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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Dear, Mr. Beck

Since the election you have claimed that we have ‘lost’ an entire generation. Mainly anyone who is of ‘College’ age has been lost to the public education system and just the society in general, lost to being Libertarians and Conservatives and believing in Small Government principles. That they are Socialists, or Liberals, or are voting en masse for the big Government policies of the current administration.

Regardless as someone who is Libertarian/ Conservative, someone who sees the corruption inherent in both parties, and someone who has spent my entire life in the Public Education system I can tell you that this is not the case. I still believe, raised in this environment, in the Constitution, our small Government, and that America has done more good to the world and the history of the world than harm.

And I for one believe it because of your influence, mainly, into looking things up and thinking and finding my own answers to the life’s solutions. You have encouraged me to think deeper and be a better person.

I am not alone as I know people my age, who have voted for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, have started their own business ventures and made things of themselves far more than I have. And they see the dangerous road this country is on.

This generation, as is any group of people is only lost if we give up on them. Are we going to assume the blacks or the Jews are lost because vast numbers of them vote for Obama? Are we going to assume that we cannot make any headway in any minority group because a lot of them are against the things we stand for?

This is the choice that we face. Either we let go, or we double down. Because eventually if we forsake people and lose people then these people will grow up to be the next Barrack Obama’s, the next future leaders, the next future teacher’s which will continue to sprout their political, moral, and scientific sensibilities on even more generations. And then what? Do we lose them to? If we give up on these people now then we could easily lose the entire future by the influence they will have.

I refuse. I will continue to preach my message, from a perspective of a young American, and from the perspective of someone who cares deeply about this country, cares because of you. I hope you join me in this message and continue to fight the good fight to all groups of the United States. As I also hope that all those within the sound of my voice and typing fingers can do the same.


A while ago, as a result of the Mass Effect finale, one of the many conversations I have had as a result of the Mass Effect finale, the idea came up that the final segment of a trilogy should be the best and most emotionally satisfying part of that trilogy.

Does this always work? After all we are all individuals with differing tastes and emotional reactions. We all look at things differently. Again because of conversations about Mass Effect 3, I realize I have some widely different opinions then many of my peers.

And the issue is, idealistic, yes, the final segment in any long-term series should wrap things up in a nice little bow and be the most satisfying of the set.

But it does not always work out this way.

And I can think of many examples of it. Many people say the Empire Strikes Back was a better movie then Return of the Jedi.

That the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie is better than either of the two sequels. Or, for that matter, On Stranger Tides.

That Halo 1 was better than Halo 2 or 3, that the original Mass Effect was better than ME 3.

Or as I believe personally that ME 2 was better than ME 3, the second Pirates movie was the best of the set, and that the best season of Babylon 5 was the fourth and not the fifth.

This works because of a gamble in art, not everything that you do is going to find an effective place in an audience. You take a risk, you try to do something different, and some people hate it. Some people may even hate it over some idealized picture of the first installment and thus that no matter what the other installments in any series does, especially if its different, they hate it.

And this is ultimately why things may not work out for the best. Because an author or artist is forced to comply to different pressures. To fan pressure, to the pressure of the people they are working for, to their own original artistic vision. To the writers and costume people who are also a part of the creative vision and each putting their own technical restraints on a project.

To even new writers being added to a project mid way…or people dying or people getting sick and tired of circumstances. Of people leaving a project, or getting bogged down in other commitments.

You can say as a writer, ‘hey I want this person to be playing this role in my movie who has been there since the beginning, but sadly he has moved on to do a big hollywood thing!’

Or something simply not matching audience expectations.

There are a few examples of trilogies ending with a bang, IMO. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings are fine examples of their craft.

But we all have to realize that just because something should be this way, doesn’t mean it will be this way.

So this past week the UN voted to give Palestine a state recognition, recognized observer status to the UN or some such nonsense. (Source)

Now as people may know me and know this issue is very important to me. This whole situation and circumstance I find to be tragic, and fascinating as I have written many blogs on this subject. A blog probably very similar to the blog I am writing now somewhere in here.

And while the answer to this situation is very complex the one thing I know for certain is that whatever solution will result from this will not come from the UN, or the United States or any foreign entity imposing their will on the situation.

Imagine for a second if a ‘Democracy of Nations’, a majority of nations, voted to take away personal private property that was your own. A piece of your backyard or your living room, and gave it to someone else, without your consent.

What would you do? I mean people like making these analogies all the time so why not?

The solution, whatever it is, cannot be imposed from outside it must come from the two parties involved, mainly the ‘Palestinians’, and the Israeli Government.

It cannot come from an international body of 138 countries voting in something.

It cannot come from any one nation, unless they are invited in by the two parties to help mediate the dispute.

It cannot come from me who wants to see a One State Solution. (link). I cannot impose my will on this situation, and if the Israelis want a two state solution it is up to them.

It cannot come from American Jews, or Jews in Israel who believe the term ‘Palestinian’ is a made up modern political definition imposed on people.

Whoever these people are it i their decision.

It is not ours.

Through negotiation and compromise, through both parties working on an agreement. Not through Hamas trying to wipe Israel off the map, their current statements not withstanding.

If both sides want peace and a solution then they should be allowed to find it.

And may I also bring up that it is telling that it is the Palestinians went to the UN and asked for this. They pleaded to an international body to impose a situation on the Israelis and the entire region. they did not go to the Israelis and negotiate, they have not tried to defeat Israel militarily and ‘take the land back’ aside from lobbing rockets at Israeli citizens…and then crying foul.

No they want an imposed solution. They want to bring international pressure against the state of Israel to do something that may be against their national interest.

They did not participate and deal with the Israelis with mutual respect, no they circumvented the process and brought in the big guns…to impose a situation…and not broker it.

This is telling to me. It tells me whose side we should be on, and what kind of people we are dealing with.

But we must keep in mind, that the solution can come internally…not externally.