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I think without realizing it, whether or not we as individuals, or we as a country, have let Keynesian economics infiltrate our economic systems. I think we have let the idea that credit is a good thing, or that debt is a necessary burden, infect our society.

Regardless of the system we have, be it a capitalist one, or a socialist one. Either way we are being encouraged to spend radical amounts of money on many goods and services, whether we have the money, or not. And if we get into trouble, why that is a right, why we need that, why lets rely on the Government to provide it for us.

From healthcare or an education or a lot of other aspects of our society.

I was having a conversation with somebody that I know and they told me that to get anywhere in this society you need to have a credit. Now they were not advocating this as being right, but stating the fact that this society encourages you to have a credit score. And to get credit you need to incur a debt, and then be able to pay it off.

Now not all debt is bad, if you can handle it. It is a matter of degrees. That if you HAVE TO do something you should do it, if it’s a matter of life or death or for temporary gain. As long as you can pay that debt off easily and within your income area. That is common sense.

But to have it be a condition of being a part of society? I do not think this sounds like a winning strategy. In fact this sounds like a Keynesian strategy.

And when you are supposed to have a debt in your day-to-day life, or as some badge of honor, then that is wrong. When the Federal Government has a debt to fund all of its programs around the country then that sounds like a dangerous path.

When you have program after program or when you have to go out and get for yourself, health care, college, a home, a strong military, on and on and on. There is a point when this becomes a burden, there is a point where this becomes unsustainable.

When it is easy for us to ‘spend what we want to get what we want’ it rapidly goes from safe and secure, to unstable.

We have to reverse this trend. We have to go from just spending these heinous amounts of money, to saving, to becoming secure, to where we do not have to go off and get something if we do not have the money to pay for it.

Because otherwise we will just keep spending, we will just keep on acting like an economic philosophy we claim to despise.


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