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Quite simple, this issue, this blog, this question. Does being on one side or the other of the gay marriage debate make one a bigot?

Now again I’m not sure I care about the specifics on this issue. I do not care if one is gay or not or one acts in a gay matter or not. That is not my purview but someone with a far greater pay grade then I am. As long as the liberty of religious institutions are protected I do not care. But I still have to wonder.

Because it seems that the public perception is, whether it is the President, Facebook, or a large portion of the news media, has apparently convinced a large portion of society that anyone who is against Gay Marriage is some kind of bigoted monster worthy of a Hitler or a Stalin.

But what is marriage?

Well (Definition) (Definition 2)

So then marriage at its most basic is a religious institution that requires the elements of love, wanting to form a family, and eventually child rearing and reproduction.

Marriage is to try to form a commitment between you, your partner, the church, and God. It is a commitment of love to try to form a lasting bond.

You love each other. You want to form a commitment. You may or may not have had sex. But you want to try to have a life together.

That makes it an action. To be married you have to act. It is not a function of biology or our nature as humans being, it is an institution, one you have to choose to be apart of.

And one can morally object to the actions of others they disagree with.

It is no different then going to the bathroom, or getting up at midnight to get a glass of orange juice. It is an action. It is a choice.

Granted I acknowledge that one can be bigoted and be against gay marriage. Believing that there is some quality that makes gays gay and that in turn makes them some kind of sub human. We have seen this tragically in many circumstances.

But it is not bigoted in and of itself to be against people’s life choices. Especially when this life choice is in effect becoming a member of a club. You usually need the clubs permission before you can join. You usually don’t have the final choice in that matter. They can say no. And sometimes for some pretty small and crummy reasons.


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