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Monthly Archives: February 2012

We have an Islamic Bigotry problem in this country. But it’s not what one might traditionally think of by a ‘bigotry problem.’

No, its more of a problem who might be critical of any aspect of the Islamic faith or the activities of individual Muslims. That anyone who does this is ostracized and is instantly called out as being some sort of vile monster from the nth degree and has millions of tons of mud hurled at them.

Now before we continue I feel I should make two things very clear.

First of all I am not a bigot myself. I feel this goes without saying but the attitude and behaviors of certain so-called friends in the past who should know me better leaves my trust in people reading this to be a bit thin right now. Especially since complete strangers are likely to read this.

I have no animosity or hate for any one group of people no matter their race or their religion.

Second we do have a problem with people being bigoted against members of the Muslim faith…for the simple reason that they are Muslim. Thinking we should deport them all or varying degrees of other depravity.

This is a sad fact of modern life given our current situation and our current fight against radical Islam. It does nothing to advance our cause and the cause of liberty and freedom, and the cause of defeating the radical portions, if we hate all Muslims equally. You cannot answer hate with hate and expect to go very far in the end.

But the problem I want to talk about and expand on is not against the Muslim people. It’s against anyone who may in one form or another be critical about any aspect of the Muslim faith, especially its more radical off shoots.

These people are often tarred and feathered with as wide as a brush as they claim that these people are doing to the Muslim community. That anyone who is critical about any part of Islam, or makes even the slightest most off colored joke about any part of Islam…yes even the radical parts…are instantly called down and called out as being some hate filled bigot who wants to bomb all Muslim community centers and destroy the Islamic faith and anyone associated it. Denying them of their rights, discriminating against them, and forcing them out of the country or killing them if they fail to acquiesce.

You hear it when Ron Paul says that Michelle Bachman wants to declare war on 1.2 Billion Muslims, which is pretty much every single Muslim individual in the world. (Source, Video,)

You hear it with other fellow Libertarians and their comments about everything ranging from the Muslim Community Center in NY, to the wars at large, (Blog link).

You hear it everywhere.

We must as a people oppose bigotry in ALL of its forms. Whether it is against the Jew, the Muslim, or even the Conservative or the Liberal. We cannot survive as a people if we let such policies and thoughts continue into the future.

I do this personally. I even started a group (though admittedly have not been as active with it as I first thought) about the defense of the Jewish people from what I believe is dangerous anti semitism.

But this does not stop me from protecting and standing with others. No matter who they are, or what their race, religion, or creed. I do stand with them.

Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, hell even Barrack Obama himself.

If someone is being treated unfairly or unjustly because of some meaningless designation in a group then we must stand with that person, all the while checking for bigotry in ourselves.

It is the only way that we will survive.

To this point the elections and the Republican primaries have gone largely unreported in my blogs and by myself. This is largely for two reasons. One the push to get organized and to do college and get used to it and balancing that out with my other writing commitments, and because I wanted to start reporting in elections to start the new year. In 2012 and not bother with it too much, especially with my religious blogs.

But I guess today is the time. To finally delve into this.

Needless to say that the state of the Republican field is pretty dismal. There isn’t a single candidate that I feel impressed in. All of them are compromise candidates. To one extent or another.

Without getting into too much detail all of them have something that I feel is wrong with their candidacy. I mean I sort of like Santorum at the moment and he would be my first choice but I even recognize that he has a lot of problems with his record and especially his chances to win.

Now granted all of the could be good candiadates…if we stick them in a blending machine and splice them together and stick them out and maybe remove all of the bad things…then you might have a chance at a really fantastic president.

But barring that there isn’t anyway we can get a truly brilliant President to survive our current woes. I mean sure if these were ‘normal’ times we might be able to weather anyone of them and live to see a brighter tomorrow and wait for the next Ronald Regan to come on or the time when we could truly embrace Ron Paul’s ideas. But times aren’t normal.

And so each of the candidates does have baggage and things that do not make them anywhere near perfect. They either want too big Government, or weird inconsistent Government, or are naive about the very real responsibilities that Government does have especially in regards to over sea concerns.

This is the problem that we face today. As we go into more primaries we get a clearer choice between two sides of virtually the same coin. Little choice that leaves the American people with a crisp alternative for the future.

Again the opportunity exists to point out the fundamental principle, because that is the point. No politician is perfect and no one is going to swoop in and magically fix all of our problems, especially in our system where it requires many men to work together to get anything done.

No, no matter who is elected, who the nominee is for the Republicans, whether they win or Obama, we still have a lot of work to do and must hunker down for the long struggle. Yes vote, but if we can ween ourselves off the political system and the voting system the better. The more we can do this, the better off we will be as we begin to restore ourselves, and eventually our country.

This is what is needed, not necessarily a Republican President who will probably let us down fundamentally.