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Monthly Archives: May 2013

And now this news is very old, but since this is not really a current events blog, here we go. I also apologize for not having a lot of fun blogs lately but alas.

This story first came to my attention when two guest hosts were filling in on the Glenn Beck program, (sorry I forgot their names), and well it got me thinking, on perhaps a case study on why I am a Libertarian and why I am in fact a Libertarian.

This representative is in ignorance of this issue. She does not know the difference between a magazine and a clip. Something which she should know given the issues she is being forced to vote on in this day and age.

But yet she is forcing herself on an issue, of which she is ignorant of, by virtue of her position and the fact that Gun Control is a hot button issue.

This is the perfect response for anyone who asks, why are you a libertarian? Why do you distrust the Government so much? Why do you not want a central authority with the ability to give out things like health care and gun control and free abortion stuff.

Because, by and large, politicians are not experts at anything other than being politicians. And even if they were our expertise or knowledge base often extends to a few subjects we are interested in. Yet politicians, these days, are often asked to make decisions that affect each and every aspect of our lives. Everything from house insurance to border security to important and vital foreign policy interests.

I am a Libertarian because, while I have a general trust with people, I do not trust them to make decisions of this importance and which are so broad in nature. And I do not trust them because I do not trust myself.

Because I did not know the difference between a magazine and a clip, I was not sure. And while I do not trust myself with power long before this, it’s still another reason why its a bad idea.

And if I cannot trust myself with power over my life or anyone else’s because I am ignorant of a great many things, then how can I trust the people in charge? Who could be just as stupid on the thing they are being asked to make a decision of.

Even with expert testimony, being rushed in, giving people graphs and information and statistics left and right, yelling and shouting, doing this for millions of issues, really?

We are supposed to make decisions on this?

And then biases come into it, data that supports my position will sound better to me then data that doesn’t. So again, how can we trust politicians to make the right choice in this issue?

So I fall as a Libertarian, legalize almost everything and let the chips fall where they may based on the individual and then let the individuals and the community try to deal with the consequences.

Not mandates from stupid or ignorant people, not one size fits all solutions, just let people try to do their best with their own ignorance and brilliance.

That way all they harm is themselves, or the people around them, but not the three hundred million people around them.