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On Thursday just after the Chick-Fil-A appreciation day I heard about this story on the Rush Limbaugh show, and it instantly got me thinking, about this whole issue in general. First of all this is absurd, it is patently absurd, the whole notion. I suppose I can wish them the best of luck in their efforts if they chose to go through with this but I imagine that many gays already have jobs and careers and lives that they want to live, and running a Chick-Fil-A is not among their list of things to do.

But there is something else here, that is probably behind the absurd, but brings out the absurd. And that is with these hiring process. Specifically, what do gays hope to gain through the hiring process in this case? Are they trying to force a show down with Chick-Fil-A over discrimination and hiring?

Now I want to be very clear I have not heard of a specific case of Chick-Fil-A discriminating against gays in hiring and serving practices, they say they do not do it, in the link above even the author quotes them as saying as much. And as far as I can determine they mention nothing about being anti-gay in any of their hiring literature (best I could find.

But what if gay activists actually start to do this? What if they start to go to these restaurants and attempt to go through the hiring process with this strategy in mind? What do they hope to gain? What do they hope to lose? Do they expect to get hired?

After all what hiring manager in their right mind would take someone of this mindset? Someone that was trying to work for your company just so they could pursue a political agenda?

None that I know of, none that I could think of in my brief research into what hiring managers are looking for in their perspective employees. I wouldn’t do it. Would you? If you were running a company and someone was trying to work for you simply for a political agenda would you hire them?

And Chick-Fil-A makes a big deal about being a family run and operated business. And they apparently have a belief in the biblical definition of marriage, which some believe to be anti-gay…and some believe that means they are talking about one man and one woman. This is all probably true…

So, how does that fit for gays? Not saying they discriminate, not saying they will refuse gays within the company or not hire them or not promote them, and they probably can even be managers, but gay couples, children or no, do not match the definition of ‘family’ that we are likely dealing with. So again it would be almost impossible to be hired and rise to a position to make this happen within the company.

And what would gays do during the hiring process? If the manager asks, so why do you want to work for my company? Would they lie? Would they tell the truth? How do they expect to get hired just as a social experiment?

And finally, what if they do get hired? What if they even become managers and owners and supervisors? What if they start hosting these gay weddings and gay parties? And taking their gay families to eat at these places and they manage to turn them into gay hang outs?

And what if, keeping this article in mind, someone higher up the chain hears about it?

What if a general manager at a store? A branch manager at some corporate headquarters? What will happen?

Will these employees get fired for exercising a political agenda? One that is contrary to the mission statement of the company? Against their values?

And what if this does happen? What if people try this tactic out and get turned away from rightfully indignant hiring managers?

I do not want to cast aspirations on the author, and I won’t. But I fear this will turn into nothing but another show down of Big Government + Special Interest Group of the Day vs. a legitimate business. That people will use this as an excuse to continue to regulate companies and say that you cannot discriminate, that’s right, we the Government decides who works for your company and who does not. Because we have to stop the vile practices of Chick-Fil-A. We have to prevent them from continuing their vile homophobia and bigotry, we have to step in their for justice!

I have pointed it out before and will do so again: The First amendment protects Free Speech, but also the ability of people of like minds to gather with other people of like minds. And the Government has no place in regulating that contract between two people.

But that is the fear, that this may not start out as this, but it will turn into gays being turned away because the only reason why they want to work at a company is for political reasons. With that not being a good enough reason for most people to hire someone.

I suppose the only thing that I can do here is ask the liberal audience who might read this, or anyone else who might support this plan, would you want to hire someone just for making a political point?

This is asking for nothing but trouble.


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