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Well good day. 2013 is here, and 2012 left a lasting mark on not only my life, but the lives of everyone in this country and probably the world. From the Mayan doomsday prophecy not working out, hence shocking us all, to Barrack Obama being reelected to Supreme Court rulings and wide new releases in the world of entertainment.

Now I have been busy lately, not blogging, and in more of an entertaining mood so I am going to do something a little different. A light-hearted blog to reflect on the old and listen to the new, well mostly light-hearted, as I comment on the news from the last day.

Best Movie Release of 2012:

2012 was actually a year where I made it out to the movies, a lot, for me, anyways. Hence I saw a lot of the releases this year and any movie that interested me, that was a good year for movie, an it is tough to choose.

But nevertheless I have to give the nod to Skyfall.

Skyfall was almost the perfect movie and it was, as I noted in my blog on the subject, deep, deeper for a Bond movie. It had a message and a theme.

And it wasn’t slow, it didn’t have any silliness, and didn’t have any scenes that really dragged on any appreciable time. It just did its thing in a very no-nonsense manner, and pulled off several Bond motifs to perfection. All the while continuing the reboot of the series.

The Avengers, Act of Valor, and the Hobbit all have things to offer, but Skyfall had the most complete package. Great villain, good plot, great characters, and some really cool action. All it was really missing was a good romance.

Best Game of the Year:

Mass Effect 3.

While I confess that my video gaming immersion has been a bit lacking this year, and really all years, Mass effect three stands tall by far and away over any of its competition. Sure it had its flaws, and numerous among them beyond the ending. Speaking of the ending though it does still drag the experience down a bit, even with the extended cut.

But the action, the RPG elements, the characterization, and the epic conclusion to one of the most entertaining series in any medium was well worth the effort and the wait.

It was worth it seeing Shepard solve the problems that they were presented with over three games and five years of dramatic experience. And whether Commander Shepard wa male or female, the story, the character, and the interaction came to one of the most enduring conclusion ever.

Best Television Series:

Doctor Who.

The show that needs no real introduction, smart, witty, and epic telling the adventure of a very old being and his adventures in time and space. Superbly written, fantastic characters, and terrific acting.

Best Political Moment of the Year:

The failed recall of Governor Scott Walker/ Michigan passes Right to Work legislation.

These were the moments that really gave people hope, that the Union power in this country could be broken and reduced in some significant way.

And while someone pointed out that perhaps the current string of right to work legislation could infringe on the ability of businesses to work with unions and sign contracts with them.

And while this is a valid point we need to break their strangle hold before we can have that conversation. We need to reduce their political power a control and importance, then we can determine what rights they might have.

Worse Political Moment of the Year:

The Supreme Court Upholds Obama Care.

While the relection of Barrack Obama was hugely important to the country it would have meant little in the long run without the Supreme Court upholding the passage of the Obama Care mandates…because they were suddenly a tax. Thus affirming the Constitution to not be a bill or document that helps affirm freedom and liberty, but a bill that grants the Federal Government unlimited power over our medical decisions. Taking away the right of the very thing that the bill means to add, the right to Health Care.

And it does so in one of the oddest ways possible, all tax bills must originate in the House, the health care bill originated in the Senate….so that by itself should have made it unconstitutional. Nevertheless this is the beginning, and not the end of the struggle of liberty.

The biggest tragedy of 2012:

The Sandy hook Elementary Massacre.

Not only was this a tragedy of blood, where almost 30 people were slaughtered, women and children alike, but it was a tragedy of another sort.

Whether it is the murder of people in an elementary school in Main stream America, or the senseless slaughter of people enjoying a movie, or a political statement, all of these tragedies are compounded by the fact that the fascists and dictators in this country leap on the opportunity to take away the ability for the American people to defend themselves from the same criminals that cause such events.

The conversation, we are led to believe, is between whether or not we need more control over guns, or more Government Workers, armed to protect our children in schools. Neither is the answer, an only promotes the idea that it is up to the Government to protect us and our charges.

Ignoring all the facts and all the common sense that Gun Control does not work, if it did then these tragedies would not have happened in the first place in the very places where guns are banned.

So 2012 was a wild and zany year, and while 2013 should give us plenty to talk about, it also does not look quite right and should be a nice breather, at least until 2013, keep fighting the good fight my friends.


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