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This past week was a big week for the American ‘democracy’. We had a recall election in the state of Wisconsin and for the first time ever, apparently, a governor survived the attempt to do so. But out of all of this was a lesson, a lesson in the America Democracy, a time to reflect.

Now I would like to, before I get into the blog, congratulate Governor Scott Walker. His win was huge for the moment and hopefully he can continue to balance the budgets and increase the liberty. Though if he does not than I owe no special allegiance to him and I will be on him like white on rice.

But apparently because of this election, because of Scott Walker and his lieutenant Governor living to fight another day, becoming elected by the people of Wisconsin to continue to serve as their Governor…apparently Democracy is dead.

And Democracy we Hardly Knew Ye.

Now instead of getting out my pinata and air horn and jumping in the air in a daze of celebration and good times I feel I should explain why I meet this statement with such joy. For the first of all fact that we hardly knew Democracy to begin with. The United States has never really been a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. And its only been lately that we have gotten so used to the idea that everyone seems to call us something that we, in actuality, are not. Not to mention the fact that even in the current system we hardly are a democracy with our courts and politicians, on both sides, ignoring the ‘will of the people.’

So I am not exactly sure what he means by Democracy has died when Democracy was never alive here in the first place.

But first of all what is Democracy?

Well our good friends at reference. define it as: “government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” (Link)

Yep I don’t think I would’ve put it better myself, which is why I am extremely happy that it is now dead.

You see how can we be sure that 100 people voting and 99 people voting another way is any less corrupt than one person just dictating a solution on an entire body of people?

This is what makes Democracy dangerous and the second worse form of Government next to totalitarianism. There is no guarantee that a collective group of people will be able to protect the rights of another collective group of people.

I will give you a recent, up to date, real world example. North Carolina has recently voted to ban gay marriage. Or at least prevent those marriages from being legally recognized and thus no benefits, no support, no nothing really. A decision that has since upset many people, and many advocates for Democracy.

But is that not Democracy?

If it’s the supreme will of the people in a fair electoral process and that all it is not this a perfect example of what it means to live in a democracy? All it takes is for one more person to vote for an issue then against it to be legally binding, if the will of the people is supreme.

So if 51 people voted to ban gay marriage and 49 voted against it, gay marriage would be banned, for life, it’s the will of the people. And if 51 people said that gay marriage was the most natural thing in the world and that everyone should have gay sex, then we would all be having gay sex! Or be in jail.

If 51 people said that Sugar was terrible for you and all sugar should be banned, hey guess what?! Sugar will be banned.

And if 51 people said you should be forced to eat Pork on Sundays then yep, you will eat pork.

Democracy, if it really is the will of the people, will always go to the majority wins. Whoever can organize the most support their own for their idea, that is who determines if you have the right to something. And same with the politicians. If 51 people vote for candidate A and then 49 people vote for Candidate B then in a Democracy that candidate represents the will of the people and can do whatever he wants because, well a majority of people put him there.

Now the guy in the video claims that the reason why Democracy is dead is because Walker won by outspending them by many millions of dollars. But so? What does that matter? Do tell what does that matter in a Democracy. I do not think it matters why more people vote for one thing or another in a Democracy all that matters that they do.

Never mind any potential miscounts, recounts, and fraud when it comes to counting votes that can sway a decision one way or another.

And now many people would probably say that ‘but no modern Democracies are all about rights and equal treatment under the law!’ Is it really?

I don’t dispute that many of the modern ‘democracies’ are the good guys and do treat people with some amount of decency, but we have seen countless examples of democracies, people, and their ‘democratically elected representatives’ trampling on people, their rights, their liberties, and their very lives. Nazi Germany rose from a ‘democratic process.’

So where does this leave the United States? Where we have always been, we are a Republic with a Democratic element, but that element was never meant to be the chief element in our society. The Constitution was, and should be again. Not the will of the people, but our actual God-given rights that no man or no Government should be able to take away. And they do so at their peril.


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