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In December of 2009 I did the past, in December of 2010 I did the future, now this month I am doing nothing but religion. A whole month on religious blogs.

Now there are many people who consider it crazy for me to even put these two concepts in the same sentence, politics and religion, they will never mix. And if you do you are asking for nothing but trouble. They will most likely lead to nothing but a totalitarian theocracy!

It’s an almost knee jerk reaction. To a lot of the people I talk to on a regular basis. So the issue becomes, the question, why? Why do politics and religion make such dangerous bedfellows? And do they really make such dangerous bedfellows in the first place?

Religion on the face of it is all about two things.

One it’s about meditating, connecting and wondering on the supernatural or the divine. The concepts that are not all that easy to observe or quantify.

And, more importantly to our discussion here today, a moral code of laws, principles, and regulations to try to achieve that end. To try to connect with the divine.

Often these manifest on beliefs in Heaven, or the World to Come, or Enlightenment.

And if you fail to live good, descent, moral lives you get sent to hell, obliterated, or reincarnated.

There is morality, there is law, and there is punishment for breaking the law.

But yet we are just supposed to chuck out our religion when it comes to politics? Does that really make sense? Did that make sense when it came to Anthony Weiner? Aren’t we wanting more honest and moral politicians?

After all if Sarah Palin said that she thinks that she needs to make a decision based on her religion, or if Michelle Bachman said that her yes or no on a vote of Bill 2 million three hundred and thirty six…why no, Separation of Church and State!

After all with the rampant scandals, political corruptions, kick backs, and cheating on the people we love. Maybe we need a little more religion?

You know to try to act like moral and descent human beings?

After all religion has been a part of this country throughout its history to its beginning. Many of the Founders were religious and held deep religious sentiments.

Like George Washington (source)

Or Like Abraham Lincoln: (Source)

And Ronald Regan:

“Government should uphold–and not undermine–those institutions which are custodians of the very values upon which civilization is founded: religion, education and, above all, family.”

And then there is this rather interesting website.

So, these are the people, many of them, who supported and wrote something with the ‘separation of church and state’ in it…but yet firmly religious? Firm believers in God’s grace.

Wanting us to uphold God’s morals.

So, it is clear to me that religion has always been apart of politics, and continues to do so. We should be careful in its implementation, yes I agree, but it is vital that we continue to learn, and adapt, and have the conversation.


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