you could always suck it up.

But the more local things are, the easier they are to escape and to avoid and not participate in.

For example many areas and businesses do not allow firearms on their premises. You see the sign ‘fire arms are prohibited.’ Now this might be a violation of the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States, but yet they still can. There is no court cases that I know of challenging this practice.

They are under local control and can allow or disallow anything they want.

Same for any number of things. If you do not like a stores policies towards gays, guns, religion, or their prices, you can always leave. There are loads of other stores.

If you do not like a groups rules and bi laws to be in the group you do not have to sign up.

If you do not like a Church’s views on God or a political issue you can find another church, or just leave and worship in peace.

Local Morality is so important because you can escape. Because you can have the dialogue or chose not to have the dialogue at all and it’s not forced on you by some intrusive overbearing Government.

You have more options with businesses and local Governments then you do if a central power passes a rule restricting your behavior.

Instead of moving down the street to another place of business that allows you to carry firearms you have to move hundreds and thousands of miles.

This is why things need to be bottom up.

Starting with the individual moving up through our families, our communities, and our church’s, and then going to state and national.

We cannot do very good unless we can be our own moral shepherds.

Which is why Local Morality, remains supreme.


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