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Tools are often confused. And no I am not talking about hammers or screwdrivers but I am talking about the things that the human race uses every day to shape our world. But these things are often mistaken. Mistaken for things that have intent and purpose all to their own.

Like Government, corporations, religion, unions. All of these groups and organizations have been considered inherently evil. That they cannot help it but they are destroying our world.

No they are just tools. Tools built by, and for humanity. And it all matters how we use them whether they are for great good, or great evil.

Or anything in between.

They are not things that can act alone. But human constructs and the tools that humanity uses to enact change or understanding or to profit in our day-to-day lives.

Religion is a tool to understand the super natural and the divine. Government is a tool…to well Govern.

They can be abused, they can be used by lesser men who will lord it over us. Or they can be used by great men to provide a beacon of hope.

Only we, as individuals can choose how we use each one of these tools. Or even chose how others use them and how much damage those who would do us harm.

And only we can deal with the consequences.


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