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I do not like wondering about the nature of God. Sure I have theories, but it’s not my thing. But this seems to be the central issue, one of them, in religion. Especially the Monotheistic ones…is God a personal God?

Now on the one hand you have the idea that God is a puppeteer, he pulls the strings of the universe and everything is His Will. On the other you have the idea that God is some kind of ‘clock maker’ who just ‘created the universe’ X number of years ago but that is the only concern he has with creation. He just lets things run its course.

Now the flaws in both these ideas should be apparent. And they both lead to the same question. What would be the point? If you had a God who pulled your strings and who you fell in love with, whether or not you joined the army, or whether or not you were going to sit down in a chair…or write a blog…all that would be His Will. But on the other if you had a God that…well was just bored one day and decided to create a universe just for the heck of it…what would be the point in our lives if he just left it like that, went on to other things…maybe take a nap?

I do not think either of these ideologies bears having much economy with the truth.

God, I contend, is a parent.

This should be quite obvious to anyone who is religious. You hear it all the time.

The Father the son and the holy ghost? Our Father who art in heaven? Heavenly father?

But yet people, at least in my experience, do not make the connection. Or at the very least do not delve deeper and fully explore what God being a parent means. Being a perfect parent even.

He lets us go out and do things in our lives. We stumble, we fall, we get hurt. He comes and guides us, and helps us, and offers us advice.

But since he is a Perfect Parent he does not do everything for us.

He does not go and do all of our homework for us, or shield us from the world, or constantly be there to catch us fall. He lets us experience things. And learn. And grow. And be more appreciative of the world around us.

He makes decisions that any other human parent would balk at, but often wonder how they can help when we are suffering, or cold and alone in the dark.

That is what God is. Something this is personal when He needs to be, and aloof when He must.


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