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Sandy Hook is still fresh in our memories, and their has been a ‘rash’ of shootings in the news, police shootings, school shootings, and mothers protecting their families…and children protecting their sisters.  All with guns.  Good and evil. 


And in the wake of the tragedies and the recent events a huge debate has started in this country over what is causing this rash of violence, and how to stop it.  I will address what is causing it later in the week with other blogs. 

As for the solution?  I am not sure I have one.  Just an observation that maybe we can stop gun violence, at the end of the day, by making sure the good guys have guns. 

During the climax to the Eric Flint Novel 1632 the town of Grantville found itself under siege.  Or more to the point the Grantville High School found itself under siege.  From a vicious band of Calvary and horse mounted warriors which were, at the time, renowned for their ruthless pursuit of their enemies. 

They were attacking a High School full of kids, teenagers, and families, in order to specifically cut the heart out of the new nation and cause them to suffer from a huge loss of morale and their technological might. 

But they were stopped, by one twenty something with a shotgun, by another with a semi automatic rifle, with a much larger round then the one shot from certain versions of the AR-15, by armed teachers, and by the forces of Gustavus Adolphus riding in at the last moment waving sword and wielding pistol, all combining to stop the attack with only minimal ‘allied’ casualties. 

Now this is not proposing a solution, this is certainly not saying that armed guards in schools are the answer, in fact I think this is a dumb idea and a bit counter intuitive in its own right.  And unneeded. 

This is merely an observation, and to again echo the NRA press conference after Sandy Hook, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun…or a sword or a a good guy with a gun. 

A gun that can make rather large holes in you, like maybe a ‘Assault Rifle’. 

And while we never hope for violence, we never want violence, and violence responding to violence might not be a ‘solution’, at least we have the option of defending ourselves when the time is right. 

And these weapons might not be needed, but then it only takes one incident when they are needed, and aren’t legal, to appreciate their need. 

So, ban gun free zones, throw the idea in the dumpster, put the thought in any criminals mind that any time they walk into the building there could be at least one gun, if not more. 

Open up schools to teachers, janitors, administrators, and student volunteers for community service, as long as they are adults, to sheriff’s posse’s and parent patrol groups.  Anything to keep these kids safe from harm. 

And if anyone is willing to challenge this notion, then they will be met with, good guys with guns. 


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