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Tag Archives: Edward Bernays

Big Government Liberals, statists, progressives, and almost any of the ideologies on the Big Government Left deals in collective terms. In the enlightened and the groups of ideology, and the herd, the dumb people, the people who just do not know better and cannot take care of themselves anyways.

Ideas expressed from Margret Sanger and Edward Bernays to most of our current crop of politicians and academia.

Now, in dealing on individual terms, they do have a point. We all have a little bit of animal in us.

But because of our sentience, because of that divine spark, because of our humanity…or what have you, we can rise past that. We can be higher selves that is capable of doing…great things on many levels. And bad things.

To even sacrifice ourselves for our cause and our agenda, what ever that has to be.

Its like the story that I mentioned in Becoming a Crusader, about us being slaves to our hormones and our instincts.

Well just imagine if we could rise past our instincts, and our hormones, imagine if we can move past our base animal instincts and create a better world and one of freedom and dignity? awesomeness baby!

Because if you treat people like animals, if you treat people like dirt…except for the few college ‘educated’ people that you can ‘save’….then they will act like it. If you divide everyone into their own groups and have one group that is smarter and wiser, well sometimes people believe the negative rhetoric.

If you divide all people into the ‘educated’ and the ‘herd’ the ‘enlightened’ and the ‘unenlightened’ the ranchers and the herd then that is what you will get out of people.

You will get people who do believe in these artificial groups, which may lead to a bigotry hitherto unseen in human history, bigotry based on intelligence. My educated group versus your ignorance.

And you will get people who will believe this. Besides it is easier to act like an animals sometimes. Living by desire and temptation alone, living by getting fed and coddled by our ‘betters’.

But on the other hand if you treat people like divinely gifted humans and with respect and dignity, you may in the end get a better result.