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Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday season is fully underway and I am sure that many people are asking themselves what is there to be thankful of?

Sure I imagine that people are thankful for their cars, their Ipods or their families.

Or maybe even for their tax havens and their Government health care.

But again I wonder if we should not simplify these things. If it’s not time to get to the base needs of what we should be thankful for. To cut everything else out and yes family is very important.

So what should we be thankful for? What is the base ideal that we should be thankful for?

Our lives. Yes.

Who gave us our lives?

I am going to take a leaf out of Lincoln’s book and be thankful to what he was thankful towards. God.

But why should we be thankful to God? What does some magical sky being have to give us?

Well I am thankful to God for my:


My intelligence and my sentience.

For the ability to have free will and to freely reason.

I am thankful for the Torah, the Tanakh, the bible, and the Koran. And for God sharing them with us so we can better appreciate His law and His commandments and the way to best approach Him.

For my rights and my freedoms so I best may express myself, and live freely with God and His commandments.

For living in a corrupted world so I may better appreciate the divine.

All of these I believe are God-given. And thus we may and must be thankful to Him for providing us with the opportunities, to live our lives. And move on from there.


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