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In the Doctor Who episode A Good Man Goes to War the Doctor posits that good men don’t need rules, and that it was not the time for the people around him to find out why he had so many. So, why do good people don’t need rules? And why do bad people need them? And does that mean one has to be perfect?

Because, we can argue on what it means to be a good man or a bad man, but the only thing that really matters is the best man. Do the best of us need rules? Do the best men and perfect men need rules? Well I contend no, but can any one of us call ourselves the best and the perfect?

People ask why we need the rule of law, we need a Government…granted a very small and toothless Government but a Government none the same… why we need the bible or the Qur’an or the principles of Buddha, Tao, and Confucius.

Well, the answer, because men need rules. Even if it’s a personal code of ethics, something we can identify with and make our own. No matter what it is, if it does not involve the intentional and deliberate killing of human life.

Even if those rules don’t mean anything and are just for teaching discipline and respect. Even if they are just silly rules for when people are young and to get through the early part of their life so they can again learn the valuable lessons of life. This is what rules is about.

For, as the writers of the Federalist papers pointed out, if men were angels we would not need Government.

But yet the Government needs rules to, because they are made up of just as corruptible men as any other organization and even as the individuals of which make them up.

I also think why early man, in one way or another, needed their early religions like Judaism and Hinduism to help get them through. Their laws may seem draconian to a twenty-first century mind, but a lot of them were about teaching discipline to people who desperately needed it. While giving them enough of the good stuff to move them forward.

Whether it is the individual or groups of men gathering for common cause, we need rules. We need to respect our rules, even if they are the wrong rules then the best thing to do is to change them or find a new code, not break them entirely.


Spoilers for the Name of the Doctor

“The Soufle isn’t the Soufle the Soufle is the recipe.” Clara Oswin Oswald.

“I said he was me, I never said he was The Doctor. My name my real name, that is not the point, the name I chose is The Doctor. The name you choose is it’s like, like a promise you make. He’s the one who broke the promise.” The Doctor.

The Name of the Doctor aired just a few weeks ago. The episode was packed, chalked full of revelations, world shattering events, great characters, and the culmination of a series running arc while at the same time setting up the events for the fiftieth anniversary special this November. Steven Moffat pulled off a masterpiece of writing, it was a cool celebration of fifty years of Doctor Who with its own cool twists and turns.

But more importantly it was a testament to who the Doctor is as a person. The episode didn’t end up being so much about the name of the Doctor, but the Identity of the Doctor. And in so doing provides an example for all of us to follow in our interactions with people.

In short the episode comes down to the quote by Clara Oswin Oswald, the Soufle is not the Soufle, the Soufle is a recipe. Any individual is not the individual but a smattering of physical and mental traits ‘a recipe’. Characteristics that define us, and often do not look anything like they do when they put into a complete package. It is hard to see bone and sinew below the skin, it is hard to see intelligence and brains, especially if someone is shy about it.

This episode proved and showed a lot about the Doctor and Clara’s respective characters. They both shared they are willing to care, and sacrifice themselves, for the individual.

One of the most powerful scenes in the episode, aside from the River Kiss and the big reveal at the end, was when Clara was figuring it out, who she was to the Doctor and his life. But also what it would mean for her, that she would have to sacrifice herself to save his life.

Now here the universe was falling apart because of the Great Intelligence’s manipulations, because he was rewriting the Doctor’s timeline. The Doctor was falling apart and dying on the floor in tremendous pain over and over and over again. Thus every good deed, every world he saved, all of that was coming to an end, and the universe was ending as a result. And yet he did not care about any of this, only caring about the life of one woman. Pleading with her not to sacrifice herself. Pleading with her to live and continue on, to not kill herself for his behalf again. All he could see was the individual, the woman, in front of him.

And then after she had accomplished her task, after the Doctor was alive and well, he was going to throw himself into the time stream. An action which would likely kill him and force his time stream to collapse on itself. Probably causing the very actions that she had just prevented.

Nothing is a more powerful indication of who the Doctor is as a man, or at least who he tries to be. Someone who never looses sight of the small picture. Of the connection to the individual person. The line he gave from the Christmas Special, a Christmas Carol, “You know that in Nine Hundred Years of time and space and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important…”

The Doctor at the heart of it all is an individualist. Someone who does not, or tries not to, lose focus on the smallest parts of life, the individual. Never looses his focus. It did not matter, really, if the universe was falling apart, he was going to save one woman. And when things were in the balance, when the lives of hundreds of people were at risk because of death from above, he balanced the scales, taught a greedy Scrooge of a man to love, gave a woman the proper death she deserved, and saved every one else.

Which is why, though, I think he needs Companions because this is a man who often deals with species waging war against one another and universe and world shattering events. This is a man who has wiped out whole races and has had to stand firm in difficult choices. It is hard not to lose perspective. And when he does this is when he is at his worse.

Perhaps this is what happened to John Hurt’s Doctor? Perhaps this truly is a testament to not only what the Doctor’s name is, but more importantly who he is as a person.

That is a rather long episode of the Fan Series Star Trek Phase II. I apologize on the length but it was the only clip of the specific scene that I could find on this specific subject. If you want to skip to the scene itself skip to 52:26.

Now this specific scene talks about that specific incarnation of James T. Kirk saying that “Space is not the Final Frontier, it is the human soul, Space is where we’ll meet the challenge.” This line frankly blew me away. It was a line that was both surprisingly succinct and powerful. One of the most powerful single lines that I have seen from any Star Trek production let alone a fan series. One that is made with a pretty high quality to boot but that is just a testament to the occasional pearls of brilliance.

But at the end of the day I have to wonder if we are actually beating this thing, if we are rising to the noble objectives of that statement. And I have to wonder if we are largely because Star Trek.

No wonder I don’t like Star Trek too much with that kind of clap trap. Though I suppose there is nothing wrong with the clip in and of itself. What they are proposing to do was quite monstrous and Picard should be righteously indignant about it.

But no its really the comments. I have read in that comment section everything from saying that they are surprised that Trek was made in the eighties, at the height of Conservatism, to any one of a million comments. You can still probably see one of them at the top. “Religion gone? Make it so…” I have seen similar sentiments expressed about both the Judaic and Christian religions, and then just religion in general. Going on and on and on and on about how religion is either mentally deficient in some way shape or form. Or wishing it wasn’t there, or wishing that the religious could all sink into some pit or be put into some mental institution. Or snide comments about ‘oh why am I living in a state surrounded by those people.’

On and on and on it goes.

And this kind of bigotry and this kind of sentiment apparently comes from one place. And that place seems to be in this case, oddly enough, Star Trek.

A show that has preached diversity from day one by having a black woman at communications, an Asian at the helm, a Russian at the navigation station, and an alien science officer, a show that has continued to push the boundries, encouraging this kind of rhetoric? It seems inconceivable but yet it seems to be happening.

And I can’t think of an example of this in any other single show that I have seen. Nor any other Science Fiction Universe. Not Babylon 5 which showed a scene at the end of an episode where Jeffery Sinclair introduced the alien species to a representative of each one of Earth’s major religions. Not Doctor Who which had the Doctor say ‘sometimes really impossible things happen and we call them miracles’. Not Farscape.

Even Stargate SG-1 showed a lot more sensitivity to religion…and they were battling a race of false gods! When Samantha Carter said something along the lines of ‘out of all the gods out there I sure hope one of them is real.’

None of these shows has done this. Granted they also have their moments where they portray power-hungry Gods, or demi gods or their followers who would use their power as a club. But they always balanced it out.

So again I ask…are we failing the challenge? It sure seems that way to me.

I don’t care who you are. Atheist, Libertarian, Gay, Straight, Conservative, Liberal, Christian or Jew, we all deserve to be treated with respect and to be heard out. By one another.

To have our ideas heard and at least be tolerated. Fine we can disagree and fine we don’t always have to let you into our little clubs or marry you or anything. But to at least have the conversation.

People who claim to be of the highest tolerance, Star Trek fans, seem to be very intolerant for anyone who holds a different political, moral, or religious ideology.

So I put the question to you, are they failing the challenge? Are we?

What is truth? And what is God?

Those are two of the most fundamental and difficult questions to answer in life, and maybe even impossible questions to answer. Which is why the character there, G’Kar, chooses to answer it the way he did.

He choose to answer it, by not answering it basically. But saying it is the search that matters. No matter what it is the search and life’s journey and struggles that matter in life.

This is especially true when it comes to truth, and the divine.

That the harder you look, the more you search, the brighter your light and the more you can know. That your search for knowledge is all that matters in your life. And for the truth, and for the divine, from all aspects of life.

Go out, talk, explore from anyone. No matter their faith, religion or background. The more your eyes can be open and the more you approach the path with both eyes as wide as you can be, the better off you will be.

We can all have a lot to learn from one another.

The better our chances are of learning the truth. About life, and the divine, or just truth in general.

Even if we think that we know the truth, even if it makes sense to you and it seems like the best option and it is even most of the truth. We can always search, and we can always learn. We can always keep looking and searching and keep the light well-lit and strong.

Because there is another show I like, called Doctor Who, and in the episode “Planet of the Ood” where there is a very bad man, a man who is maintaining a nefarious organization for his own profit and keeping people enslaved by lobotomizing them.

Towards the end of it the Doctor’s companion, Donna Noble says, ‘traveling with you, I don’t know up from down anymore’ or something like that.

And the Doctor replies that people who do, usually end up like the guy who was doing all the evil stuff.

Now, in the real world that does not always happen. It can, and it is better when you search, but there are some wonderful people who are very secure with their lives.

And there are facts in life and there is truth, 2+2 does equal four.

But yet the search, and honest questioning everything with boldness, is what is important in life.

But the answer is in the speech by G’kar because…assumptions will kill you. Making assumptions will kill you and leave you dead, even if it takes you a while to get there.

Because if you assume, ‘ah the light is God I have found God look how perfect he looks.’ Or you say ‘ah God looks like us I am God, I am the truth’ Or you look to the darkness and say ‘man, everything is darkness, there is no truth, there is no God, everything is bitter and hopeless and despairing.’

All of these are absolutes, all of those are perceptions and assumptions of reality, that I do not really think is based in reality.

Which is why I do not get along with Atheists and why that ideology always bugs the crap out of me to be honest.

Because they deny the existence of a very important part of the search and the life’s story that all of us need to answer, and come to terms with.

They do not have that strong of a light.

A while back I did a blog in which I tried to explain the concept that is popularly known as the Overton Window.

This is about when I started reading the book.

I just finished it and should read it again.

It was…quite the mind blowing book. Quite a terrifying book that makes your head hurt, and if you know 1984 grab your sheets and want to hide under them.

It is a story of two main Characters, Molly Ross and Noah Gardner, who basically get together and battle the evils of the current administration and a plot, hundreds of years in the making…but not executed or done by the people you would think.

Knowing Beck (since I have had the Insider/Insider Extreme since December, and since I have watched most of his shows since he came to Fox, I know where he is coming from. Or try to.) as I do the most striking character in the book is the character of Molly Ross.

Molly is a very strong…but very independent and…um…unpredictable Female Character. I am trying to not give too much away in this blog, (the point really), but she is…awesome. Despite some of the things she does in the book.

In fact she is responsible for saving, enlightening, and bringing about Noah’s growth and change is a character. Oftentimes having to beat him into it and drag him into it, quite literally, but is a strong character who despite what she does, is still able to get through to Noah.

I think there is an important message here. One of Love, one that I can relate to.

You see Beck often talks about how his wife helped to save him and bring about the change in religion, in faith, and in politics, and is responsible for a lot of the things that have become known as Glenn Beck.

Not all of them, and please do not kill me Glenn, you have basically said this.

And I agree. Love and women, and a lot of other things, are responsible for saving ones character. They complete us and vice versa and is often the principle reasons why you are fighting for something. You are fighting to protect them and the family. And you are fighting, if you care about them, hoping that they will see the light.

But Molly, not Noah, is by far the strongest character in the book. In almost every single way. She has her problems yes, but so does Noah. And this is important knowing Glenn Beck.

At first, through the first couple of chapters of the book it sounded like something out of one of his shows. Arthur Gardner (Noah’s father) spends a lot of time quoting Carrol Quigley, and exercising his plans.

While I eventually saw the reason for it, most of it was set up for the meat of the book, the climax, the plot, and the conclusion, it did make me more than a little uncomfortable.

You see I think that there is far too much ‘fact’ and not enough ‘fiction’ in this faction book.

True most fiction books is based on reality, you need to do that to have a realistic plot. Even Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who, portrays science, history, and human relationships. You have to relate.

But I feel that this would be a lot better as a Science Fiction Novel. To create a totally different Earth or foreign Government and play it out.

You see this book is too connected to our reality. So it will be a turn off to many people ‘not in the fold’, and will not achieve its aim of bringing more people there.

Despite this the book is highly enjoyable, a great read, and…well a thriller. It certainly thrilled me…lol. And I think I would be quite smitten with Molly too.

This book gets high marks in plot, in characterization, in the thriller aspects of it, and its portrayal of real life aspects. It was quite humorous and seemed to have it at the proper times…I was rolling on the floor at the obvious Star Wars reference and the near fiasco.

It is an interesting take with obvious characters and whose who, but the roles and portrayals are interesting.

This is Noah’s story, his conflict with himself whether he is a warrior for Freedom, or the NWO, if he loves Molly or if she is the ultimate bad guy.

This story scores low in dialogue, and word choice (mostly the same problem) he says ‘said’ a lot.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it. When I get rich, or some income I will probably do the same thing that I want to do with Common Sense and a few other books: Get two Copies that I can lend out to people. But beyond that there is the library, I am sure the internet, and several other means.

If you do not want to contribute to the evil Glenn Beck’s financial empire, chose one of these methods.

It will be well worth it.

But on a personal level and a note the climax of this book and a lot of things that happened to it was shocking to me.

You see, because of this book and what I was watching recently, there are three basic types of outcome with this.

There is the approach where one character submits, is co-opted, is tortured and brainwashed into cooperating and then loses it all. Example is 1984.

Then there is the real approach where one character succumbs, is forced to submit, enslaved, mind controlled, what ever, and that is how his journey ends. But another never backs down and walks away in freedom. Example: Babylon 5.

And then there is the process of one character does not submit, despite insurmountable odds, he submits, does not say no, and still has his freedom and his wits about him.

That is interesting, it is the key. These three types of stories are really, so fascinating and bizarre.

A while back we had ‘1984’ on the TiVo. I could not bring myself to watch it. It is a terrifying book and a terrifying portrayal.

But these three types of stories are what it is all about gang. These three types of stories make all the difference.

It is the story of humanity, the story of history. The triumph, the co-opting, and the slavery of the human spirit.

Again: Enjoy.

A while back I read a comment in the Libertarian Facebook group where a person basically said ‘I call myself a Libertarian because I would rather, and it is easier, to be for Liberty then to call myself an Anarchist which is against Government.’

Now this did not get me thinking at the time but in thinking about this blog, I realized that it is all apart of a point.

A little later a quote had suddenly shot into my head, it was for one of my Novel projects, but it was about two types of people.

Now for a pseudo sort-of good guy but maybe not a nice dude with a really dark background, the quote in question makes sense. But for the purpose of a blog trying to make a point, oh well I do not want to get into trouble now do I? *shivers*

But I still realized, with the basic point raised in the initial statement in the blog, that you can still make the blog work. Just take out any generalizations and just roll with it.

It is better to fight for something, then to fight against it.

And oh have I realized how I have been trying to live my life this way.

You see fighting against something is a path to hate and anger. You are fighting against the forces of X or the group of Y.

You are fighting against a specific thing and that unites you.

But its sort of meaningless.

Like the Whig Party of old. They were against Andrew Jackson.

Sure they may have had their platforms, their ideals, and their principles. But the one unifying feature of the party was a want to fight against Jackson, that was the only thing holding them together. And oh I probably would have been one.

But no wonder the party did not last long. This is just a microcosim of the point actually. In this case once the enemy vanished, they quickly dissolved.

Which of course leads us to today, and to me.

I am not the enemy of anyone. Heck I do not want to hate, I do not want to exclude someone from my circle because they are of one ideology or another, I do not want to be against anyone and fight against them, I want to be friends with all and judge you based on your own personal character.

Heck I have even had an…uh…crushes on liberals. Well probably more than one.

It does not matter to me.

People make a big deal about a defensive war, about just waiting around and waiting for your enemy to act. And in life and death wars that can be a point, sometimes to prevent being nuked you want to strike first. (oh I wish I could blog about that.)

But the point is for liberty, and standing on principle that is exactly what you must do.

Because you often do not have to act to defend your Government, your principles, and your freedoms until after they try and take them.

After all I would not be ‘woken up’ if they did not try to take our rights, if the last two administrations were not messing with us so much, if we did not need to get the Government off of our backs in so many cases, then this blog probably would not exist and I could watch me some Doctor Who and worry about my date. (I find as I edit this that is exactly what I am doing.)

I would not want to, have the desire to be, a radio host, or be a political writer or write novels with such political and social points about our times in Galaxies far far away.

At the best I would be a Conservative and at the worse I would have been a progressive to get along. I would most certainly not be a Libertarian.

And I would not care so much, or be so concerned about others and my liberal…uh…crushes.

If they did not come after us. After all I hold sacred and dear.

Even the founders said it, Thomas Jefferson himself said this about the second amendment.

“The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

It is better to know where you stand, to know what you stand for.

What principles and morals, what documents and foundations, your sense of honor and sticking to your guns in the best of your ability. To know where you stand, for your God, your Government, your Liberties.

To know where the line is so that they must never cross it.

Because fighting for something, whether it is a woman, a country, or an ideology is a statement of love. Because that is so sacred for it that you are willing to live, to die for, that you are willing to sacrifice your life, your time, your wealth, your what ever in its defense.

And if you are fighting against something that is a statement of hate about it. Whether it is a woman, a country, or a political ideology. That you hate it enough where you want to tear it down, transform it, control it, and then enforce your will on others.

I mean we see it all the time even in our movies and throughout human history.

You have people fighting against the dirty huns, the ragheads, but is it not better that you are fighting for something?

For freedom, to set other people’s lives free and give them a better life.

I do think restoring this principle is one of the most important of them.

After all in the quote above we are the defendersof our own freedom when Governments and people get out of control.

We are not the attackers, we are not the enforcers we are the people who needs to say, ‘hold on, time out, what? What do you want to do to me?’.

And it is one of the fundamental ways when you can tell if someone is a friend of liberty and principle and morality, and if someone is hateful and mistrustful of groups and people.

That is one of the most fundamental ways to tell the good, from the bad.

A little while ago I made this blog.

It was a blog about what, I felt, was the five most Libertarian figures in pop culture, some what recent pop culture.  Then in another blog that I read somewhere else (Sorry blogster I forgot about where I found your article *blush*) made a similar claim.

Well it got me thinking, and I think I can expand and add my own unique insight.

The pure simple fact of the matter is that the Doctor is a hero, a lonely lone hero.

But it’s how he goes about doing his heroic deeds that may point to him being a Libertarian in nature.

He is constantly going against Governments, bureaucracies, committees, and groups.  He was often in defiance of his entire people, and he was a loner.  Nor does he wait for any of the above to help him out, or make his decisions for him.  He does it by himself, helping out.

And then encouraging others to be better than they are, often succeeding, often causing them to do great things with their lives.

He is battling taxes, battling Government conspiracies and conspiracies of group, and often being critical of anyone who is out there.  Anyone who he feels needs it.

But he is a constant crusader for the rights of people, for the rights, the dignity, and the respect of life.

He is not trying to take permanent power for himself.  He is not trying to be a ruler or a God-King or a nanny.

He comes in, in a specific situation, offers a helping hand.  And then leaves.  Lets the populace clean up after themselves, let them grow and learn on their own.

And then he is often not there to hand hold, often nudging and setting up a situation and a circumstance, and then he watches the human, or the group as they try to make better lives for themselves and solve the problem at hand.  But always being there in the end, if he is needed.

And then he has a respect for all life, sometimes rising up out of his biases, and some of his perceptions and then doing his best to help there.  He does not care who you are, or what you have done, he always tries and gives you a second chance.

Being an individual, no Government, sometimes judgmental, sometimes a pain in the ass, but he does not ask for praise or power, and he never stays.

This may not make him a Libertarian, or a Libertarian role model, but he is a hell of a role model.

I was thinking the other day of doing something, random and out of the blue.  But I realized the blog topic is personal, random, totally inappropriate, needs more fleshing out, and well needs more time for me to think on it.

But for a while now I have been wanting to do fun things.  I want to bring a pop culture spin on things, making movie, play,book, or TV references to make a point.  And while I do that often…the subject material is usually serious.

And I also want to analyze All Along the Watchtower, in today’s times and given a Libertarian context.  But that is for later.

But thinking about this, and going to see Robin Hood today, I realized.  I can make a list of the five people, I think, are big Libertarian heroes.  So here it goes:

5. Paladin:  (Have Gun, Will Travel)

The protagonist of the CBS television show from the fifties and sixties, Have Gun Will Travel.  A private ‘gun for hire’ that performed various tasks ranging from battling corrupt businessmen, outlaws, to even helping out local law enforcement.  Or battling corrupt law enforcement as the case may be.  Always fought for the truth and the noble cause, even going so far as to giving the money back if he felt the job corrupt.  The lesson here is that sometimes private people can be just as effective, or more so, with morality and justice, then the law that is supposed to protect us.  Especially for his times.  Also an intellectual, able to speak on a wide variety of topics from Chess, to Shakespeare, to Democratic Government.  Has been known to quote Jefferson “the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.”

4. Robin Hood.

The emerald archer…no wait that’s Green Arrow :P.  The archer from the Forests of Nottingham who stole from the rich, and gave to the poor, and battled evil local Governments all the way.  The Current portrayal of the role (done by Russel Crowe) portrays him as someone who was firmly against big Government and raged against all Government intrusions.  Being the son of a Mason and a Philosopher who helped form a Charter of Liberties, a Contract between the people and the King.  A cause that Robin would take up one day.  However not knowing the breadth and scope of the actual legend, just getting really interested in it now, I do not know how much this is true.  The current movie portrays him as a 13th Century version of George Washington.  Again I do not know how true this is.  What I do know is he battled the special interests and the corrupt politicians of his time, and thus deserves some note.

3.  Malcolm Reynolds.   (Firefly)

Just a man trying to make his own way in a crazy world.  Be left alone by a big out of control powerful central Allied Governments.  Just wanting to do jobs and make his money, and was a Sergeant in their war of independence.  Tried to not do immoral jobs, giving money back to his employer, and vital medicines back to the people when he discovered that was what his job was.  Was also responsible for uncovering the failed Alliance policy of population control that led to the creation of the Reavers.

2.  John Sheridan (Babylon 5)

Seceded from Earth, Helped create an interstellar alliance that was modeled on principles similar to the foundation of the US. He  battled an out of control President (Clarke, who claimed dictatorial powers, created Government organizations with the express mandate to monitor and maintain control over the people.  Bombed Civilian targets and disbanded the Senate and the Press, led missions to seize by force any institution that stood against his administration.)  Think Obama with a bigger budget.   John Sheridan eventually was forced to help in a Civil War against that President, preferred to stay on the sidelines and find a peaceful solution to the problem, but was forced increasingly by his Government to take radical actions to stop them and restore the Constitution.


1.  The Doctor.  (Doctor Who)

Yes the Doctor, Doctor Who.  The independent and radical Time Lord who has battled his own people, is in stolen technology, and has failed his people’s driver’s tests to drive his ship, but does so anyways.  The ultimate hero of free spirit, independence, exploration, and justice.  Having a rigid moral code, and defying Governments, corrupt people, but yet protecting everyone and having a respect for all of life.  Even those that are trying to kill him.  Sometimes shows dictatorial tendencies, but he never stays, and uses logic and reason more than force and coercion to bring people to his thinking.

People who did not make the list.

Jack Bauer (24)

Despite often battling his own Government and policies of (Charles Logan, Allison Taylor, international Terrorists and the Chinese to name some) that he disagrees with and doing the honorable thing in his own life, he is also a symbol for bigger Government then I think most Libertarians would be comfortable with.  Using torture and big bother like devices.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter cannot make the list.  Even though he has battled corruption, and the books has dealt with a massively corrupt Fudge administration, it was not the main focus.  His main focus was the battle against the Lord Voldemort and a classic Good and Evil scenario.

Disagree?  Agree?  Have your own lists or your own quibbles?  Comment!

Or about three hundred million of them.

This is a reference to the pop culture icon…from England :P….Doctor Who.  There was a moment in one of the episodes that the Doctor’s arch nemesis came back from the dead and rose to become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.  And he said this:

This country has been sick.  This country needs healing.  This country needs medicine.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, what this country really needs, right now…is a doctor.

Harold Saxon.

And then there was this clip, that I rather enjoyed, from another Doctor Who episode.

Ladies and gentlemen.  This country has a fever, we have been sick, we need healing, we desperately need healing, what we in fact need, is a Doctor.

But we cannot wait for one.

We cannot wait for one.

Sure we have inspirations, we have people out there on the fore front, we have people who we need to look up to and respect.  But in the end we need a Doctor.

We need to become the Doctor.  Not necessarily the more violent aspects of the character, but the more peaceful.  The morality, the determination, the passion, the fire that he will do right no matter what the cost.

Craziness optional.

Believe me I know about becoming, or trying to become a better person.  I, personally think its something we all struggle with.  Though if someone out there that does not struggle with this…call me.

Or we need to become George Washington, or John Adams, or George Whitfield.

It does not really matter who.  But we must be these heroes.  We must pick a person that we think embodies the best qualities in life if we hope to succeed.

I have talked about heroes before, and how they are not always perfect people, none of us can be.  But we need to pick those qualities that we admire in the people who we admire and expand them in our selves.

Hope, charity, truthfulness, thrift, ruggedness.

We must become those people.  We must become the ‘Sainted Physicians’ and the George Washington’s of our time, all of us…or most of us in our own way.

We must do this because the enemy that we are fighting will take nothing less to defeat then all of us going at it, united.

We must be angry, we must be indignant, not engage ourselves in violence, but in peace and use that energy for…the light side of the Force.

That is required of us, gang buckle up, it will be a bumpy ride.

As 2009 came to a close with the End of Time and the Doctor regenerating again, and beginning anew, it sort of was reminiscent of what is happening in the world.  The World is regenerating, the metamorphosis is complete, through Christmas and New Years was a time of rebirth, reflection, gathering and huddling in the light waiting for a brand new day.

And that new day is here.

And so begins, I believe, I hope anyways, the decade that will change the world.  New Century, (well ok that was last decade), new decade, new year, it’s a time to get on with it.  Because we cannot last for long at the rate things are going, we are going to have to change things.

And I will do my part, I will do my part to bring this to fruition.

Now I cannot predict the future, I do not even know what is going to happen tomorrow, or the end of this week, or…well you get the idea.  I cannot tell what is going to happen.  I also have never been good at this New Years resolution stuff.

But what I can do, is do my best, more than my best, because that is what it is going to take to make it as a people to the year 2020.

I will bring you blogs (just a start) from Jackie Robinson today, to government power and manipulation, to I will try to bring you the news of the day.  Actual commentary on the news of the day instead of my insane blogging rants, this is what I must do anyways, this is the least I can do.  As well as get podcasts started, websites, as Glenn says…I have a lot planned for this year.

I hope to see you all on the other side, anyone who bothers to comment on these..I still welcome everyone’s comments.

So sit back, dig in, and Allonsy (Allons-y?)

Welcome to 2010.