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In the Doctor Who episode A Good Man Goes to War the Doctor posits that good men don’t need rules, and that it was not the time for the people around him to find out why he had so many. So, why do good people don’t need rules? And why do bad people need them? And does that mean one has to be perfect?

Because, we can argue on what it means to be a good man or a bad man, but the only thing that really matters is the best man. Do the best of us need rules? Do the best men and perfect men need rules? Well I contend no, but can any one of us call ourselves the best and the perfect?

People ask why we need the rule of law, we need a Government…granted a very small and toothless Government but a Government none the same… why we need the bible or the Qur’an or the principles of Buddha, Tao, and Confucius.

Well, the answer, because men need rules. Even if it’s a personal code of ethics, something we can identify with and make our own. No matter what it is, if it does not involve the intentional and deliberate killing of human life.

Even if those rules don’t mean anything and are just for teaching discipline and respect. Even if they are just silly rules for when people are young and to get through the early part of their life so they can again learn the valuable lessons of life. This is what rules is about.

For, as the writers of the Federalist papers pointed out, if men were angels we would not need Government.

But yet the Government needs rules to, because they are made up of just as corruptible men as any other organization and even as the individuals of which make them up.

I also think why early man, in one way or another, needed their early religions like Judaism and Hinduism to help get them through. Their laws may seem draconian to a twenty-first century mind, but a lot of them were about teaching discipline to people who desperately needed it. While giving them enough of the good stuff to move them forward.

Whether it is the individual or groups of men gathering for common cause, we need rules. We need to respect our rules, even if they are the wrong rules then the best thing to do is to change them or find a new code, not break them entirely.


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