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Science and Religion, two forces in the Universe seemingly so opposite where they cannot be reconciled. So different that they can never meet. One about the ‘blind faith’ that people have in the supernatural magic spirits that live in the sky, and the other is based on ‘logic and reason.’ But they are closer then you might think.

In fact in my religious and scientific conversations during the last year or so I have come to realize just how closely entwined these two aspects of our lives are. They are both a search for answers. They both try and find humanities niche in the universe and explore our relationship with the world around us.

And both are examples of human frailty, but also humanity striving for excellence.

Both can be manipulated by weak humans with agendas, both can be wrong in their assumptions.

And both are capable of extraordinary growth when we realize that we have been wrong in either venture.

Science has been wrong on the facts in the past. Whether it is new information on evolution that we did not know, and preconceptions that have been shattered.

It has been manipulated and used time and time again whether it is the Piltdown hoax in evolution (source) (source) (Also check), or the recent Climate Gate scandals when it was revealed much of our assumptions about global warming and climate change were based on faulty information.

Or just wrong. As far as the errors in the methods and equipment we use to test things, or errors in human bias.

Or the examples of priests and preachers in ancient days who would keep their flock in the dark about biblical principles to manipulate them for political and personal gain. Same thing, religion can be manipulated, and religious people can draw wrong conclusions.

And our understanding of God, the universe, and the divine have also grown. Our religious and moral understanding of scripture and even the world around us has grown.

Both have grown.

Both have grown as a result of one another.

I think it is even safe to say that both need each other. Because both has something that the other one does not.

If we are to survive as a people we need to understand these two aspects of society, and not constantly attack them.


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