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Tag Archives: Darkside of the Force

I believe we have a divine spark in us.

I was talking with my Dad in Costco about this subject and I stated my belief that we have a divine spark and each one of us.

It is one of the things that makes us God’s children, one of the things that makes us Sentient and distinguishes us from non Sentience, and it gives us a small bridge between us and God. And an ability to talk with, and try to come to some understanding of the divine.

But it stands to reason that if this is true and we do have a divine spark in us then it stands to reason that we have a part of some evil force as well. For if it stands that there is an absolute good then there must be an absolute evil as well.

It stands to reason that there is a bit of each one in us a bit of both forces and we have to choose which one we listen to, and which one we strive towards as people.

A force that is good, divine, and just, and a force that is more evil and animalistic in nature, giving in and living in purely on our temptations.

It is literally the devil and the angel, the good and dark sides of the force inside of you that is pulling you and trying to get you to do one thing or the other. Yes you have free will, but that helps you chose which one to follow and which one you are. Or which one you try to be, whether you know it or not.

And if we can choose to be our higher selves, if we can choose to listen to, or at least emulate that higher spirit, then maybe, just maybe, we can heal the wounds of our world, or at least our own lives, which is a start.