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Well good day. 2013 is here, and 2012 left a lasting mark on not only my life, but the lives of everyone in this country and probably the world. From the Mayan doomsday prophecy not working out, hence shocking us all, to Barrack Obama being reelected to Supreme Court rulings and wide new releases in the world of entertainment.

Now I have been busy lately, not blogging, and in more of an entertaining mood so I am going to do something a little different. A light-hearted blog to reflect on the old and listen to the new, well mostly light-hearted, as I comment on the news from the last day.

Best Movie Release of 2012:

2012 was actually a year where I made it out to the movies, a lot, for me, anyways. Hence I saw a lot of the releases this year and any movie that interested me, that was a good year for movie, an it is tough to choose.

But nevertheless I have to give the nod to Skyfall.

Skyfall was almost the perfect movie and it was, as I noted in my blog on the subject, deep, deeper for a Bond movie. It had a message and a theme.

And it wasn’t slow, it didn’t have any silliness, and didn’t have any scenes that really dragged on any appreciable time. It just did its thing in a very no-nonsense manner, and pulled off several Bond motifs to perfection. All the while continuing the reboot of the series.

The Avengers, Act of Valor, and the Hobbit all have things to offer, but Skyfall had the most complete package. Great villain, good plot, great characters, and some really cool action. All it was really missing was a good romance.

Best Game of the Year:

Mass Effect 3.

While I confess that my video gaming immersion has been a bit lacking this year, and really all years, Mass effect three stands tall by far and away over any of its competition. Sure it had its flaws, and numerous among them beyond the ending. Speaking of the ending though it does still drag the experience down a bit, even with the extended cut.

But the action, the RPG elements, the characterization, and the epic conclusion to one of the most entertaining series in any medium was well worth the effort and the wait.

It was worth it seeing Shepard solve the problems that they were presented with over three games and five years of dramatic experience. And whether Commander Shepard wa male or female, the story, the character, and the interaction came to one of the most enduring conclusion ever.

Best Television Series:

Doctor Who.

The show that needs no real introduction, smart, witty, and epic telling the adventure of a very old being and his adventures in time and space. Superbly written, fantastic characters, and terrific acting.

Best Political Moment of the Year:

The failed recall of Governor Scott Walker/ Michigan passes Right to Work legislation.

These were the moments that really gave people hope, that the Union power in this country could be broken and reduced in some significant way.

And while someone pointed out that perhaps the current string of right to work legislation could infringe on the ability of businesses to work with unions and sign contracts with them.

And while this is a valid point we need to break their strangle hold before we can have that conversation. We need to reduce their political power a control and importance, then we can determine what rights they might have.

Worse Political Moment of the Year:

The Supreme Court Upholds Obama Care.

While the relection of Barrack Obama was hugely important to the country it would have meant little in the long run without the Supreme Court upholding the passage of the Obama Care mandates…because they were suddenly a tax. Thus affirming the Constitution to not be a bill or document that helps affirm freedom and liberty, but a bill that grants the Federal Government unlimited power over our medical decisions. Taking away the right of the very thing that the bill means to add, the right to Health Care.

And it does so in one of the oddest ways possible, all tax bills must originate in the House, the health care bill originated in the Senate….so that by itself should have made it unconstitutional. Nevertheless this is the beginning, and not the end of the struggle of liberty.

The biggest tragedy of 2012:

The Sandy hook Elementary Massacre.

Not only was this a tragedy of blood, where almost 30 people were slaughtered, women and children alike, but it was a tragedy of another sort.

Whether it is the murder of people in an elementary school in Main stream America, or the senseless slaughter of people enjoying a movie, or a political statement, all of these tragedies are compounded by the fact that the fascists and dictators in this country leap on the opportunity to take away the ability for the American people to defend themselves from the same criminals that cause such events.

The conversation, we are led to believe, is between whether or not we need more control over guns, or more Government Workers, armed to protect our children in schools. Neither is the answer, an only promotes the idea that it is up to the Government to protect us and our charges.

Ignoring all the facts and all the common sense that Gun Control does not work, if it did then these tragedies would not have happened in the first place in the very places where guns are banned.

So 2012 was a wild and zany year, and while 2013 should give us plenty to talk about, it also does not look quite right and should be a nice breather, at least until 2013, keep fighting the good fight my friends.


Dear, Mr. Beck

Since the election you have claimed that we have ‘lost’ an entire generation. Mainly anyone who is of ‘College’ age has been lost to the public education system and just the society in general, lost to being Libertarians and Conservatives and believing in Small Government principles. That they are Socialists, or Liberals, or are voting en masse for the big Government policies of the current administration.

Regardless as someone who is Libertarian/ Conservative, someone who sees the corruption inherent in both parties, and someone who has spent my entire life in the Public Education system I can tell you that this is not the case. I still believe, raised in this environment, in the Constitution, our small Government, and that America has done more good to the world and the history of the world than harm.

And I for one believe it because of your influence, mainly, into looking things up and thinking and finding my own answers to the life’s solutions. You have encouraged me to think deeper and be a better person.

I am not alone as I know people my age, who have voted for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, have started their own business ventures and made things of themselves far more than I have. And they see the dangerous road this country is on.

This generation, as is any group of people is only lost if we give up on them. Are we going to assume the blacks or the Jews are lost because vast numbers of them vote for Obama? Are we going to assume that we cannot make any headway in any minority group because a lot of them are against the things we stand for?

This is the choice that we face. Either we let go, or we double down. Because eventually if we forsake people and lose people then these people will grow up to be the next Barrack Obama’s, the next future leaders, the next future teacher’s which will continue to sprout their political, moral, and scientific sensibilities on even more generations. And then what? Do we lose them to? If we give up on these people now then we could easily lose the entire future by the influence they will have.

I refuse. I will continue to preach my message, from a perspective of a young American, and from the perspective of someone who cares deeply about this country, cares because of you. I hope you join me in this message and continue to fight the good fight to all groups of the United States. As I also hope that all those within the sound of my voice and typing fingers can do the same.

We have an Islamic Bigotry problem in this country. But it’s not what one might traditionally think of by a ‘bigotry problem.’

No, its more of a problem who might be critical of any aspect of the Islamic faith or the activities of individual Muslims. That anyone who does this is ostracized and is instantly called out as being some sort of vile monster from the nth degree and has millions of tons of mud hurled at them.

Now before we continue I feel I should make two things very clear.

First of all I am not a bigot myself. I feel this goes without saying but the attitude and behaviors of certain so-called friends in the past who should know me better leaves my trust in people reading this to be a bit thin right now. Especially since complete strangers are likely to read this.

I have no animosity or hate for any one group of people no matter their race or their religion.

Second we do have a problem with people being bigoted against members of the Muslim faith…for the simple reason that they are Muslim. Thinking we should deport them all or varying degrees of other depravity.

This is a sad fact of modern life given our current situation and our current fight against radical Islam. It does nothing to advance our cause and the cause of liberty and freedom, and the cause of defeating the radical portions, if we hate all Muslims equally. You cannot answer hate with hate and expect to go very far in the end.

But the problem I want to talk about and expand on is not against the Muslim people. It’s against anyone who may in one form or another be critical about any aspect of the Muslim faith, especially its more radical off shoots.

These people are often tarred and feathered with as wide as a brush as they claim that these people are doing to the Muslim community. That anyone who is critical about any part of Islam, or makes even the slightest most off colored joke about any part of Islam…yes even the radical parts…are instantly called down and called out as being some hate filled bigot who wants to bomb all Muslim community centers and destroy the Islamic faith and anyone associated it. Denying them of their rights, discriminating against them, and forcing them out of the country or killing them if they fail to acquiesce.

You hear it when Ron Paul says that Michelle Bachman wants to declare war on 1.2 Billion Muslims, which is pretty much every single Muslim individual in the world. (Source, Video,)

You hear it with other fellow Libertarians and their comments about everything ranging from the Muslim Community Center in NY, to the wars at large, (Blog link).

You hear it everywhere.

We must as a people oppose bigotry in ALL of its forms. Whether it is against the Jew, the Muslim, or even the Conservative or the Liberal. We cannot survive as a people if we let such policies and thoughts continue into the future.

I do this personally. I even started a group (though admittedly have not been as active with it as I first thought) about the defense of the Jewish people from what I believe is dangerous anti semitism.

But this does not stop me from protecting and standing with others. No matter who they are, or what their race, religion, or creed. I do stand with them.

Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, hell even Barrack Obama himself.

If someone is being treated unfairly or unjustly because of some meaningless designation in a group then we must stand with that person, all the while checking for bigotry in ourselves.

It is the only way that we will survive.

This is probably going where no blog has gone before, into the annals and depths of….BASEBALL….but I do think that this whole thing can relate to something that is much involved with our society.

Now for those of you who may not follow Baseball…you know who you are….the story is basically goes as follows. Barry Bonds, the rumor is, that he has taken steroids because he has hit a lot of Home Runs. He has done some amazing things. So Bob Costas has, repeatedly, come out and said, well he must have taken steroids! Look at what he has done. Look at all these amazing statistics that he has put up something HAS TO be up!

That is the general gist.

That Bob Costas has openly questioned the legitimacy of his stats, every single one of them.

That they are super human, no one in Baseball has done them before, and this is so far beyond and special than anything has ever done before.

So are we going to assume that anyone who does anything special is a steroid user and a cheater? So what about the greats like Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron.

And this idea, specifically about steroids, seems to be polluting the game despite the game beginning to move past it.

Why Kevin Youkilis is over angry, that is a sign of steroids, why Jose Bautista just hit his fiftieth home run, surely he is using steroids…after all he sucked before!….Oh Troy Troy Tulowitzki is doing things that no short stop has done in history! Why its common sense!

And on and on it goes.

Now Bob Costas can have any opinion that he chooses. I support him fully in that, in fact he could even be right! Barry Bonds’s stats are pretty awesome, you draw your own conclusions.

But at the moment this all remains nothing but opinion, allegations, and innuendo in regards to Barry Bonds. And this remains unproven about what happened, and when it happened.

The perfect solution to this would be to determine through the facts if he was taking steroids, when he was using steroids, and when he was not using steroids, was it an illegal substance at the time, and if it was then strike those specific stats from the record.

But with athletes this happens time and time again. They get accused and blamed for things when there is scant evidence.

The Duke rape case, accused, had their lives apparently ruined in some ways…at least especially at the time…based on evidence and accusations that proved to be false in the end.

Kobe Bryant was ACCUSED of rape and had a long case drawn out against him in Colorado, and was acquitted of all charges. But if you listen to people, and the people working the case, it was such a shame and he got away with it and that the victim had lost out.

We seem to have a rush to judgment in this country when it comes to people and things. And in cases time and time again, in sports, and beyond.

Yes Bob Costas can have his opinions….so does Glenn Beck, and still others.

Again the court of law is what is important here. The Court of what can be proven, and the court of public opinion too. But in so doing keeping in mind the actual facts to draw your opinions and conclusions from.

Because, as it seems to me, Costas did not pass this off as his speculation or Opinion. This is the way it happened, this is common sense, he must have done them look at the numbers!

What he took, and when he took it.

All I see is a Baseball player who hit a lot of home runs.

Yes he might have taken steroids, yes the allegations could be proven to be true, yes you can draw your own opinions from what you have seen and heard.

But it is not yet known.

So whether it is Barrack Obama, Glenn Beck, or Barry Bonds, we need to give each one a fair shake, and honestly look at the facts to draw our opinions from.

If we don’t we do ourselves a dangerous disservice.

Running up to the election Barrack Obama and the Democrats have resurrected the car in the ditch metaphor.

Basically saying that the US is a car, we dropped it into a ditch…well the last administration…and now the Republicans, slurping slushees and just sitting by the side of the road and not being constructive…are now wanting the keys back.

I first heard this metaphor late night on the Michael Savage program…months and months and months and months back. And months.

And that was it, I meant to do a blog about it…but did not obviously for whatever reason. Basically I thought it was absurd and I do not know my points on it.

So that leaves me here attempting to put it back together and make a blog out of it.

I have decided to make this a funny blog since this is near the end of the election season. Make it funny, probably fail, but light-hearted.

I see the whole metaphor as just being a whole mess. Everyone running around the car trying to solve the mess.

You have people who are pushing it, no driving it, into the ditch, you have people trying to pull it or push it out of the ditch…arguing over it. You have a group of people off to the side arguing about inventing a pulley system trying to get the car out of the ditch, but cannot decide on anything, not to mention the group that sees the car nose down in the ditch, and thinks the only way out is to dig a big hole under the front of the car.

You have people who are saying to not read the bill…oops I mean the emergency release car escape instruction manual. And you have people trying to write a new one. Then there are the people who are removing parts from the car and are trying to sell it off for scrap.

Then you have people who are off to the side, saying the ship of state has failed and we need to completely redo the system and abandon the car and find a new car.

Which all this does is create a mess, a noise of communication. Because we are all in the ditch, we are all in the ditch trying to figure out what to do.

But there is just too much confusion.

And we are all in the ditch, the only one that are not are the people who do not think the car was good in the first place and we need a new car!

It’s a mess in other words.

Meh probably not that funny…epic fail in fact.

Happy Halloween everyone, happy election day…. may the Force Be With You.

You know first off I would like to start off with a statement about Coincidence. The whole thing behind them is that they happen every once in a while, in random, but how can random events be called random if they keep on happening?

IDK but my faith in coincidence is starting to dissolve, wonder if they aren’t indicators of something more….divine providence perhaps?

Meh that’s crazy talk.

I have been wanting to do this blog almost since the rally on the mall…not the Glenn Beck one…the 10/2 rally.

I saw signs and posters, communist ones, hateful ones, anti Glenn Beck things, etc.

And one that seemed to indicate an anti-Jewish sentiment. What do you know when you go looking for the link you can find it…wow. :P.

But here it is, and some other pictures, judge for yourself.


Now this blog was pretty much going to be about this and nothing else, the whole case was going to be about that and watch yourself.

But since the original idea about this blog I have read more things, more things that…if true, are very concerning.

Now I want to make it very clear I am not one hundred percent sure of this myself. I am not sure of the facts, this was me looking at a story, from a Google search, based on something that a friend told me when I was talking to her on Facebook.

Here is the Story Itself.

Now in it draws a lot of threads between Ron Paul and Neo Nazi, Anti Semitic, and a lot of conspiracy theorist groups and individuals.

Now some of it may be true, some of it may not be true. I will have to look into it myself if he runs for the Republican Primary in the Future, the Libertarian Party, or is a serious candidate to run, this is important to find out about. But ultimately it is up to you.

And let me first address the taking money. It is my personal opinion that…well if anyone gives me money…I will take it. I do not especially care if I were running for a public office. Just give me your money and if you are a Nazi Group or a Communist Group…well then you are wasting your money. I will not help you.

But on the other hand if I knew, for one hundred percent certain that someone was coming from this perspective and side of the street, I might have some problems taking money.

But I can excuse him of taking people’s money.

The rest of the case is a bit interesting though, they make a solid case.

But they did offer a retraction story. (Read it here)

So I don’t know…it is up to you and me to make up our minds later. And to have the debate.

And it really is not that important for the actual blog.

But for the sake of this blog, lets pretend its true, lets pretend that every single one of those assertions is true and it’s not a mistake or someone being crazy.

Lets pretend this is the end all be all.

Because there is a lot there, and we have to know who we are allying with, who we like, and we also have to make the clear distinction in who we are allying with and on what issues.

Right down to the individual and even the individual issue.

Because believe me I can be friends with almost everyone, I am not like Barrack Obama….I do not go out looking for specific types of people to be friends with.

But that does not mean I will agree with them and on those issues. I will very much disagree with you when I think you are wrong, and you will know it.

You can have your opinions, whatever they are, but you must… who you are allying with so you can make clear distinctions.

Because we all are not perfect and there are people in every movement who may not be the best.

Even in that story, even in the original story, there was an account of a harassment of Rudy Giuliani, threatening to throw him off a ship. Read it.

Glenn Beck gets a lot of heat from Libertarians for the statement he made once where he said Ron Paul supporters should be thrown in jail. Fine maybe that was a bit rash.

But these Ron Paul supporters probably should be thrown in jail.

And even not how can you stand with these people? Even if you happen to agree with them.

And this is for anyone. We have to watch who we are, who we align with us, and even who is aligning with us, whether you are a Republican or a Libertarian or a Democrat or a Conservative or what have you.

And to be fair a lot of people that I do know do do this, but you must keep it up.

Because if you are a liberal, if you believe in abortion, if you believe in Gay Marriage, if you believe in Environmentalism, then watch who you are standing with.

Like this story.

If you are a member of the sexual revolution…whatever that is…if you do believe in free love and everything else… how can you stand with someone like that? How can you tolerate or except someone who does that? Will you make exceptions for morality because he is a good guy? Will that make you reconsider your own political views if that is the root of them?

Or how about in the case of certain Gay Marriage advocates….how about in the case of environmentalists who shows people blowing up for not believing in climate change?

How about Margret Sanger who advocated abortion to eliminate excess populations and races…mainly the blacks and the Latinos and maybe the Asians.

How can we align with people like that. Who is asking about the Jewish question?

On those specific issues.

I don’t really care who you call your friends and colleagues but you must make a stand against them when you think they are wrong.

It’s the only way we are going to move forward as a people.

Two things that normally should never be put together.

I was watching a movie, in my 10th Grade History Class, Cry Freedom I think it was.

It was a movie about the life and times of Gandhi.

In it was one quote that caught my ear, and got me thinking about.  And recently I have recalled it again with Glenn Beck quoting Gandhi.

I forget the exact quote but the long and the short of it was that his methods of peace and non violence would not work against Hitler.  That was not the way to solve that particular situation.

So Why?

I think it has to do with issues of good and evil.  Why it would work in the end in a place like India is that the British were not evil, the British Government was not evil, the British people I do not believe have ever been evil.  It’s just that there was several people, especially on the ground in India, who were.

They were disconnected from the home land and the British people hardly knew what was going on, and nor did the Government.

So these people could act however they wanted, until the tragedy made good descent people go, oh my gosh, what did they just do?

They shot at local Indians and Citizens and killed many people and Gandhi under remarkable stress continued to preach his philosophy of peace and non violence.

They were not radicals, and the British people saw that, why are we killing these people?

Now we Americans are facing much the same situation in today’s climate.

I do not believe that Barrack Obama is evil.  I do not believe that the Administration the Congress or the American people are evil.  They are doing great evil, but I do not think that there are many people who are actually in our Government that are evil.

And there are even fewer people who are evil, percentage wise.

But yet if they see us doing evil acts, we will lose them and lose the battle for the heart and the soul of the country.

Violence is not the way out of this.  The only way out is a movement based on non violence like the great movements in the past.

Only a constant adherence to peace and civil discourse…its hard I know, I cannot always do that myself.

But this is what is required to win, from the bottom to the top.  To elect the people we need, to change the debate and the course of this country, and to civilly change our own lives.

And if there is violence of tongue, heart, or action then let it be done by the RADICALS of the other side.  Because if we are to win the debate we must make that case.

It’s the same thing with immigration, taxes, no matter what your issue is.

Because we are not an evil people, there still remains a lot of good in this country and in our government and people who want to run for public office.

They just need the support of a constant drum beat behind them of people who are strong, active, emotional, passionate about the issues, articulate, civil, and awake.

We must reject violence loudly no matter who is doing it.

And every time they call us names we must loudly proclaim that we are not racist, that we are not violent, just that we will not stay silent anymore.  That we are mad as hell, we will not take it anymore, and we are awake.  We will fight and articulate our line in the sand.  But we will never kill, we will never wound, and we will never maim.

At least that is where we need to be if we are going to take our country back.

This is something that has been on my mind for quite a long time, and I think on most Americans.  Health care, the signal most important issue that is apparently plaguing the Obama administration to this day.  Here it goes, all my thoughts on it:

The first aspect of this debate is the extreme cost, I feel that I should lead with this one first so that I just can get it out-of-the-way instead of doing it later.  In other words, the cost of this, is going to be extreme, the  ‘estimates’ are around one trillion dollars, when the proposed bills are all accounted for.

But, that is just for right now, what about in the future?  Costs are likely to rise, especially for a government program, one which has the mandate to try and bring health care to as many people as possible.

More people are going to be born.

More will likely move to these shores.

And health costs will go up now that everyone can get cured for everything…on someone else’s dime.

The mere fact of the matter is that the costs are so underestimated is due to two things.  One it is slightly intentional, they do not want the people to know how much this is liable to cost them in the long run, especially after all the checks and systems go into effect.  The other is that they do not know, because they cannot know.  Nothing of this scale in this country has ever been tried before…and it still leaves a lot of people without insurance.  No one can know because no one, not politicians, can predict the future.  Who knows what advancements and things might pop up?

Which will probably mean medical advancement is going to come to a standstill in order to prevent costs from rising.

Oh and that is not even adding on competition to this debate, which the government will virtually be a monopoly…and those only drive up prices and the eventual costs of things.

And that is not even taking account of the simple odd fact that under the proposed legislation, we will not be seeing the benefits for this bill for years…but will be paying for it now.

That is insane.  In all aspects of our society when we pay for something, we are expecting to get immediate returns…except for perhaps in investing.

Even when you put money down on a house or a car you still expect to get that car or house to use.  And then only if you fail to keep up with your payments, then  it is taken from you because you failed to live up to your obligation.  But that’s it, we are not even going to be seeing what this is going to do for us,until after the next Presidential election…maybe.

Second, the issue of the death panel has caused the most serious issue that has effected the debate for everyone in this, its one of the most vicious, with the rationing of care, that to give care to all, some might not get the care that they need.

That some citizens might be considered more valuable to society then others in that society, because they have to give that care to those people, in order for that society to survive.  That they can contribute the most to that society.

Now private companies and organizations when they have done this in the past have been called out on it, they have had protests against them, and they have been forced to change, and rightfully so.  But yet, when governments do this, it is for the good of the people, and the true extent of this will be hidden from us, to only the most bold can ever find it.

And rationing has already started happening, with the mammograms, a government organization that I cannot recall the name of has stated that a report that they released around six months ago is now wrong, and that you can get care later in your life, and less often.

But its a short jump from that, to actually mandating it on the society that you live in, to help lower costs that extra bit more.

Because if your health insurance was yours…and not dictated by the government, you could do that as often as you want, and can afford, and not risk doing it on someone else’s dime, or someone telling you it costs too much so you absolutely cannot do it.

Finally, something has been bothering me, and I made this point…but I have heard it nowhere else.

The congressmen who support this, Barrack Obama, and others, they are all out there, saying that this will increase freedom, increase options, and increase your ‘right’ to health care.  That health care is a right to the people and it needs to be provided for by others.   That society, as a whole must pay for that with what you cannot provide for yourself.

But yet, I have heard it said, from a variety of sources, that there are punishments in this health care bill.  That you will either be fined…or that there is a part of this legislation that if you do not pay for this, if you do not buy health care insurance at all, then you will be jailed for it.

Now, how is that a right? The whole point of rights is that you can exercise them, or not, to suit yourself.  No one speaks exactly the same, everyone speaks different.  We have the right to assemble, but we often do not…and only with people of our choosing, that we do not have to assemble.

How about the right to bare arms? Not everyone owns a means to defend themselves, or chose to do so.

The right to not be searched and seized? Some people when they have nothing to hide can allow themselves to be searched.

All of these rights one can exercise themselves to the fullest extent of whatever they want to, or not want to.

This clearly is not in the health care intention, they are not making it a right.

Then what are they making it into? They are making it into a mandate, that you have to buy something for yourself that you may or may not want or need.

And, plus, if that was not enough, only a certain percentage of the population will pay for the health care of others, if you do have the perfect health care, and you do not switch jobs, and you are able under all the provisions to keep your health care, then you will still have to pay, and be taxed higher for it, for your good health care…because you do have health care, in order to pay for someone who does not have exactly what you have.

Now this provides another crisis in ethics: That the job of taxation, and government is to provide goods and services for the benefit of everyone.  The postal service, military, transportation systems, and others, they are all provided because they benefit everyone pretty much equally.  Oh and if you want to use a bus system provided for the state…you have to pay for it.

But not with health care…everyone will be paying for everyone’s health care, if they want it or not.  That they themselves might never see the benefits of what they are doling out cash for.

Which leads to the final issue with this, with this being a potential mandate, and a near monopoly this leads to something else I have been debating out with people.

In a recent debate I was asked: Don’t you think its odd that America is the only western power without…I think it was health care…not sure.

My answer being obvious, I will not go into it.

What this brings up is everyone is different, every country has different ways of doing things, of treating its people, and what the people expect from their government.

If you like he NHS that is fine with me, but that does not change the real and serious concerns I have about the current bill that is being proposed by Congress.  It is not for me, and I do not think it will work for many Americans.

There is no one size fits all system, and this shockingly seems to be attempting to do just that.

The answer to this conundrum to me is more, more competition, more options, truly, not creating a government system that will run everything, but having individualized plans for the individual.

If they like their healthcare that is fine.

If they like healthcare insurance companies, that is fine.  And good and right for them

If they go through their employer that is fine.

If they want to set up a plan between them and their doctor, no paperwork, no middlemen, just a base plan, then that is fine.  Whatever the individual wants, coupled with real TORT reform, and that would be great.  The individual should be the only one that determines what kind of care they should strive for.

Even up to a government option, as long as what that is.  But I still get leery of governments saying they will give you the option to do something or not,because today’s governments seem hell-bent on turning options into mandates.

As long as you have the ability to pay, and the want to pay, you should be able to.  And that again included the government option.  If you want it, then you should be able to get it…and then pay for it yourself.

This is what I believe anyways, I welcome your opinion, you can comment, you can write me, I do not care whether you agree with me or not.  Let us have the debate.  Show me where I am wrong, because I do not especially like thinking that the USA government can be capable of doing death panels, or all this other stuff.  It is our obligation to question what we hear.

I know that this is old news by now, that Joe Wilson was practically impaled on a spit of political correctness when he (wrongly) yelled out in the middle of the health care speech that the President lied.  But something occurred to me on this subject when I was listening to the local news and how it was talking about the vote of Olympia Snowe voted in favor of the bill to keep it moving through the legislative process, whereas the President promptly declared this a bi Partisan effort thanking the US Senator for her contribution.

This got me back to thinking on that somewhat fateful day now so long ago.

It is my opinion that the President did indeed not lie to the people when he made that speech, for all I know there was no protection for illegals in it, or any of the radical stuff that Republicans have been fuming about for so long.

But the President was being…disingenuous.

The plan had not been completed yet at that point in time, no where close apparently, since it is now the middle of October and health care is still being debated…the plan is still evolving.

So what President Obama speech basically amounted to was this: That it was just there to reassure all the independents and people on the fence that all of these provisions were not in the plan, and then potentially add them in afterward, after everyone said,”well he said it, it must be true”.  Where everything, everything was still being debated, from coverage for illegals, to the public option itself.  That its on again off again on again, that the plan is still evolving.

And that, apparently according to one lawmaker that there were a lot of  ‘phantom amendments’ that were added onto one of the versions of the bill after they voted on it.  I do not remember the specifics just that it happened.

What this amounts to is dirty politics.  And we have become far too used to it over the last bunch of years.

Two formative events happened at the end of my high school year which has caused me to put great thought into Diversity, and some of the myths that are currently surrounding it.

One was a multi-ethnic, multi-religious panel of people from various world religions.  The other was when our high school closed down an event because a group of students made a racial slur, that they did not know that they were making.  They of course apologized, but the upcoming event was canceled, and something else had to be arranged.

These events…combined with end of the year pep talks we had about the incident, ‘teaching moments’ for lack of a better term, led me to a few inescapable conclusions.

Way back towards the start of Obama’s  term in office Eric Holder his AG accused us of being a ‘nation of cowards’ when it came to race.

Now I love my country, and I am very proud of her…throughout most of my  life thank you…and I would  be the first one to shout down and condemn this as a gross and shameful over generalization of the facts.  But the question has to be begged…was he right?

Now I am not talking about the American people, the American people are, I tend to think of us, some of the best in the world, most of us are not ‘racists’ or ‘racial cowards’ or  other names that certain political groups have tried to apply to us, rather I wonder if it is a matter of leadership…and a way of thinking, that are the racial cowards.

Now part of the pep talk that we had was it was suggested by some of the staff and administrators that we needed to start forming diversity clubs, to become more aware of other cultures and other culture diversities and histories, to divide people up, in other words.

How is this helpful? How is this unifying? Because if you listen to anyone who advocates this, this is meant to let the people be more knowledgeable about other cultures, to unify other cultures into one…super culture?

How does this work though? How does it work to ‘unify’ people as American Citizens, or just as plane human beings, when you are constantly reminding everyone that you are different from one another! It is almost mind boggling.

Jewish-Americans, Asian Americans, African-Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Phillopeno Americans, Australian Americans, and probably many many more.  But yet, no real European Americans, or English Americans…oh yes can’t forget Latin Americans now can we?…those labels just mean American Americans.  There is no group that I know of that refers to itself as an ‘English American’.

Even if there were though, the point is moot since it would be continuing to increase the insanity of the whole process.  Simply, how can a country stand, be united, and continue to flourish when there are so many forces and so many different identities to perscribe too.  That there are ‘minorities’ and then there is the ‘majority’, whatever that means in the long run.

Now I am not, because I cannot…it would be almost as insane as what I am trying to stop…suggesting that you should not honor your traditions, honor your history, honor whatever you want to, in however way you want to do it…as long as it does not mean massacering innocent people.

But, how can we be united when everything from school administrations, to politicians, to applications for jobs and college…how can we be united when almost everything official in our society seems set and determined to divide us into our own little groups.  Groups of race, realigion, creed, and political affiliation.  And despite the ‘no discrimination’ laws that have been passed in many an area, if your political or ethnic background does not match up (or a combination of the two, black-conservatives anyone?) well its tough beans on you.  Why even have a section in an application asking your race, if you don’t care on what race you hire.  And this blog does not even touch on, the entire ‘affirmative action’ debate.

Where some races and ‘minority groups’ are treated even better for the sins committed by this county and its fathers long ago.  We need to learn from history, we can no longer hide behind it and let it tie us down, the only way we can forge forward as a people is if we acknowlege what we did, acknowelege it, and then move on, treating everyone fairly and equally, and not setting up some artificial system to ‘level the playing field’ for one group or another.

This is what I think at least, and it is a pretty good way of looking at the situation, we are all Americans, and we are all humans, with a shared legacy of greatness, and mistakes, all we have to do is to get over them, and unite, and we cannot do this under the current political climate.