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Sorry for my absence from this blog for the last several weeks and…months? My life has gotten more than a little hectic and I am currently battling a cold as I write this. But I promise to get back to this and continue with the plan that I laid out in my last blog. To do one political blog, and one blog based on writing or something that is a bit more general interest. I also do not think I will be able to do a series of religious blogs in December, though I might be able to around the holidays.

But without much ado.

It has been amazing to me of late the lies, insinuations, and downright crazy positions that are being attributed to Mitt Romney over the last couple of weeks. Now I do not really like the guy he has proven himself to be for a much larger Federal Government then I actually support. He has proved that in the debates, and he also showed himself to waffle on a few key issues. There is a lot in his track record that the Democrats can criticize, and have, but they fail to do so. Instead of getting a substantive debate on the issues we get….binders full of women.

It is shocking to me though that people seem to believe these lies. Whether it is in parody, or in actual arguments that people are actually making. That Romney is going to do several things that, I certainly wonder if he can even do, and it looks like he may not want to do. Lying about his record and his positions.

This struck me during the last debate. Here Obama was attacking Romney on his position in GM, and saying thing opposite to what he was complaining about Romney an the first place.

He was in error of the facts. Romney even said in his article that he wrote “Let Detroit go Bankrupt” that he wanted to do this because the actions of the administration would eventually lead to the complete destruction of Detroit. That contrary to the Obama administrations claims he wanted to save Detroit. (source)

Whatever else Romney might have been doing there he didn’t want to see Detroit be killed. In fact he believed the President’s actions would do so! He could be wrong about the facts or in error, I believe he isn’t, but to call him malicious on any of this either means you yourself are in error of the facts, or are malicious.

Same goes with Planned Parenthood, same goes with Binders full of Women, same goes with the apparent killing of Big Bird. Big Bird won’t die, even if we cut Government funding, and neither will Planned Parenthood. So they claimed at one time as a reason to keep it open. Apparently Planned Parenthood has their own means of gathering funding on their own. And Big Bird makes so much in royalties that they asked the President to cut the rhetoric off.

And as for the Binders full of Women? I see nothing degrading about being put in a binder as a potential for work. Last I checked Romney married a woman, last I also checked his chief of staff is a woman, and she likely helped compile that binder back in the day. And the people who end up calling it degrading resorted to cheap insults and some long complicated reason about ‘how men always put women down’ for years and years and this was another symptom of this.

In politics perception is often reality. If you believe Obama to be a Muslim Fascist then he will be a Muslim Fascist. If you believe Romney to be some giant woman eating and hating octopus, then he will be a giant woman eating octopus.

Romney has his problems. I can give a laundry list of complaints I have against him. Instead? We focus on Binders full of Women. Or him killing Big Bird…or him lying…when he isn’t lying. I have a suspicion though that if Obama were to comment on all the ways Romney would be wrong, then he too would have to admit that he were wrong. Because many of the things you can complain about Romney for, you can complain at Obama for.

So that leaves Obama with nothing of substance, nothing of reality, nothing of value. Just he has to win…by convincing American Romney is the Devil.


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