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Tag Archives: Disenfranchisement

I have discussed this issue before, two times, in the past dealing with apathy of the political system, and the unwillingness of people to debate on these issues.

In the 2008 election 56.8% of the voting population turned out to vote.  Now while this is better than I thought, it is not perfect.

The more people who vote the more representative the government.  The more representative the government, the better for everyone.  The more involved the people the more accountable the politicians, and the more they will know the opinions of the people.

With that said I almost wonder if there is a concerted effort to alienate the population, to make them feel apathy on the issues, and to make them be disenfranchised.

Part of it is the overload that we are experiencing.  That is part of the Cloward and Piven strategy to saturate people with information and crisis that we do not know where to turn, we do not know where to go, and we just shut down.

The other part of it is the obvious corruption, the obvious stench, and the obvious disconnect between the American People and their representatives in the federal government.

All too often we do not feel as though we are being represented by the very people who we elect to represent us.

I have overhead conversations of the likes that our voice does not matter, the system is twisted, we will just get disappointed anyways, so why vote?

Why vote for someone who will just disappoint us anyway?

I know these concerns, I share them in full, and often times I have felt where do we turn.  Because the sad part of it is if you give someone your complete trust, enough to elect them, you do not really know that they are going to betray you, and the principles that you used when you voted for them in the first place, until they do!

I can imagine that a lot of people feel like the only thing that you can rely on politicians for, that they are unreliable.

This leads more people to not participate in the political system, because with all of that, does our voice really matter?

And also people are often genuinely not interested in politics.  There is the real world of our lives, and then there is the political realm.  And never shall the two meet.

I agree with this, to a point, but you have to express your voice or risk loosing it.

And we need to have the conversation.  A conversation based on freedom, of choice, and of liberty.  We have to change the game from talking about the best way to get what we feel is ours, to find the way to give the most people the most freedom that they possibly can.

This topic needs broaching, almost regularly, at dinner on what is going on and the issues that are effecting us.

And we need to get educated, all of us, and not just by a college, but real world experience.  To use your head and think outside of the box.

And the more issues that get piled up on us is the exact reason to get more involved, more informed, and to stay on top of the things that are effecting our day-to-day lives.  The things that politicians are doing to us.

The good news is that people are getting more involved, if what is going on in this country is any indication.

We are having the conversation and saying, whoa, what, why are you doing this to me?

That people genuinely are getting involved with the political climate around them.

And it’s not enough to go out and vote, it’s not enough to go out and just get involved for a political season to work for the election of the messiah, the great one, the chosen savior of the universe!

We must be involved all the time, all the time we can anyway.  Because if we just pat ourselves on the back and say, well done, we got our candidate elected, and just go back to our day to day lives like they were. We will get nastily surprised, and the process will start all over again, sometimes from the people that we gave so much trust in.

These are the dangers this country faces, but we will get through them if we get involved, stay informed, and remember our history as a people.