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I was watching the Republican First debate a couple of weeks ago from South Carolina…starring Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Hermann Cain. I think most of the candidates represented themselves and did a good job with the questions. Each brought something to the debate and had good points, even though it took a few of them a while to get to them.

What struck me was perhaps a simple point, but it struck me, so thus to the blogosphere I go. (Fully clothed and not in the basement thank you)

I always think its important to have conversations with people, about Government, politics, and the state of the world. I enjoy having these conversations on a regular basis, and from all over the political map, whether they are to my political left, or the political right.

But I usually, usually, find the conversations and debates and perspectives with those to my more political right, the more Liberty Lovers then I am, the most enjoyable. Even when we do not always agree on the issues. I always learn something and really appreciate their perspective…unless they are some weird crazy nut job who insults your education but lets not get into that. 😉

The point is, I think, that even on the issues of Gay Marriage, Abortion, or Foreign Affairs as long as their opinion grows liberty, and leaves me to decide mine, or at the very least the states, then that is ok.

I will disagree with you, and vehemently, but at least they are not trying to GROW the Government right?

As long as they understand the issues and the potential consequences of any of their actions I think we can tolerate a candidate that will shrink the Government even if we disagree with them on a single issue.

And I think this is something everyone can learn, those to the more left of me barely, and those to the right of me. If a candidate will mostly shrink the Government in their administration.

We need candidates who ultimately understand the issues, all of them, and are willing to make choices. Barring that can create a team that will lead them to understanding all the issues. We will never find a perfect candidate so as long as they shrink a Government and move us in the right direction, especially when it comes to personal, and State, Liberty, and our economy, then those candidates should be considered.


For a while now, for over six months I have been wondering just what is the greatest catch 22 of all time? What is the greatest catch 22 of our time?

Because I think figuring this out is important and bears practical real world necessity.

And I think I have found it. And it has to do with us, and our political opponents.

It has to do with the idea, my idea, of being bridge builders, guides, and teachers to others throughout the generations and through to each other. That we have to make a stand and hopefully lead others to the truth, or at the very least what we consider the truth, or at the very very least that they can consider a new perspective and find the truth on their own.

You see I want to build bridges. From all over the political and religious map. I want to look for the commonalities and the principles and the divine rights and God’s Law. I want to find the truth. We may disagree on the specifics, what rituals to follow, or anything else in the physical material world. And that is fine.

And I want to be a teacher and guide for people. And at least have them consider alternative options.

And no matter what I am, usually, quite willing to let by gons be by gons.

But yet the great catch 22 is that we have a large number of people in this country who do look at my and for many people reading this blog, our, ideology as being potentially dangerous.

Worse they are willing to force their political ideologies on you through the voting booth and through their Governmental preference.

And they do it, partially, because part of their ideology demands it of them.

That they must, they must put their ideology and their beliefs…despite most of them believing in Moral Relativism…into actual political action. Or through real power by voting for politicians who will enact their ideology on the country as a whole.

Whether it is on Abortion, Marriage, war, welfare. Whatever the issue, the Government must be there to regulate it, mandate it, control it, or condone it. As I have pointed out the modern progressive are very happy with the Government in your reproductive organs, or your bedroom, or in your most personal decisions. As long as the agenda is their own.

And if you disagree with them?

You are ignorant, a bandwagon person, willfully blind, or a racist bigot and any other number of things that you are. Often it is some combination of those but not all of them. If you dare to question you are some of those.

I do not think this is the way, I do not advocate or think anything of the kind of this way is the way to go.

But the best way to ‘defeat’ them and their ideology by our ideology, or at least mine, is to not defeat them in the first place.

That we do not use power and coercion, of education, the media, the press, or the Government, to defeat our enemies. That we do not demand that they be destroyed or that only our ideology works.

But their ideology demands of them and makes them deal with us in the collective.

And I have seen often enough that they in small and large ways advocate extreme sanction to use the Government to ensure that we no longer have our piece of Sky.

You know first off I would like to start off with a statement about Coincidence. The whole thing behind them is that they happen every once in a while, in random, but how can random events be called random if they keep on happening?

IDK but my faith in coincidence is starting to dissolve, wonder if they aren’t indicators of something more….divine providence perhaps?

Meh that’s crazy talk.

I have been wanting to do this blog almost since the rally on the mall…not the Glenn Beck one…the 10/2 rally.

I saw signs and posters, communist ones, hateful ones, anti Glenn Beck things, etc.

And one that seemed to indicate an anti-Jewish sentiment. What do you know when you go looking for the link you can find it…wow. :P.

But here it is, and some other pictures, judge for yourself.


Now this blog was pretty much going to be about this and nothing else, the whole case was going to be about that and watch yourself.

But since the original idea about this blog I have read more things, more things that…if true, are very concerning.

Now I want to make it very clear I am not one hundred percent sure of this myself. I am not sure of the facts, this was me looking at a story, from a Google search, based on something that a friend told me when I was talking to her on Facebook.

Here is the Story Itself.

Now in it draws a lot of threads between Ron Paul and Neo Nazi, Anti Semitic, and a lot of conspiracy theorist groups and individuals.

Now some of it may be true, some of it may not be true. I will have to look into it myself if he runs for the Republican Primary in the Future, the Libertarian Party, or is a serious candidate to run, this is important to find out about. But ultimately it is up to you.

And let me first address the taking money. It is my personal opinion that…well if anyone gives me money…I will take it. I do not especially care if I were running for a public office. Just give me your money and if you are a Nazi Group or a Communist Group…well then you are wasting your money. I will not help you.

But on the other hand if I knew, for one hundred percent certain that someone was coming from this perspective and side of the street, I might have some problems taking money.

But I can excuse him of taking people’s money.

The rest of the case is a bit interesting though, they make a solid case.

But they did offer a retraction story. (Read it here)

So I don’t know…it is up to you and me to make up our minds later. And to have the debate.

And it really is not that important for the actual blog.

But for the sake of this blog, lets pretend its true, lets pretend that every single one of those assertions is true and it’s not a mistake or someone being crazy.

Lets pretend this is the end all be all.

Because there is a lot there, and we have to know who we are allying with, who we like, and we also have to make the clear distinction in who we are allying with and on what issues.

Right down to the individual and even the individual issue.

Because believe me I can be friends with almost everyone, I am not like Barrack Obama….I do not go out looking for specific types of people to be friends with.

But that does not mean I will agree with them and on those issues. I will very much disagree with you when I think you are wrong, and you will know it.

You can have your opinions, whatever they are, but you must… who you are allying with so you can make clear distinctions.

Because we all are not perfect and there are people in every movement who may not be the best.

Even in that story, even in the original story, there was an account of a harassment of Rudy Giuliani, threatening to throw him off a ship. Read it.

Glenn Beck gets a lot of heat from Libertarians for the statement he made once where he said Ron Paul supporters should be thrown in jail. Fine maybe that was a bit rash.

But these Ron Paul supporters probably should be thrown in jail.

And even not how can you stand with these people? Even if you happen to agree with them.

And this is for anyone. We have to watch who we are, who we align with us, and even who is aligning with us, whether you are a Republican or a Libertarian or a Democrat or a Conservative or what have you.

And to be fair a lot of people that I do know do do this, but you must keep it up.

Because if you are a liberal, if you believe in abortion, if you believe in Gay Marriage, if you believe in Environmentalism, then watch who you are standing with.

Like this story.

If you are a member of the sexual revolution…whatever that is…if you do believe in free love and everything else… how can you stand with someone like that? How can you tolerate or except someone who does that? Will you make exceptions for morality because he is a good guy? Will that make you reconsider your own political views if that is the root of them?

Or how about in the case of certain Gay Marriage advocates….how about in the case of environmentalists who shows people blowing up for not believing in climate change?

How about Margret Sanger who advocated abortion to eliminate excess populations and races…mainly the blacks and the Latinos and maybe the Asians.

How can we align with people like that. Who is asking about the Jewish question?

On those specific issues.

I don’t really care who you call your friends and colleagues but you must make a stand against them when you think they are wrong.

It’s the only way we are going to move forward as a people.

In perhaps the most obvious statement of the year….but bear with me.

It has been…well plaguing me…for the longest time now…something about Liberal and Progressive Ideology.

You see where the Liberals always get the Conservatives, or those of us who are Libertarian but have a Conservative backing, is (at least in their mind) they can always say that they are for the little people, they are for freedom.

Because they are for Abortion rights, what is your business inside my uterus! And they are for gay marriage…how can you deny the people the right to happiness, the right to marriage, equal protection under the law!

Well the second one is easy to disprove, as I have proven out in previous blogs, as I have pointed to. There is marriage licences, there are property taxes and estate taxes and Government is deeply involved in marriage. (Ewww Get out of my bedroom! Perv.)

But the second one is the one that always getting in the way. Thought of the answer in Wal-Mart one day, and it made me laugh all the way to the door.

Its Health Care!

Now of course in my previous blog I went into the essence of Tyranny. A key point in this debate.

That the founders, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and even Ronald Regan viewed any growth of Government as being potentially dangerous, and potentially tyrannical.

That is the key.

You know that states are now publically funding abortions? Did you know that a lot of this is through federal spending? That it just might be in the Health Care legislation after all, or some future legislation?

The Government is in your uterus folks!

But but they are providing for me, they are allowing me the right to excercise my rights and provide easiness for them.

OK fine but consider this:

Say you want an abortion, you are going to the Fed to get it. You are a minority, or you are a likely Democrat voter. Abortion denied!

Or that it would cost 20000 dollars to do and the money is running short, and you are a minority and your kids are likely to be good Democrat voters. Abortion denied!

Or in the even more extreme example you are going to go married, you are a white woman, he is not a black man, well I am sorry the state just cannot approve this marriage. Denied!.

But these are extreme examples but the Government is a fickle and underhanded, uneven master, hell anyone is if you give them that much power. They will have the power of the purse, the ability to say and deny anything that they want to on a whim.

In the case of abortion that is a good thing. Even if this does not happen, even if they say free abortions for all, then they are still there.

Ladies how does it feel to have the Governments hands inside your uterus?

Men how does it feel to have Government in your bedrooms?

Eww perv.

That is what it feels like if you want more and more power to the Government, and less and less power to yourself.

Last Week,well maybe a little longer.  I came across two points of interest on Facebook.

First was a Facebook post.  Now I do not know if she was doing this, advocated doing this, or was just reporting something she had heard but basically she wanted to tell a specific guy that she was pregnant so she could get abortion money, and then to use it for something totally unrelated.

She was going to lie, maybe, and game the system and do something that is quite probably illegal.  Not to mention immoral.

Have we come so far?

And then on another Facebook page I saw a video, a comedy video, from I think the Jon Stewart show.  But they were likening, and parodying, ‘open carry’ people.   Now they were likening it to the oppression felt by gay people, and that they were oppressed by others who would feel the behavior to be odd.

Now it was funny but I paused to think in the middle of it.  Now towards the end the guy who was doing the parody went into a coffee shop, one or two guns holstered, what I hope was an AR-15, slung over his back.  The people looked at him oddly and he yelled at them, something about him having the right to carry weapons and he was still a person too.

Now this was just a comedy sketch on a comedy show but it still got me thinking because there is an element of truth to this.

We live in the United States of America.  A Country born on the philosophy of being able to defend yourself from invasion, attack, or an over reaching government.  A Nation with that enshrined in its founding documents that we have the right to ‘bear arms.’  That right is now under attack.

The fact of the matter is that if we have the right to do so, then it should hardly be a surprise when people go out into public armed.

Now you can be nervous about it, I sure am…or was when I saw a cop with a firearm, at the same time I found it really neat.  But, that does not change the fact that we have the right, and the responsibility to bear our arms and defend ourselves.

In so much that a Gun Rally in Washington DC was carried out.  People with weapons, some of them loaded, gathered around Washington and Virginia.  No shots were fired and they even wore yellow stickers to proclaim that their guns were safe, and had legal ammunition compliant with the law.  And this is according to the LA Times.

A gun rally, no shots fired.

I will state this, again, Guns being showed out in the open is not a real danger to anyone like the President or anyone else, it is those who try to hide their weapons or sneak around with them concealed are the ones that we should be worried about.   At least more so then the ones in the open.

If this is odd behavior then there is something wrong, and it is not with the people doing it, they are exercising their rights and as far as I know own their weapons.

But this can go out to many areas of our rights, everything from our right to a fair trial, to our right to speech, to almost anything.

Cass Sunstein has advocated that we ban ‘conspiracy theories’.  What is a conspiracy theory? Anything that the Government defines as one?

Conspiracies are speech aren’t they?

And meanwhile we are called racist, violent, homophobic, haters of minorities and children, that we do not want the disabled to have their rights, this that and the other thing.  All for speaking out against a Government that we believe to be out of control.

We are attacked by our Government, said we should thank them, and have boycotts led against people that they perceive as our public figure-head.

Where will this end?  All this has happened before.

Woodrow Wilson threw people in jail for speaking out against his government, the Japanese were interned in Camps during World War 2, McCarthy led a crusade against supposed enemies of the state, and MLK was called crazy for speaking out and his actions caused some in the press to wonder if we were heading for violence.

We all know because of history that did not happen, now MLK is called a hero of peace, and rightfully so.

But the fact remains if we do not use our rights, if we do not constantly excercise them when we think there is something wrong…or just because we can.  Then we will lose them.

Rights are like this nation’s muscles.  Without them we would be nothing and without them being constantly strengthened and improved they will disappear.

And then the people who have let their rights atrophy will be like, oh my gosh where did this happen.  And then they will engage in acts of violence.

Remember, we are not racists, we are not violent,  but we are no longer silent.

We are exercising our rights and giving it all for our freedoms.

On a wide variety of issues.

We must continue to use these rights lest the government decree they are not needed anymore.