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The Diversity Alliance The New Righteous Amongst the Nations

Last week Glenn Beck held the Restoring Courage Event in Israel to help stand with the Jewish people, the Israelis, and to help provide an example to the rest of the world see Israeli courage and then learn from it. There are several lessons that can be taken from the events as a whole. And you can watch it on or read articles and transcripts from it on The Blaze for further reference on the stories I will be talking about in this blog.

But there are two principal lessons that can be taken from this event.

The first is one that I touched on in the New Righteous of the Nations.

We cannot just protect the Jewish people for the sake of the Jewish people. We cannot be collectivists like the Anti Semites and Israeli haters are right now. We must be individualists. We must do this to save the individual from all those that would smear and destroy anyone who is Jewish for being Jewish.

The second example is from the Diversity Alliance. A previous blog that I did (which you can see above) that goes into the politics of diversity and turn it into the politics of unification. And how you cannot get a unity while trying to divide everyone into their subgroups.

You cannot get a country out of politics and groups that constantly espouse a philosophy of division. You cannot get peace by divvying up a state or a city into separate groups into the hands of ethnic or political groups. Which I thought that was what the Israelis were being accused of in the first place.

It struck me as particularly telling that during Restoring Courage Glenn relayed, and handed out, three medals based on three people based on the ideals of faith, hope, and charity. One to the Fogel Family, one to a restaurant which is co owned by an Arab and a Jew, and a philanthropist/ store owner who sells good, and gives out free food and services during Muslim holy times so Muslims can properly celebrate their religious obligations.

(Link) Read the last paragraph and do your own research for the specifics.

In the case of the store they were targeted by a radical Islamic sect who were opposed to their sense of unity.

This is odd, there is a group who espoused unity and the ability to work together and serve people no matter their religion, who was bombed by a group claiming to want freedom from oppression.

In fact it is interesting because Rami Levi, the Jewish store owner, also serves the community regardless of religion. As there are also members of the Israeli Knesset who are Arabs and members of the Muslim faith (who even came out against Restoring Courage).

So Israel seems like a place of great unity no matter which faith or ethnic group you belong too. Yet there remains groups that want to divide it up? An Arab Nation and a Jewish Nation?

Yes while the nation is ‘Jewish’ in a lot of respects and named after the original home land of the Jewish people, and in the same place to boot, it is welcoming to all faiths.

And yet people want to divide it up? And along largely religious and ethnic lines to boot.

For what purpose? How will this improve the situation by taking a nation that is to a large extent ‘secular’ and respectful for the rights of all? And turning part of it into what?

Again I believe the answer lies in unification. Not division. That is the Israeli people want to work out their own problems they need to do so as a people, Arabs and Jews, Muslims…and well Jews again. And be a beacon for the rest of the world.


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