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Again this was the conversation I had way back in the day, one of my classmates was talking about Bush and how he had ruined their life. Or at the least made it unnecessarily difficult on them.

Now I do not think Bush can ruin your life, or Obama, or any other Government. Unless they physically line you up against a wall and shoot you, you can still make a difference. Your life is still your own.

But the Government can make things unnecessarily harder for you.

Through IDs, through requirements to do this or that to be a ‘productive member of society,’ through endless bureaucracies and paper work and hoops you have to jump through to get a simple thing done. Yes they can make it harder for you to start out.

Through bad fiscal policy. Through massive and punitive taxation, rising inflation, and irresponsible spending policies that lead to ever-growing debt. Making it harder for those who are getting started to pay for their basic necessities.

And through piles of legal paperwork that you have to sift through and be in compliance with if you want to do anything like go to college, drive a car, or start a business. Why on Neil Cavuto’s show recently he had a speed reader on going through the thousand of pages of government regulations that business have to go through to stay in business and to start in the first place.

He was one of the fastest readers out there and looked like he deserved the title but even by the end of the show he had barely made a scratch in the endless documentation. Though Neil interrupted him constantly which might have had something to do with it.

Some of these things make sense, and some of them do not. Some of them work for our society and our modern times. And some do not work and are an unnecessary hindrance that only complicate an already complicated process….known as life.

But this does not matter. Because if you let these things get you down and ruin your life then you give them power, which is what they want. Your life is ruined, nothing will exist to make it better, you will just sit there and die.

Or you will become bitter, deem that the whole system needs to be destroyed and set out to do just that no matter the cost to anyone around you.

Or you can pole-vault those difficulties, rise past them and try to use them while working to change and reform the system to make it better for all. To make it fairer and more even.

We have the choice. Whether or not we let these ‘societal obligations’ get to us, or whether or not we rise past them.


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