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Once again Christmas and the Holiday have passed, or are wrapping up. Those that follow the Jewish faith are looking forward to the end of Hanukkah, those of the Christian have celebrated the birth of their savior, and we still have the New Year to ring in. So it is time, once again, for another holiday blog. To reflect on the ‘true meaning of Christmas’, and the season. It does seem to me that the season has become just about the celebrations, its become about the rush and the material…rather then the Spirit.

I think we need to talk about the spirit and get back to it.

Christmas is not just about the tree or the copies of Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 or copies of Star Wars the Old Republic and Ace Combat. Nor is it about the food.

But it is about celebrating the birth of one of the greatest humans to have ever lived. (blog link).

Hanukkah is not about the presents or the coins, or heck it’s not even about the Menorah. But celebrating a miracle and giving thanks to God.

We have lost our way. We have turned these celebrations about our heritage and our values into a giant rush. A rush to go out and get the newest fad or the greatest prize. To go out and do a million things in preparation for dozens of parties. To rush through it all and lose the meaning in the hustle and bustle.

It is something that I think we all struggle with. At least many of the people I talk to on a daily basis. Feeling sick and worn out but also feeling obligated to do this or get that. Or to get lost in the wanting of a thing so badly that we forget the meaning. I know I do, I know it is a struggle for me.

So instead of doing this, instead of just going mad in one mad dash at the end to go to this party or schedule this present opening, maybe we should spread things out? Instead of opening it on one day (or eight) give it some time and get into a ‘Christmas season’ where we are exchanging things here and there all along. And then on Christmas we can exchange simpler gifts and getting back to worshiping the baby Jesus? (Or at least celebrating his birth)

But I got no rush. I know this change may be slow. Heck it may even be impossible or unnecessary. I am still trying to toy with this idea in my own life and it has been…pretty mixed. But I don’t know if we try simplifying things and enjoying them, maybe this can work out? Without all the hustle. Just a thought.

But in the meantime I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


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