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Welcome to 2012, happy New Years and good salutations. I hope that 2011 was a good year for you and I hope that 2012 will be even better.

Now there is a tradition with this time of year that happens every year. The New Years resolution. Pacts that we make to ourselves in order to better ourselves, lose weight, get a job, learn how to do this or that and generally do something or achieve something you never have before. This is something that we are expected to do and most do it. So in the spirit of the occasion I have been wondering what to do about it, should I post my New Years resolutions? Should I completely ignore it? Should I just give some general thought on the New Year? Well I think that some form of New Years resolution is needed. But it would be…rather pointless…for me to go on about my wish and dreams. If I am to do anything with these blogs it is to provide principles and general life lessons for as many people as I can. In this case, a New Years resolution for our entire society. I think we should follow Glenn Becks example and restore love (link). So by the time 2013 dawns, lets restore love, or at least make our good one hundred and ten percent effort to do so.

Now why do we need to restore love? Don’t we love? Don’t we have spouses and children whom we love deeply?

Now I am sure that most of the people reading this now….especially the people who seem to read this blog often… does not need to restore love. I am sure you love people and especially those closest to you just fine. So I am quite literally preaching to the choir in this case.

But yet it is important to love, it is important to ask ourselves if we are loving people. Because Love is the opposite side of hate, they are the same coin, they are both powerful emotions, but love is still the opposite. One leads to darkness and the other one leads to light.

But more importantly love is an emotion of creation, of protection and preservation. As I said in a previous blog. You are not out to get anyone, you are not out to destroy someone or out to ruin them, they are not your enemy. You are just trying to preserve and defend what you hold dear. You are standing for something, you are standing up for something beyond yourself or you care about. Not because you are attacking people but defending someone or something. Not because you hate, but you want to prosper. You are not their enemies, you are not out to get them, but they are out to get you and destroy what you care for.

We need to restore love because too often people miss the fundamental difference. They do not know what love means, and they do not know what it means in regards to hate.

And we need to restore love because there is far too much hate. Oh the Jews are controlling the world and need to put down, oh the Muslims is a religion of war and hate and will behead you as much as look at you! Or that you have a dangerous idea that needs to be removed from the world. This is hate, this is hate of the group, and it needs to stop.

And not just love of ourselves and our children, but love of everyone. Or at least a caring because I think if you love everyone and spread yourself too thin is like loving no one as well, and just as dangerous. But no care for people, show them compassion.

Yes even our enemies.

After all do you not destroy your enemy by turning them into a friend?

You destroy your enemies by finding and sharing values, by learning to at least respect each other, and to teach them and hopefully have them teach you about life. By understanding.

You do not destroy them by killing them which only turns them into martyrs. You sometimes have to, sometimes you have to neutralize the threat and sometimes standing up for your values means you have to take a life. But that is not a way to destroy enemies, forever, you can only do that through an example of love and compassion, by providing the potential for a different way.

Believe me I know this is hard, maybe even impossible. That its sometimes hard to even love our spouses…or children or parents.

But hey we have to try because if we don’t give it an attempt we truly are dead as a people.


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