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I was on…well my online watering cooler…and the subject of inequality came up. In the work place. And then a little while later I was on FB and the subject came up again, this time someone was distributing a survey about what gender mascots were on brand name foods, what do you think the gender would be when someone is at a restaurant, or a bakery, or the gender of the person who cooks your home meals. Needless to say, I found this quite difficult to take, and I did not take it. But it did get me thinking. (Haven’t said that in a while :D)

Now whenever I talk about this issue I feel a bit cheap, because I feel like I am having to seemingly ‘defend’ a position that I do not actually have. A position of bigotry and supporting evil, kind of end up sounding like a bigoted jerk.

Which often leaves me wondering the right way to get this message off.

So what does this have to do with religion? One might ask.

Well, to be honest I am not sure. This might just be an excuse to rant about a political issue resulting in something that I read on Facebook. Something that has been bothering me.

But what I do know is that religion has often been used as an excuse for…well bigotry. And has religion not been subjected to vile forms of discrimination itself?

Whether you are Christian, or Muslim, or Jewish, we all know the sting of persecution based on our deeply held beliefs.

But beyond that I believe that religion ultimately holds the key to ending this sort of abuse. On the individual level anyways.

But at the least my religious and political beliefs. The individual following God. Not relying on groups and not dealing in groups and only treating each other how we would like to be treated, and with respect, and love.

Following God as an individual living His commandments and doing what is right.

Is not Christianity a religion who preaches the love of God through Jesus Christ?

Does Judaism not command one to ‘love the stranger’? Or your neighbors?

Not to judge, not to demean, and not degrade. And then to share that message, in your own way, with others.

This is all that I can do, this is all that I can demand. People doing their best to live righteous lives and following their God-given sense of morality. To try to lead the best lives you can. And to encourage and be a beacon to others to do the same.

Or as Gandhi would say, “Be the Change you Wish to See in the rest of the world”


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