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Egypt has a choice to make. It is the choice for the entire world and for this country to make. Quite simply between the darkness and the light.

It is the same choice for our country and the world.

No matter where in the world there is great tribulation. In the United States, the Middle East, Iran, Europe, China, almost everywhere you can think of we have the choice between these polar extremes.

Though…now that I think about this. Their choice is a lot simpler than ours and most of the world.

They only, right now, have a choice between two opposites. Most of the world has a choice between three choices.

But they have a choice between freedom and slavery. The Egyptian people right now have a choice between freedom, and further slavery, between the darkness and the light. Between love and building a better brighter future for their country, and indeed the world, or letting their hate and anger manipulate them and turn them into something…evil and dangerous.

It’s the same choice that we have to make each and every time, this decision has come up hundreds of times for history, and most of the most notable examples are the wrong choice.

Revolutions, rebellions, and great moments of strife and hardship people have had to make this very same choice.

And there are good and there are great and bad people always there trying to manipulate and point the way forward.

Teachers, guides, politicians, philosophers, pundits, and men of great peace.

Because there is no doubt that Mubarak is an evil man, he is banning things left and right and sending the military, there is no doubt that Egypt has legitimate gripes and that they have every right to try to reset their Government.

I wish they would not do it in this way but they have the right and I think I would be very peeved at them too if they were pulling this stuff on me.

But my fear is that they will make the wrong choice. My fear is they will have the option to seize their own destiny and become a shining beacon of hope for the world and for the Middle East and for Muslims and Jews, and that they will fail.

My fear is that they will be manipulated by outside forces who want their mark and the Egyptian Government to be their Government, and that they will fall to darkness.

My fear is that they will go down the same path like 9 out of ever ten people’s that go down this path, China (repeatedly), Russia, France, and a lot of other places around the world.

Egypt has a choice to make. And their choice may very well point the way for the rest of the world. Our own Government is considering internet Kill Switches (Story), Jordan is facing similar protests and we have many Governments around the world that are facing economic and social problems.

Or we could point to them and say, see, that is who we should be like. And then use that as an excuse to renew our freedom by being provided a real world modern example.

But my fear is they are making the wrong choice, the opposite choice of this. (Story)


Ah yes Healthcare! The bill that just won’t die, the phoenix that constantly rises from the ashes to cause Conservative and Libertarian commentators much angst.

So while thinking about this topic, I realized yet another point on this debate, a distinction that I do not think the other side is making when they think about people who want Small Government, or no government, solutions to this problem.

I am for everyone to have health care, or health insurance, if they so please.  Because again the issue is between health insurance and not health care.  But, if people want to define the debate in that way, then they can.

Everyone should be able to do what they think is the best thing for them to keep them healthy, be it insurance, Medical Saving Accounts, or just having enough money to buy the treatments they want.  Or some other combination of the above.

The distinction is I am not for a universal health care system, a one payer system, or even a public option that limits options by putting restrictive rules on insurance companies where they cannot do business.

I am not for a restrictive one size fits all system run by the federal government.  This simply cannot work in the modern world.

We need solutions that give the most people the most options that fit them the best.  there is just no way a singular system can do this, no matter how adaptive it is.

But ultimately we need to spread the power around, and not concentrate it into one place, be it the government or anywhere else.

And that is the way to give freedom of choice to the people who need it, which is the answer to our problems.