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Well I have been doing a lot of blogs on the recent string of gun control and debates erupting in the wake of the Sandy Hook Shootings. Trying to cover it from video games, and guns.

But to understand how to solve the problem you must deal with the causes of the problem.

So just what is causing the problem? Is it a Video game? Is it video games in general? Or is it something else?

Well since I have played video games off and on for most of my life, and have not seriously thought about bringing harm to another human being in that time, it is clear that they are not the cause of this problem.

But are they then a symptom?

Well considering that you get what you tend to put into something, out of it, you tend to get crap out of crap, and considering society is often responsible for what it consumes in terms of media…which then encourages the media to produce more content that is tailored to the interests of the individual block of society.

The answer seems to be yes, it’s not the fact that we may be having more violent tendencies from these video games, but these violent video games are feeding those violent tendencies. Which can be both good or bad. It can alleviate the tensions and the stress placed on the individual, or it can lead to them wanting to go out and actually imitate the action. There entire world view will be twisted enough where they do not want to just stop at video games but ‘try it in the real world’.

Now this does not make it anymore the video games fault as it did before, just making the point that this stuff is a reflection of societal values and not the cause of societal values.

So you tend to support the media you consume, which only then encourages more media to be made in that vein.

From a gaming perspective this means more games, so the charge will go, like Call of Duty, since it is a wildly successful franchise setting new records seemingly with each installment… so video games then try to emulate that success with their own franchises and installments. Gamers complain about this when their beloved RPGs, for instance, become more streamlined and shooter like.

From a society perspective means that if we are addicted to violence it’s not because that violence exists, rather that violence in our media reflects that something our current society will tolerate.

Whether this is a good or bad thing remains largely to be seen but the point of the matter is attacking the symptom, whether it be guns, video games, or bows and arrows, will not actually solve the problem. Only addressing the root causes will. Through education and good judgement, through learning the difference that a video game is just a video game and the other stuff is not the video game. That what happens in real life is very different then what happens in a video game.

Only then maybe we can begin to scale back the ‘mass shootings’ and solve the violence problem in our society.


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