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Throughout my life I have had conversations, debates, and discussions on the politics of caring. On what it means to care or should people care or how they should care or what they should do when they care about one another. Whether it is your Government, or just your day-to-day lives, I have had the conversation on what is the right thing to do.

You see caring does one of two things.

First off it allows people to do things for you and about you, to try to help you deal with your every day life.

But then it becomes something more. When someone cares about you they expect you to do things. To bend to their will that not only do they care about you and want you to succeed but they want you to do what they think is best to help you in the exact manner they do it.

I guess the classic (though poor) example is of cleaning your room. You want something from me? Well you have to keep the house spotless.

Or in the Government, the Government cares right? But then you have to pass papers and requirements, you have to fill out paper work, you must have a credit in order to get the most basic of things.

So in order to have this great and caring Government assistance you have to jump through hundreds of different hoops which may not serve you or your interests.

This is true for college, and a wide variety of institutions.

And meanwhile, in either case, they have to spend money. So not only do they care about you, but they are willing to compromise common sense and economics in order to achieve their dreams when their could be a better way.

Whether this comes to health care, or college, or anything else that they want from you.

After all the aid is out there anyways so why not use it?

Now caring and love and charity are very good things to have for individuals and societies.

We need to love our brother and help them out in times of need, this is something that our humanity demands of us.

But its a balancing act, there must be a balance.

Between caring and love, and stifling someone’s free expression or providing for them until they are incapable of providing for themselves.

If I may be so bold, a God like balance.

You see it is clear from me from my biblical knowledge, (though this is incomplete), that God just does not usually act in the ever day lives of man. That He chooses to act at certain pivot points, for individuals and societies.

Like Job or the parting of the Red Sea.

God rarely moved and does not need to move in our day-to-day lives.

He could just come down right now and take us to heaven this instant and save the world.

But He chooses not to.

He chooses to let us live and give us the free will to stumble, He helps, yes, but He does not run our lives.

This is the kind of love and caring we need to do.


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