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This is one of the most fundamental issues for religion, for our times, for our personal belief systems. How we view the world around us. Government, God, our role in helping or hurting, how we can best help or hurt. Its how we relate to each other, who we expect to bail us out or offer a hand out. This issue is as almost as fundamental as the one relating to whether or not there is a God.

But yet its one that a lot of religions do not seem to have a definitive answer. I mean all religions have their answers and their interpretations but in each of the religions that I have studied…basically the Abrahamic ones…you can get an answer that says no…and yes. There are people who says yes yes, the bible preaches Social Justice and Collective Salvation and there are others that go…whaaattt you’re crazy man.

I do not really know what it teaches. I cannot speak with authority on that is up for you to decide. I can just say what I have learned and what I have observed and what I believe.

In short I do not believe in Collective Salvation. I lean, heavily, to the individual responsibility.

I lean so heavily in fact that I do not think it is up for anyone else in years past to be responsible for my sin, my corruption, or my salvation. I do not want or expect anyone to die for my sins, or to die so that I can be saved. I do not think that one man’s actions can be held against the entire human race for now since the end of time, that we inherited a fallen nature.

I just do not believe in these things.

Because I believe that this flies in the face of everything I believe, about the universe, religion, how God set it up, why He set it up. I mean maybe this part is arrogant and over reaching.

But I believe in free will, I believe in the divine spark, I believe that God has given us the ability to make free choices.

Does this not fly in the face of that? Of everything?

That our damnation or salvation is because a few select individuals did things throughout human history.

I think as long as we have our, God-given, free will, or our God given divine spark that it is up to us to use them. And then to be judged on how we have used such gifts from now to eternity.

Because this is about taking responsibility for our actions, for our inaction, for what we have done in this life.

This is not arrogance or chutzpah. This is mere curiosity on how I have lived my life and just what I have done. This is the wanting to do good. And to take responsibility.

And to get from the Father the knowledge that, hey kid, not bad.

I do not want to save myself. Note it says individual responsibility. Not individual salvation. I do not think I can save myself. I am not sure I need to be saved but that is a theological issue for another time and one I am still working on.

It is our collective individual responsibility. Lets be as strong as we can so that we can be the best servants of God, all I ask.



  1. well as I said before if we didn’t inherit our fallen nature then we were created with one by God and that would be impossible….in my book God doesn’t do “oopsies”…:-P

    so this is why the concept of original sin makes much more sense to me….that Adam and Eve together committed a sin so powerful that it fundamentally altered our nature as human beings…Archbishop Sheen once said that what we have to fear are “atomic men”….that we “fissioned our minds”….well the original sin fissioned our nature…split it apart from God’s will just as an atom of hydrogen can be split in a nuclear physics experiment

    and just as Adam and Eve committed a sin so powerful that it fissioned our nature…..Mary and Jesus, the new Adam and Eve, together commiitted an act of love so powerful it altered our nature in such a way that it re-fused it with God’s will

    I think that’s Christian philosophy in a nutshell for ya….:-P

    • I know it is. Interesting way of putting it.

      But if you want to look at it like God made an ‘oopsie’ he did either way. Either he created the universe with corrpuption in mind for some purpose, or he created Adam and Eve and then they made an oopsie. Either way it was part of his design and His plan. And either way I belive our fate is our own and that we do have free will and are not tied to anyone. We all will be judged in our own time.

      • God entrusted Adam and Eve with freedom, knowing that his creation must be able to return love to Him freely, that it wouldn’t be true love if He programmed His creation like a computer to love Him back. He did this knowing that certain elements of His creation would use such a gift unwisely and unethically. But despite this He knew that this gift would also be wielded by other people for great good in the world. So even though we humans have abused His great gift of freedom we have also wielded His gift for good.

        • colfoley
        • Posted December 28, 2011 at 1:36 am
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        And thus He did it…for a reason.

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