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With the departure of Ron Paul from the US Congress this week, his retirement speech from that body and probably from Government for life. With the recent elections, the rise of the Libertarian message, and it becoming even clearer that America needs small Government principles then ever before, and the retirement of one of the greatest icons in the ‘liberty movement’, beloved and respected by millions. It is time to really look at that movement, that is vital for the future of America, and the people that makes the movement up.

Libertarianism is perhaps the greatest political ideology, in total. The idea that one should live free of Government coercion, or any coercion at all. That we should be free individuals capable of making our own decisions whether it is who we interact with, what we buy, or what we eat. But often enough the ambassadors of that message fall far short.

Which is surprising because most Libertarians preach tolerance and respect for divergent beliefs. Most Libertarians also want to see their movement flourish which will enable our Democratically elected Government to grow smaller and thus be more prosperous. Most Libertarians I have read and see implore people to come into the fold, to abandon the two-party system, to wake up to the evils of Big Government and join them in making the Government smaller and living independent lives.

Most Libertarians also claim that if people just knew the truth about and they could get their message out, that the country would abandon the two-party system and join them.

Careful what you wish for.

It is natural to want these things, it is also natural to want to defend that turf from infiltrators, so the flaws in the messengers might be explainable. But for an ideology such as this it is surprising that they are still there in such numbers, that there are Libertarian puritan patrols wanting to cleanse the movement of any differences.

I have experienced this, first hand. People have called me a Neo Con simply for disagreeing with their interpretation of what the Constitution, for wanting the US to engage in a semi active role in foreign policy. By no means the role we have now, but a role none the less. I have been called a bigot for pointing out some of the extreme excesses of a certain religious group.

As I have reported on this blog Ron Paul himself, without evidence, accused Michelle Bachman of being a bigot and wanting to engage in a war with 1.2 Billion Muslims. Wanting to wipe them out or convert them or some such nonsense. (Blog Link).

Now I thought at the time, first of all that it was bigoted, but how can millions of Americans follow a similar position?

Turns out many people believe him.

On one of the Libertarian Facebook pages they accused Michelle Bachman of bigotry, against Muslims and gays. Without evidence and when they were pressed on the evidence they refused to provide it, saying that all the quotes she has made should damn her.

They went after Murdoch, Akin, Allen West, and Hermann Cain on similar charges.

They have in the past called people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others cowards and hypocrites for being ‘pro war’ when they have never served in the military themselves.

Gary Johnson, on his Facebook page, was going after the ‘ninety nine percent’ who were ready for a leader against the one percent that were screwing them…same rhetoric as the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Which is dangerous and may even be a topic for a future blog.

And this meme, among others, showing a Mitt Romney supporter apparently trying to ‘shush’ a group of Ron Paul supporters. This is bad. (You can find it on the Freedom FB page.)

But so is the moment when Ron Paul supporters booed Mitt Romney off the stage. (Link)

I get it. I get the need and want to get your message out there and to defend liberty. I also get it that I do stupid things too that detract both from the message I am trying to make on any given day, and the larger movement in general.

I also get that individual people are often poor representatives of the geo political groups they claim to represent. And I do get there is a lot of anger a bitterness and recrimination on a wide variety of issues.

But if Libertarians want to be judged for the words they say, then they should be prepared for well-meaning people to disagree with them. If Libertarians hope to become a major geo political force then they should not assume everyone is evil and bigoted and try to build bridges. No we do not have to agree on everything and we can work together on certain legislative agendas while opposing others.

But if we hope to be a force for good, we hae to start somewhere.


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  1. Excellent searching and duality. ( the other day commented that the trouble with the Libertarian party is that we cooperate like autistic cats, indisposed for communication and inherently disorganized. He has a point 🙂

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