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While this is old news by now I think it is something really worth mentioning. That we cannot make excuses for the actions of others. I believe I have talked about something similar before but it bares mentioning again.

Simply put, We Cannot Make Excuses. Not for the actions of others, not when they might have a legitimate cause, not when they are out to kill us. We cannot make excuses, and we cannot obfuscate and say that the people who want to kill us, and have our way of life destroyed.

Just who is making excuses though? It might be a teeny surprise, but it looks like Ron Paul is making excuses. At the Debate on September 12th 2011, the CNN Tea Party Debate he had an exchange with former Senator Rick Santorum about what is going on in the world and the middle east.

(Anyalisis and Debate) (His Blog)

The argument here is through our ‘imperialism’ or through our ‘interventionist Foreign Policies’ that we have created Cuba, Iran, Castro, Osama Bin Laden, and most of our problems in the Middle East. That the threat that we are facing is entirely of our own making.

And yes. Our Foreign Policy from years gone by to the present has not been the best. We have created some horrible situation and we have messed in other countries affairs. We have supported vicious tyrants like Hosni Mubarak and even Saddam Hussein and others. We did support Afghanistan and the fight against the Soviets of which Osama Bin Landen was also a part.

But we cannot be held responsible for creating all evil.

Have we done wrong? Yes.

Have we made mistakes? Yes.

Should we have a debate on our Foreign Policy? You bet your ass.

Were we an impetus and a reason why the ‘Arab Spring’ rose up against their Governments? Partially yes.

But did we create the virulent Antisemitism exhibited in the Middle East? (Source), (Source), (Source),

Is this not evil?

Did we cause Osama Bin Laden to launch a terrorist attack on us to kill innocent people? Ron Paul thinks we did. Do you?

Yes we can, and should, have the debate on what is a proper and just Foreign Policy. But we have to be realistic. And most importantly, stop making excuses for the actions of others.


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