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A while ago, and thus this blog may suffer, I was thinking about just what is the difference between good and evil,and what is the spectrum between these two polar opposites. Especially since we live in a world that is smack dab in the middle of the two extremes.

I think it is a realm that has four different ends to it. You have the creation/ destruction end, and you have the balancing of your internal needs with your external ones, all needing to be kept in balance.

Creation and destruction is an obvious one, but it does not always have the most obvious implications to it.

We need to balance these two factors out.

If we just spent all our time creating and creating and could just constantly create to the ends of the Earth then we would run out of resources on this planet, and then we would create ourselves to oblivion.

If we constantly destroyed then the planet would be a burning cinder and nothing would be alive and there would be no civilization.

And we must balance our internal and external desires.

If we just lived on what made us feel good what made us feel good, our urges in other words, then we would take and take and take.

We would have sex when we wanted. We would eat what we wanted. We would go in and steal and destroy with no regards for any other soul or person. As long as it would make us happy, it must be right.

But if we constantly lived to serve others without securing our own needs we would be destitute and poverty-stricken with no way of doing much good for anyone else. Even ourselves. A lesson that we all must take to heart.

We could not secure our lives, our liberty, or our property.

War is a good example for this.

What good is in war when war just destroys and kills?

Well what are you fighting for? Are you fighting to destroy something, a nation, a religion, a culture, a group of people? Or are you fighting for principles and to create a better future and preserve a way of life?

Tyrants destroy. They just destroy and live high on their people taking what they want from them in order to satisfy their own desires whether it is political ideology or just personal fancies. They have no regard for their own people or anyone else around them.

But good societies and people often try to preserve and build something, we often work together and no one may steal from another.

But a balance must be struck. Because if we do something that is either too much for us, or too much for others, then we will lose ourselves and not do anything. If we do not allow destruction to take place then we will eventually run out of things and become complacent.

Only through our choices can we determine what we are doing, where we are striving for.


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