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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hi people of the world sorry its been a while. I decide that it would have been better to try something a bit new, and take a break off from school for the first month or so as I got back into the schedule. And that time has now come for me to try and get back to blogging even though it has not quite been a full month I figure to get started and let everyone know my plans.

The plan is for me to be back at least once a week barring any major writing or school related emergency.

The point of this blog is to let everyone know what my plans are for the future. So its not going to be especially enlightening or political. Giving everyone the chance to bow out now

Still here? Good.

As many of you have noticed I have started to write writing centric blogs. Other then the Chic-Fil-A issue I have been virtually silent on the news of the day. And while that will change it will do so with a caveat, I am going to be writing more literary blogs because that too is one of my interests.

So for the immediate future I am going to be switching off, do one literary blog, and one political blog as I can get to them. This one counts as a ‘literary’ one. I am going to be continuing to review the Mass Effect series, going to be trying to provide some insight into it, and going to be trying to bring you how I write as a writer, and how I think people can write and should write. Drawing many of my lessons from Mass Effect 3, and the game series in general. But also drawing from Babylon 5, LOTR, and Harry Potter.

Also going to be bringing you blogs of philosophy and politics, I am taking a Philosophy class this year. 😛

Speaking of philosophy though I am planning a series of religious blogs in December, I don’t know the number or what form this series will take since I am so busy but I do want to do it because said I would and with everything else it still remains a subject very dear to my heart.

Other then that though I am going to be trying to pursue more professional blogging opportunities. I feel I cannot go into details, (because I haven’t really been blogging and it might fall through,) but if that were to happen that would likely become the political wing of the blog that I would write and update much more often, and this would be for writing or more random musings of the day.

Just keep the front light on an I will do my best to keep up with this. In the mean time I am sure there are a lot smarter people then me out there to read, and people with more mechanically correct writing, go forth and seek.