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So the big news in the past political week was that Mitt Romney chose his Vice Presidential pic in one representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin. What are we to make of this decision? As with most political related issues not sure if I know the answer but I do have an idea about how we can find out. And, more importantly, to have an honest dialogue so we can determine if he is the good, the bad, or the ugly of the political cycle.

Representative Ryan, like many politicians, often is in conflict between his rhetoric and his vote record. But since it is his actions and not his words that will break our bones, the same with any politician or anyone in real life, I figure that is where our focus should lie.

I should state for the record that I really do think that Paul Ryan is a good choice. He may not be the best. He may not be the caped crusader or the Libertarian hero come to save us all, but I believe he can move us, if only by an inch, in the right direction. He is not Chris Christie or Tim Pawlenty. I would have preferred that Romney go with Rand Paul or some other candidate along those lines, to try to more forcibly bring the Libertarian and the ‘moderate’ wings of the party into some sort of alliance. It would have shown that Romney would be at least willing to listen to someone who is truly committed to shrinking our Government in a dramatic and Libertarian fashion. And, as an added bonus, it would’ve sent the more radically minded supporters of Ron Paul into absolute fits that would probably make me chuckle for weeks.

But Paul Ryan seems to be a tale of two politicians. He is supported by the Tea Party, *link*, much despised by the Democrats (Link), and says he is for several things fiscally I agree with like shrinking the budget and in general giving more freedom to American Citizens. Like for voting for the privatization of Social Security amongst other issues. (link) (Also I will be referring to that link several times throughout this blog).

All of this is godo. The rhetoric he espouses is often right on the mark, some of the bills he has voted for and supported I commend him for, and many of the activists and organizations that I like and subscribe to also believe in him. He seems to be a fiscal shark that wants to get America on the right track and help make us freer and more secure.

But then there is the ugly part of him, and his voting record.

He voted for Medicare Part D, he voted for the bailouts and the TARP packages.

He voted for two packages that I did not like, CISPA, and the NDAA (link), (link). Two bills that I consider to be dangerous to our liberties, and is a dangerous encroachment on our rights. Though he apparently believes that won’t happen so maybe he is right?

The point of the matter is that this is not a candidate I do not think everyone will be happy with. He is, after all, Mitt Romney’s VP pick, and Mitt Romney I believe wants to grow the Government in certain areas that could be a danger to the Republic. So his VP pick will be along similar ideological lines. They are both ‘good’ candidates that even if they get the Government the least bit off our backs or move us one cent into the green, or at the least stop the spiral of debt we are on ow, then this will be a victory.

But it would be remiss if we weren’t aware and did not have a conversation about both of these mens flaws and their ‘ugliness’.

That way we can move forward without them if we need to, and fix the country ourselves.


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