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Tag Archives: abdicating responsibilities

We need political solutions, we need Government to help us distribute our Food and Our Health Care and provide for it because it is the right thing to do, we need Government to save us from ourselves and the insurance companies because we just cannot do these things for ourselves.


We have been abdicating our responsibilities.  Our responsibilities and our freedom.  We have given our power to the Federal Government.

Now why do people take power?

I believe that people’s primary interest is to have power over their own lives, control of their own lives, and the feeling that they can do things on their own.  That is what motivates most people, I believe, to succeed.

That the only way to have power over your own life is to be stronger and more secure in the things that you can do.

Most people are not interested in being an ABUSIVE cop or Military figure, most people are not interested in being a dictator.  People are just interested in being left alone from tyranny and oppression and just running their own lives.

And then when they are strong enough, or as a means of getting strong enough, going out getting a job participating in the economy.  Becoming stronger and stronger until you can do the job.  Then if you are lucky you can become a person who protects, serves, defends, or teaches.  That you are strong enough that you can take responsibility and lead others.

But there is a difference between leadership and control, strength and power.

In elected office or in anything else there comes a tremendous responsibility with it, to lead people.

But it seems like our politicians are using it, not even strong characters in their own right, and then take power over the people.

We have abdicated our responsibilities, whether we have wanted to or not, to this Government.  A little bit here, and a little bit there.  Because we do not think that we are strong enough or what not.

And they keep on taking more and more power and more and more control.  They are not encouraging  us to have any freedom and to be strong in our own right, just rely on them, and they can make all the decisions for us and we can go off and do…I don’t really know what.

Restoring the Republic, restoring our society, and restoring ourselves should be about restoring our strength, restoring our responsibilities, and then exercising our freedoms.