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As I have stated in the past I believe that we have a Divine Spark in us. But what does that mean?

Well I believe it is that little bit of us that separates us from the animals. That little bit of God, and the nature of God. Just like we have a little bit of the ‘lower life form’ in us we also have that little bit of the nature of the Divine.

Simply put the Divine Spark is knowledge, and wisdom. It is the ‘knowledge of good and evil’. It is the ability of us to go out into the universe and check things.

It is our own private morality checker, that voice that says, hey wait a minute, this could be wrong. And then to go out and test it.

No matter where it is from, whether it is a shop owner, or the Government, or the scripture, or school, we have the ability to say, hey wait a minute that does not make a lot of sense. Which is why, I believe, a lot of people try to suppress this divine reasoning skill.

Obviously it is imperfect, and based on our own experiences, or how often we exercise it. We can and do make wrong judgements and improper conclusions. We are small and weak, and can never see the full picture around us. We do not have all the data to properly make a judgement call.

But since we do have the Divine Spark, and since there is a God to model it on, we can try to come up with these solutions.


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