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I think this idea goes back to the heart of the foundation of our Republic. One of the best principles that is found in our Constitution, in our principles, in the book of Deuteronomy and is just plain common sense. That the best morality, often comes from the local, the small group, or even the individual.

The town, or the family, or the church. Some local organization that you can go to that has its own laws and customs.

You see the Government can force things on you. The Federal Government, or the local Governments and States even. Higher taxes for any number of things like roads, or schools. Or wide and sweeping laws that restrict your behavior when and where you cannot drink, what times you can be out, what roads you can travel on and when.

And the larger these things are, the harder they are to escape. And the more easily they can be corrupted.

You cannot always escape your Government, especially if you like living in the area that you are living in. If the Federal Government passes a law or regulation that you consider to be unfair, or unjust, then you still have the right to move, but you are no longer an American. You no longer enjoy any of the benefits of being an American and you have to be something else.

And in this case you have to give up everything you knew, just to escape a law, a policy, or a custom you do not like. Or you could always suck it up.

But the more local things are, the easier they are to escape and to avoid and not participate in.

For example many areas and businesses do not allow firearms on their premises. You see the sign ‘fire arms are prohibited.’ Now this might be a violation of the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States, but yet they still can. There is no court cases that I know of challenging this practice.

They are under local control and can allow or disallow anything they want.

Same for any number of things. If you do not like a stores policies towards gays, guns, religion, or their prices, you can always leave. There are loads of other stores.

If you do not like a groups rules and bi laws to be in the group you do not have to sign up.

If you do not like a Church’s views on God or a political issue you can find another church, or just leave and worship in peace.

Local Morality is so important because you can escape. Because you can have the dialogue or chose not to have the dialogue at all and it’s not forced on you by some intrusive overbearing Government.

You have more options with businesses and local Governments then you do if a central power passes a rule restricting your behavior.

Instead of moving down the street to another place of business that allows you to carry firearms you have to move hundreds and thousands of miles.

This is why things need to be bottom up.

Starting with the individual moving up through our families, our communities, and our church’s, and then going to state and national.

We cannot do very good unless we can be our own moral shepherds.

Which is why Local Morality, remains supreme.


The Fourteenth Amendment: It probably is the most important, and one of the most controversial, amendments to the US Constitution outside of the Bill of Rights. It is an amendment that gives great power to the Federal Government, and helped balance the scales, and it is probably one of the most misunderstood.

Though it’s not like I have fourteenth amendment viewing parties or anything so maybe everyone gets it just fine. ūüėõ

But its one that has a good side, a bad side, and an ugly side…well the bad and the ugly sort of related to each other.

First of all…what is the 14th Amendment? For those of you who do not know:

It is an amendment that basically gave citizen rights to African-Americans, protected their due process, gave equal protection under the law, and allowed for the application of certain parts of the Bill of Rights and other Federal regulations to be applied to the states.

For the most part this has been a good thing, it has allowed certain rights that we take for granted…mainly the first and second…to be applied to the states meaning that states cannot outlaw speech and guns etc.

It finally allowed the Government to take action to protect the citizens from dangerous growth of the State Governments, as that was one of the main causes of the Civil War.

It altered much of the fabric of the country and its history that has ripples all the way to today.

But many of the debates that exist in the country can be traced back to the Fourteenth Amendment. It spans from this debate even if it has nothing to do with the actual amendment.

From Gay Marriage, to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…equal protection…from the Illegal Immigration debate…should we continue to let people born here be American citizens?… to the abortion debate…. if you could not have had the BOR be applied to the states then they would have had to come up with another excuse…and also equal protection from the law…women have reproductive rights!

It has given arise to much of the political debates and has been used to explain both good, and dangerous, the good, the bad and the ugly.

And it was a focal point, ever since then America has not been the same.

But its effects have mostly been positive, and if we want to mess with any part of it, we have to understand it.

And being such a prominent part of our Government, we have to understand it if we hope to understand our Government and move on from here.

We need political solutions, we need Government to help us distribute our Food and Our Health Care and provide for it because it is the right thing to do, we need Government to save us from ourselves and the insurance companies because we just cannot do these things for ourselves.


We have been abdicating our responsibilities.  Our responsibilities and our freedom.  We have given our power to the Federal Government.

Now why do people take power?

I believe that people’s primary interest is to have power over their own lives, control of their own lives, and the feeling that they can do things on their own.¬† That is what motivates most people, I believe, to succeed.

That the only way to have power over your own life is to be stronger and more secure in the things that you can do.

Most people are not interested in being an ABUSIVE cop or Military figure, most people are not interested in being a dictator.  People are just interested in being left alone from tyranny and oppression and just running their own lives.

And then when they are strong enough, or as a means of getting strong enough, going out getting a job participating in the economy.  Becoming stronger and stronger until you can do the job.  Then if you are lucky you can become a person who protects, serves, defends, or teaches.  That you are strong enough that you can take responsibility and lead others.

But there is a difference between leadership and control, strength and power.

In elected office or in anything else there comes a tremendous responsibility with it, to lead people.

But it seems like our politicians are using it, not even strong characters in their own right, and then take power over the people.

We have abdicated our responsibilities, whether we have wanted to or not, to this Government.  A little bit here, and a little bit there.  Because we do not think that we are strong enough or what not.

And they keep on taking more and more power and more and more control.¬† They are not encouraging¬† us to have any freedom and to be strong in our own right, just rely on them, and they can make all the decisions for us and we can go off and do…I don’t really know what.

Restoring the Republic, restoring our society, and restoring ourselves should be about restoring our strength, restoring our responsibilities, and then exercising our freedoms.

Normally you would not hear the three of these words together, and nor should you really.

Right now there is a movement to legalize, soft drugs…maybe even hard drugs.¬† To remove their use as a crime, because it is victimless and it is what someone does for or to themselves.¬† It is not the responsibility of society to pay for, or punish behavior such as that.

Now, on the whole notion I am luke warm on and really cautious about.  I am not sure all drugs should be legalized, and am cautious on the effects that they will have on the rest of society.

I do believe it is a state issue and for the states to decide.  If California wants to legalize marijuana, then let them, no skin off my back, I am in Arizona.  It is not really an issue for the Federal Government to deal with.  Unless it crosses borders.

But in the end, my advice is, not yet, not now, and we really need to take a long look at the process before we decide on what drugs should be legal and not, and how and where they should be legal.

We should do that anyways, but given the political situation in this country right now makes it really important that we put this off onto the back-burner.

It’s an end of the road sort of thing.

What I mean is that right now we have limited freedom, limited control of our own lives.  Everything, seemingly, is being taken away from us by our power mad Government.  What to eat, where to go to school, what health care to buy, etc etc.

So why drugs?

We know why liberals tend to be more supportive of gay marriage, of abortion, of illegal immigration…sorry immigration ‘reform’…and a host of other issues.

But why drugs?  Especially since many Liberals/ Progressives are bent on controlling your health, passing health care, mandating that restaurants cannot sell certain things.  And drugs are health concerns in some small part or another.

To give us another distraction, another issue to keep us busy.¬† And then if we get the drugs then it will just give…a certain percentage of the population, the ability to be doped up and to ignore events, thereby to be more easily controlled.

It’s just to drug us up, get us high, and ignore things.¬† And then to paint anyone who does not want the drugs as hypocrites.¬† Oh you do not want drugs but you love liberty?¬† Hypocrite.

But right now we cannot excercise that right because we are nowhere free in any other aspect of our lives to use that right.  Our lives and liberty are under control, or under siege, ever-increasing siege.

We need to get the freedoms we have lost, to restore them in our hearts and minds and our society, before we can worry about being strong enough or free enough to make the decision, yeah I want to try me some of that.

We need to restore our own personal responsibility, the proper role of Government…and dare I say it morality.

Then and only then can we have the conversation of what to legalize, and how we should legalize it, and how it will affect the rest of society, the pros and cons.

We have to regain true freedom and true liberty, before we worry about what to add onto it.  We have to realize what our priorities are as a society to fix before we can move on and try to address these concerns, and we have to do it slowly, with great consideration.

Charity, it is what shelters us and protects us.  And, ironically I am writing this on Tax Day even though I did not intend to.  Oh well such is life.

There are few things that are more important to a free people then being charitable to one another.  To being able to freely give your help to anyone who needs it, whether it is a hand, whether it is money, whether it is volunteering your services.

But these principles are under the greatest attack.

It is under attack by taxes who take more money from our pocket-book and mandates it that it be spent for charity.¬† We can do it ourselves, we do not need the Government’s help and that is NOT charity.

It is also under attack by the Government mentality that we cannot make it without them.  That only they know how to spend our money the best, and that we are wrongheaded if we think that we can spend our money by ourselves.

It is under attack from the sheer number of services that the Federal and even the State Governments do for us.  Food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health care, education, bail outs, redistribution of wealth, and countless others.

This is not to say that finding ways of doing these things is not important for us as a society.  But I think that the more freedom, the more choice, and the more individual charity that we can do, the better.

That instead of saying that we are the Government and only we can do it for you, saying, like in generations past, you are on your own bub.

I believe we are a charitable people, I believe that we can and should help out as neighbors and citizens, and just normal people that come together to solve all of the problems that we are facing.

That we can be strong and we can be charitable.

And we must be charitable.  The Government is raising massive debts and massive spending and it is just unsustainable.  We cannot do this now, as we have not been able to do this in the past.

There will be people who will come out of the situation and wonder, how the heck did we get here.

So, we need to be as strong as we can, as charitable as we can, and instead of raising the hand of violence we must offer the hand of friendship.

Because we can do this.  We can come together and help each other out in ways that the Federal Government has never been able to do.  Just like we have in the past.  Just like we have now.

We continue to be charitable despite being robbed by punitive and over burdened taxation.  We continue to be charitable despite having 60, 70, maybe 80?, percent of our wealth taken from us.

We continue to ask, seek, and give charity despite a huge percentage of people not paying taxes, and getting tax money in return.

Charity is the only thing that can shelter us, out of the goodness of our hearts, and in ways that no Government can truly understand.

Because we are here, we are not in Phoenix, or Sacramento, or Albany, or Washington DC.  We are here, in the trenches, and we know what people need in charity, through day-to-day meetings and efforts.

And I do not want to worry about tax deductions and incentives for being charitable.

I can blog about many things, and I am not sure on which topic I should be blogging about.  I could do taxes, blargh, or the disparity between federal and private employees, ugh.

But again the issue that comes to mind is immigration.

Now, I have blogged about this recently, but I think there is something that needs to be bought to light.

I live in Arizona, and many around the country have heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Here in the local news, a couple of weeks ago, a local Latino advocate or Politician was advocating that Maricopa County should be taken over by the federal government.

Well this really disturbed my Constitutionalist/federalist/ conservative/ Libertarian self.

It also got me thinking.

Maricopa County maybe, and Arizona most likely, will be the crossroads and the main battle line for any immigration reform.

Because, depending on who you listen to, the Federal Government is either considering a Jobs bill, or they are considering trying out some form of immigration reform.

Which, the latter, will likely involve some form of amnesty.

The purpose of this is wide and varied, but in short, I believe that it is to make us forget about Health Care.

But more importantly it is going to polarize the country, and leave the independents confused on where to go.  They cannot go to the liberals because they insist on taking away our freedoms, but the Conservatives and Libertarians are dirty racists, at least so we hear in the media,  and do not want immigration reform.

At least this is what I fear, as always this is just the beginning of this process, so we will have to wait and see, but we already know that the dialogue is that we are a bunch of racists.

We are just going to have to wait, and see, and hope I am wrong.

Over the last week or so I have been hinting at, even going so far to say as I have flipped my political philosophy, that I can no longer consider myself a Conservative one hundred percent.

That is not to say that my ideals are not Conservative, and socially they still are.  That is not to say that any of my opinions have changed, simply because I switched.  And that is not to say that I am now a big government progressive that wants to eat babies and force you to give money to the poor, although charitable donations are part of the backbone of this country.

Recently I have been taking various political quizzes.¬† Now I do not hold one hundred percent stock in them, as ideology is from the heart and your own observations of the world order, and the results of ideologies that you believe have resulted from them,¬† yet when something like 6, 7, 8…12, of them say you are one thing, well that tends to indicate that you may in fact lean toward that specific ideology.

Then I did research for this blog, and whether or not I should write this blog the way I want to.   I did some research at, and the Advocates for Self Government.

While I do not agree with all of the positions espoused on the site, and while others make me uncomfortable, there are two things that really attract me to the movement.

That government (especially federal government) should provide for the common defense and ensure that no other citizen, or nation-state, violates our rights.  In its most basic that is all the federal government should do.

Secondly is the conversation about freedom, and liberty, and even though their positions on a variety of issues I consider to be wrong-headed and radical, and needing a lot more thought about them from me, I still admire them that they are willing to discuss about the liberty of individual people.

Also, that they trust people to live their own lives, and do anything with them that they will, without harming other people, to be refreshing.

Now that is not saying that other philosophies do not have this conversation, and do not have valid points to bring to the table.  That is not to say that conservatives lie about wanting a drastically smaller government.

I in fact believe that Conservatives and Libertarians, despite difference on policy, are natural allies.

I used to call myself a ‘Conservative that leaned libertarian’ and joked that ‘I am so Conservative that I am libertarian’.¬† But that no longer works for me.

On one of those political quizzes, the ‘Enhanced Political Precision Quiz…in 2D’ my dot was well into the libertarian corner, but I got the answer ‘Right leaning freedom lover’.

Never before has an answer on a political quiz made that much sense, or cleared thins up for me.  I am a Libertarian with Conservative leanings, I am pro life, I am against gays marrying, and I have a deep love and respect for local government and the free markets.  But on these opinions I recognize that other people do not share those views and we should allow for their freedom.

So the question boils down to what your individual priorities are, do you believe in the freedom of all to make their own choices, or do you think that their need to be government safe guards?

My answer is, and has always been, to err on the side of freedom.

Now this is a new experience for me.  And there are several positions I will need to take a long hard look at.  Keeping in mind the respect for others freedoms, and respect for other opinions.

I look forward to any help, any debate, or any conversation, from anyone on any political spectrum.