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Recently I have finished reading the Miracle of Freedom, the Seven tipping points that saved the world: ( Link).

It is a book that talks about seven key events in world history, mainly the history of Europe that led to the foundation and continuation of the world today. It charts freedom’s progress. The stumbling blocks, pitfalls, and the advancements that have been made these last several years.

Through civil Government, Science, philosophy, and Religion, all playing a role in creating and shaping the very freedoms we enjoy today. It makes a compelling case and is truly eye-opening. I recommend it.

But just how fragile is our freedom? Why is it at risk? And how do these things make our freedom so precious?

Our freedom is very fragile, and unique. Its been in a state of flux, both in this country and leading up to this country, for years. It took treasure and blood and sweat to keep it, and it will take these things in the future to maintain it. It constantly has people and Government and organizations and the powerful ripping and tearing at its very edge. Often in the name of the very thing they mean to take away. Or in the name of Security, Justice, be it economic, or Social, or environmental.

And it is hardly our birthright, the birthright of humanity.

Injustice exists everywhere and it has done so for years, millennium,

Not saying that the human heart is evil or wrong or we are in a state of pure corruption, again we can make the choice and if we make the wrong one we can recognize that, atone, and move on to a better world. Hopefully. We are plagued by both our successes and our failures.

But injustice still exists, even in this day, oppressive Governments round-up their people with no charge and everywhere there is always someone looking to take power from the people and tip the balance.

But thankfully because of the Constitution, and our respect for the rule of law, we treat everyone equally and fairly under the law. Despite those that would see the rule of law and the Constitution torn apart on their own petty whims.

That lies the road to injustice and evil. Even if they care for the people and even if they have our best interest at heart the moment it becomes about desire and caring and trying to do the right thing, is the moment we risk tearing it apart. The second that even someone noble and righteous violates the rule of law is a risk for the next person to come along and violate it for evil.

The human heart is complex, despite what we strive to and what we build and how most of us in this country and the Western World look at people and try to treat everyone with fairness, and dignity, there is always someone out there who does not share that view.

And even amongst ourselves as individuals it is not always easy.

We strive, we seek, we grow wiser and older and better. But we still fall and are corrupted.

It is hard to grow past our instincts. Hard to treat everyone fairly. It always seems that there is that one person, or one issue, or one moment in time that makes us less than who we are. We can become suspicious mistrusting unfair angry or just lose ourselves. We cry out “CAN SOMEONE NOT RID US OF THIS MEDDLESOME PRIEST”

And for too much of time, too much of our history, we have been subject to the petty interests of humans, of Kings, ruling over us where their rule was supreme. Even in this day the Government can fall into those patterns.

And frankly freedom has been the exception, it existed briefly, maybe with the Greeks and then the Romans, they at least experimented before they fell to the darkness of Empire.

But for thousands of years of history humanity has lived under abject tyranny, and some of us still do to this day. Next to what? Roughly three hundred years (being generous) of freedom and free thought?

We have had thousands of years to get used to and grow comfortable with tyranny and oppression, and only a couple hundred, a pin prick, to try to break those bonds and live free.

Sometimes we fall back on old patterns.

We have not gotten used to freedom, but we have forgotten what it means to be a slave.

For far too long we have sat and gotten used to our freedom where we ignore, or don’t recognize the sings of our impending doom.

Whether it is from inside, or outside. Bread and Circuses indeed.

Which is why it is so precious, and why it is so necessary to learn…through history hopefully, what it meant for the people’s of the path to live. Then, and only then can we preserve our own freedom.


Egypt has a choice to make. It is the choice for the entire world and for this country to make. Quite simply between the darkness and the light.

It is the same choice for our country and the world.

No matter where in the world there is great tribulation. In the United States, the Middle East, Iran, Europe, China, almost everywhere you can think of we have the choice between these polar extremes.

Though…now that I think about this. Their choice is a lot simpler than ours and most of the world.

They only, right now, have a choice between two opposites. Most of the world has a choice between three choices.

But they have a choice between freedom and slavery. The Egyptian people right now have a choice between freedom, and further slavery, between the darkness and the light. Between love and building a better brighter future for their country, and indeed the world, or letting their hate and anger manipulate them and turn them into something…evil and dangerous.

It’s the same choice that we have to make each and every time, this decision has come up hundreds of times for history, and most of the most notable examples are the wrong choice.

Revolutions, rebellions, and great moments of strife and hardship people have had to make this very same choice.

And there are good and there are great and bad people always there trying to manipulate and point the way forward.

Teachers, guides, politicians, philosophers, pundits, and men of great peace.

Because there is no doubt that Mubarak is an evil man, he is banning things left and right and sending the military, there is no doubt that Egypt has legitimate gripes and that they have every right to try to reset their Government.

I wish they would not do it in this way but they have the right and I think I would be very peeved at them too if they were pulling this stuff on me.

But my fear is that they will make the wrong choice. My fear is they will have the option to seize their own destiny and become a shining beacon of hope for the world and for the Middle East and for Muslims and Jews, and that they will fail.

My fear is that they will be manipulated by outside forces who want their mark and the Egyptian Government to be their Government, and that they will fall to darkness.

My fear is that they will go down the same path like 9 out of ever ten people’s that go down this path, China (repeatedly), Russia, France, and a lot of other places around the world.

Egypt has a choice to make. And their choice may very well point the way for the rest of the world. Our own Government is considering internet Kill Switches (Story), Jordan is facing similar protests and we have many Governments around the world that are facing economic and social problems.

Or we could point to them and say, see, that is who we should be like. And then use that as an excuse to renew our freedom by being provided a real world modern example.

But my fear is they are making the wrong choice, the opposite choice of this. (Story)

A little while back I had a conversation with someone on one of the sites that I frequent about freedom and how utility prices have gone up markedly when his country tried to privatize them.

I have made reference to this conversation in a previous blog. And he continued on by saying that anyone who wants to cast out the Government want people to starve and die and not get the care they need. That apparently only the Government can do these things.

Now I disagree with this. I do not automatically assume things of those who want to make the Government Smaller, that they are evil and hate mongers and want to see all people die, heck I do not even do this for everyone who wants big Government.

Some of them have legitimate reasons for having the ideology that they have.

The answer to this quandary is, as I have mentioned in the past, that you cannot be Given Freedom.

No power, force, or man, in the universe can give yourself freedom. Only you can do it.

So the alternative to being just simply being handed freedom by others is to restore the individual.

Restore yourself and your thinking.

You see what people do not seem to realize, I will touch upon this much later, is that people just cannot handle freedom after years of slavery.

People, on the left, point to all the time every time a freedom granting measure fails, whether it is tax cuts or any other freedom granting thing, like getting the Government off your back.

And the prices go up and there is much angst and then people just come out of the wood work and says, ah ha! Freedom has failed. It cannot work let’s go back to the Government.

You see it has struck me as very interesting in what is going on right now, and the main difference between our two movements.

Progressives…well they progress. They grow Government slowly through centuries and decades and convince us that we need to join them in a…Big Government dream.

But it seems to me that far too many people on the Freedom side of the scale just expect everyone to be ‘granted’ freedom and then everything to be hunky dorey.

That it is like some sort of weird Greek myth where Gods can be born out of heads of other Gods fully clothed and in battle armor. It’s like John Adams Comments about George Washington in 1776.

People just expect for Freedom to come out fully formed and for us to go on our merry way.

I am sorry but its a gradual process.

We have to teach ourselves and our society how to be free again.

We have to come into freedom again and take responsibility for ourselves.

Because if we expect to have Freedom for ourselves we have to take the responsibility for ourselves to have it. Because personal Freedom comes hand in hand with personal responsibility. I mean its ironic in some ways and in some cases you get more liberty when the Government has enslaved you then in other ways.

Because you do not have to take responsibility for anything. It’s all the Government.

And once we learn how to restore ourselves, if we learn how to take responsibility for ourselves, if we learn how to help one another out then we can make it. It will be for good.

And once we learn how to be individuals then we can deal with ourselves as individuals. We can learn to think in individual terms.

Not in terms of Government or groups or people.

But individuals, one on one.

Our Character, our beliefs, and our ideologies as individuals.

If we can do that, then we might be able to do anything.

If we can learn to do this, then we can restore our community, our society, our culture, our schools, our Government, our Country, and then our World.

We can do it from the bottom up. Not with anyone giving us freedom, but for us to fix it for ourselves that we will not need anything from anyone.

Well at least no faceless Government, no party, or no agency.

That we can do these things for ourselves and then we can help each other.

They will not have to take responsibility for us. They will not have to take power over us. For we will have our freedoms and our responsibility and our power to strive for a better world.

That we can serve our humanity.

We must restore the individual.

The American Elections are rapidly approaching and I think that I need to start off with this blog principally before all the others.

True I have already done my thoughts on how to go about saving America before we can go on, and in relation to a lot of the blogs during this election cycle this one point must be made.

You cannot be Given Freedom.

You see perhaps the fundamental issue of this next election is you will have both political parties say that they know how to give you freedom. That they know what is best for you, what programs you need, and how to take care of you and give you the freedoms or need.

Its where the Second Bill of Rights, the Right to Health Insurance, the Right to Vacation and High Speed internet comes from.

Or even, heaven forbid, you will have one party and groups in a party saying that they know that no Government or a lot less Government is the key to giving you Freedom.

And they would be right.

But I was having a conversation with someone on the internet on this issue, well not really.

And he said that when the Swedish Government tried to privatize utilities of that nature, the price sky rocketed.

I had no good answer for this, and I am still not sure I do.

But nevertheless I put my thinking cap on and I puzzled the puzzle that was before me.

And the answer I came up with?

You cannot be given freedom. Especially by the Government, the entity that just took it away in the first place.

At best what Governments and politicians, and other people for that matter, can give you is temporary safety. To prop you up just a little bit and give you something.

They can give you the fish to eat but you still do not have the ability to get more fish.

And besides it does really nothing to solve the problem. Suddenly cutting the Government out of our lives will do nothing to solve the problems we face.

As another person in another debate on the internet said, it is about culture.

In many respects, not all, we have a cultural problem.

We have a tendency to rely on and go to the Government for many many aspects of our culture.

From Health Care, to Gay Marriage, to even Police and Education.

What is right and what is wrong.

And in many cases we have corruption and people who are willing to use any situation to their advantage and has latched themselves onto the Government and have received power and control.

This is what happened in Sweden. Once you removed the controls these people were free to do whatever they wanted. And the prices rose.

So you cannot be Given Freedom. No Force in the Universe can do that.

Only you can.

We must restore the individual, we must be the better people and solve our own problems as often as we can.

Because if we expect to have freedom it must be done by us, morally, in our own way and in our own contributions.

And ultimately we can cut out the evil and the corruption in our society, or at least a lot of it.

By standing together, and coming against that evil, not spending money for that evil, or by teaching proper principles.

So when a party says that they can give you freedom, turn the other cheek, and run.

I do not know why I have not blogged on it, but now is the time.

End of the week, new month, new time, new era, have things to do as always.

And it provides the perfect segue into what is going to be happening next month.

Cases about morality, (buckle up) and about fundamental principles. About Government and the roles of such, and then the Political blogs leading up to the election.

I spend a lot of time debating, a lot of time talking to people from all walks of political life.

Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, it does not matter.

One of the things that has surprised me the most is the regularity of it.

A lot of the complaints do sound similar to one another.

Whether it is the deficit, wasteful spending, bad and corrupt politicians, and other irregularities of the political process.

It is usually the blame and the solutions that are different depending on your political perspectives. It’s George Bush’s fault Obama is completely blameless in the debt and in fact he has had to clean up after Bush’s mess is a favorite among… well I am sure you can guess.

But the point is the fundamental principles is what is the same, they are across party lines, across political boundaries, most of the things that we do not like are universal no matter what.

We can all agree on those simple issues of what we like to see. Just that our positions on exactly how we expect to go about it, or what we expect from Government, is what gets in the way.

Whether it is strong law and order or welfare and health care and Government providing things for us.

That is what divides us.

And it is easy to be divided up it seems. Especially when you advocate that the Government must do this and take, or take away from another to do it.

What we need to do is unify, find those commonalities that we can all unite upon and then have the conversation.

Too often we approach from a position of how we are different, what divides us.

As I have pointed out you cannot build anything out of that, that is not unity. Only our likenesses can lead to unity, common ground, and then going from there.

Just then maybe we can rebuild our nation when we go from the fundamental principles to the solutions, not the solutions to the fundamental principles.

We need political solutions, we need Government to help us distribute our Food and Our Health Care and provide for it because it is the right thing to do, we need Government to save us from ourselves and the insurance companies because we just cannot do these things for ourselves.


We have been abdicating our responsibilities.  Our responsibilities and our freedom.  We have given our power to the Federal Government.

Now why do people take power?

I believe that people’s primary interest is to have power over their own lives, control of their own lives, and the feeling that they can do things on their own.  That is what motivates most people, I believe, to succeed.

That the only way to have power over your own life is to be stronger and more secure in the things that you can do.

Most people are not interested in being an ABUSIVE cop or Military figure, most people are not interested in being a dictator.  People are just interested in being left alone from tyranny and oppression and just running their own lives.

And then when they are strong enough, or as a means of getting strong enough, going out getting a job participating in the economy.  Becoming stronger and stronger until you can do the job.  Then if you are lucky you can become a person who protects, serves, defends, or teaches.  That you are strong enough that you can take responsibility and lead others.

But there is a difference between leadership and control, strength and power.

In elected office or in anything else there comes a tremendous responsibility with it, to lead people.

But it seems like our politicians are using it, not even strong characters in their own right, and then take power over the people.

We have abdicated our responsibilities, whether we have wanted to or not, to this Government.  A little bit here, and a little bit there.  Because we do not think that we are strong enough or what not.

And they keep on taking more and more power and more and more control.  They are not encouraging  us to have any freedom and to be strong in our own right, just rely on them, and they can make all the decisions for us and we can go off and do…I don’t really know what.

Restoring the Republic, restoring our society, and restoring ourselves should be about restoring our strength, restoring our responsibilities, and then exercising our freedoms.

Normally you would not hear the three of these words together, and nor should you really.

Right now there is a movement to legalize, soft drugs…maybe even hard drugs.  To remove their use as a crime, because it is victimless and it is what someone does for or to themselves.  It is not the responsibility of society to pay for, or punish behavior such as that.

Now, on the whole notion I am luke warm on and really cautious about.  I am not sure all drugs should be legalized, and am cautious on the effects that they will have on the rest of society.

I do believe it is a state issue and for the states to decide.  If California wants to legalize marijuana, then let them, no skin off my back, I am in Arizona.  It is not really an issue for the Federal Government to deal with.  Unless it crosses borders.

But in the end, my advice is, not yet, not now, and we really need to take a long look at the process before we decide on what drugs should be legal and not, and how and where they should be legal.

We should do that anyways, but given the political situation in this country right now makes it really important that we put this off onto the back-burner.

It’s an end of the road sort of thing.

What I mean is that right now we have limited freedom, limited control of our own lives.  Everything, seemingly, is being taken away from us by our power mad Government.  What to eat, where to go to school, what health care to buy, etc etc.

So why drugs?

We know why liberals tend to be more supportive of gay marriage, of abortion, of illegal immigration…sorry immigration ‘reform’…and a host of other issues.

But why drugs?  Especially since many Liberals/ Progressives are bent on controlling your health, passing health care, mandating that restaurants cannot sell certain things.  And drugs are health concerns in some small part or another.

To give us another distraction, another issue to keep us busy.  And then if we get the drugs then it will just give…a certain percentage of the population, the ability to be doped up and to ignore events, thereby to be more easily controlled.

It’s just to drug us up, get us high, and ignore things.  And then to paint anyone who does not want the drugs as hypocrites.  Oh you do not want drugs but you love liberty?  Hypocrite.

But right now we cannot excercise that right because we are nowhere free in any other aspect of our lives to use that right.  Our lives and liberty are under control, or under siege, ever-increasing siege.

We need to get the freedoms we have lost, to restore them in our hearts and minds and our society, before we can worry about being strong enough or free enough to make the decision, yeah I want to try me some of that.

We need to restore our own personal responsibility, the proper role of Government…and dare I say it morality.

Then and only then can we have the conversation of what to legalize, and how we should legalize it, and how it will affect the rest of society, the pros and cons.

We have to regain true freedom and true liberty, before we worry about what to add onto it.  We have to realize what our priorities are as a society to fix before we can move on and try to address these concerns, and we have to do it slowly, with great consideration.

Over the last week or so I have been hinting at, even going so far to say as I have flipped my political philosophy, that I can no longer consider myself a Conservative one hundred percent.

That is not to say that my ideals are not Conservative, and socially they still are.  That is not to say that any of my opinions have changed, simply because I switched.  And that is not to say that I am now a big government progressive that wants to eat babies and force you to give money to the poor, although charitable donations are part of the backbone of this country.

Recently I have been taking various political quizzes.  Now I do not hold one hundred percent stock in them, as ideology is from the heart and your own observations of the world order, and the results of ideologies that you believe have resulted from them,  yet when something like 6, 7, 8…12, of them say you are one thing, well that tends to indicate that you may in fact lean toward that specific ideology.

Then I did research for this blog, and whether or not I should write this blog the way I want to.   I did some research at, and the Advocates for Self Government.

While I do not agree with all of the positions espoused on the site, and while others make me uncomfortable, there are two things that really attract me to the movement.

That government (especially federal government) should provide for the common defense and ensure that no other citizen, or nation-state, violates our rights.  In its most basic that is all the federal government should do.

Secondly is the conversation about freedom, and liberty, and even though their positions on a variety of issues I consider to be wrong-headed and radical, and needing a lot more thought about them from me, I still admire them that they are willing to discuss about the liberty of individual people.

Also, that they trust people to live their own lives, and do anything with them that they will, without harming other people, to be refreshing.

Now that is not saying that other philosophies do not have this conversation, and do not have valid points to bring to the table.  That is not to say that conservatives lie about wanting a drastically smaller government.

I in fact believe that Conservatives and Libertarians, despite difference on policy, are natural allies.

I used to call myself a ‘Conservative that leaned libertarian’ and joked that ‘I am so Conservative that I am libertarian’.  But that no longer works for me.

On one of those political quizzes, the ‘Enhanced Political Precision Quiz…in 2D’ my dot was well into the libertarian corner, but I got the answer ‘Right leaning freedom lover’.

Never before has an answer on a political quiz made that much sense, or cleared thins up for me.  I am a Libertarian with Conservative leanings, I am pro life, I am against gays marrying, and I have a deep love and respect for local government and the free markets.  But on these opinions I recognize that other people do not share those views and we should allow for their freedom.

So the question boils down to what your individual priorities are, do you believe in the freedom of all to make their own choices, or do you think that their need to be government safe guards?

My answer is, and has always been, to err on the side of freedom.

Now this is a new experience for me.  And there are several positions I will need to take a long hard look at.  Keeping in mind the respect for others freedoms, and respect for other opinions.

I look forward to any help, any debate, or any conversation, from anyone on any political spectrum.

I have discussed this issue before, two times, in the past dealing with apathy of the political system, and the unwillingness of people to debate on these issues.

In the 2008 election 56.8% of the voting population turned out to vote.  Now while this is better than I thought, it is not perfect.

The more people who vote the more representative the government.  The more representative the government, the better for everyone.  The more involved the people the more accountable the politicians, and the more they will know the opinions of the people.

With that said I almost wonder if there is a concerted effort to alienate the population, to make them feel apathy on the issues, and to make them be disenfranchised.

Part of it is the overload that we are experiencing.  That is part of the Cloward and Piven strategy to saturate people with information and crisis that we do not know where to turn, we do not know where to go, and we just shut down.

The other part of it is the obvious corruption, the obvious stench, and the obvious disconnect between the American People and their representatives in the federal government.

All too often we do not feel as though we are being represented by the very people who we elect to represent us.

I have overhead conversations of the likes that our voice does not matter, the system is twisted, we will just get disappointed anyways, so why vote?

Why vote for someone who will just disappoint us anyway?

I know these concerns, I share them in full, and often times I have felt where do we turn.  Because the sad part of it is if you give someone your complete trust, enough to elect them, you do not really know that they are going to betray you, and the principles that you used when you voted for them in the first place, until they do!

I can imagine that a lot of people feel like the only thing that you can rely on politicians for, that they are unreliable.

This leads more people to not participate in the political system, because with all of that, does our voice really matter?

And also people are often genuinely not interested in politics.  There is the real world of our lives, and then there is the political realm.  And never shall the two meet.

I agree with this, to a point, but you have to express your voice or risk loosing it.

And we need to have the conversation.  A conversation based on freedom, of choice, and of liberty.  We have to change the game from talking about the best way to get what we feel is ours, to find the way to give the most people the most freedom that they possibly can.

This topic needs broaching, almost regularly, at dinner on what is going on and the issues that are effecting us.

And we need to get educated, all of us, and not just by a college, but real world experience.  To use your head and think outside of the box.

And the more issues that get piled up on us is the exact reason to get more involved, more informed, and to stay on top of the things that are effecting our day-to-day lives.  The things that politicians are doing to us.

The good news is that people are getting more involved, if what is going on in this country is any indication.

We are having the conversation and saying, whoa, what, why are you doing this to me?

That people genuinely are getting involved with the political climate around them.

And it’s not enough to go out and vote, it’s not enough to go out and just get involved for a political season to work for the election of the messiah, the great one, the chosen savior of the universe!

We must be involved all the time, all the time we can anyway.  Because if we just pat ourselves on the back and say, well done, we got our candidate elected, and just go back to our day to day lives like they were. We will get nastily surprised, and the process will start all over again, sometimes from the people that we gave so much trust in.

These are the dangers this country faces, but we will get through them if we get involved, stay informed, and remember our history as a people.

This week I discovered, through the Glenn Beck program, a new movement.  A movement that has the name of a generation.  Specifically the generation leading up to the millennium.

Its called: Generation We.

Now I cannot call myself a member of this movement since I do not support many of it’s  objectives, and a lot of the language.

I am a conservative and a libertarian and cannot consider myself a part of this movement.

However, certain aspects of it require praise, while others deserve my condemnation.

Now in the end I do not care what your issues are.  If you care about the environment and think we are heading for an environmental catastrophe, then all the more power to you.

Go out and invent something clean and efficient that we can all use, and there will be a market for it.

And getting the debt down, restoring America and the American dream, these are noble causes and should be explored to the fullest extent.

But it cannot be a us versus them battle, let us all work together, as Americans, to solve the problems that we face.

And there are right ways and wrong ways of attempting to solve these problems.  If we go in the wrong direction then we will create larger problems than what we have ‘inherited’.

We cannot keep on doing what past generations have done and keep on handing control over to people whose only interest is their own power.

We cannot keep on doing what humanity does during countless generations and revolutions in the past.  We cannot keep on handing power over to people with little difference then the ones they are replacing promising us one thing, and delivering something different than what they have promised.

Just using any crisis to gain more power.

And we cannot take control for ourselves.  We cannot take control over the political landscape and seize power.  That is not the way out.

We cannot allow ourselves to think that taking control is our birthright, that we deserve it, that we are entitled because of what we think we have inherited from previous generations.

We must take responsibility for ourselves, our fortunes, and our lives before we can help anyone else.

Even if we could seize power, we should not.

I do not want that kind of power.

But for us to continue on our path, if we really want to make lasting change for the future, if we as a people want to continue to exist and solve our problems, then we must answer some questions.

And let me say, that Progressivism is not the answer, going back to our founding principles is.

We must decide what we want.

Do we give solutions based in freedom, or oppression?

Do we have financial well-being, or spend  money on everything expedient?   Can we have  our cake and eat it too?

Do we demand what we are ‘owed’ because we have suffered and we have inherited a ‘declining’ society, or do we come together with freedom in mind, ready and willing to do the hard work before us?

Do we fight tooth and nail for what we believe in, for what we believe to be right under the principles of this nations founding, and under the belief in hard work, or do we give in and let other masters tell us what we can and cannot do?

And in light of the events in Texas this past week, in light of everything about Joe Stack and his manifesto:

Do we give into our emotions, do we fall?

Do we say we are owed it, and we are entitled to certain things and we MUST have them?

Do we give into our hate, and decide the only way to solve our problems is with a body count?

Can we find a better way,  can we let go of the things we feel we are entitled to?

Can we begin to strive to repair this great nation peacefully, with respect and solidarity?

Can we fight for the rights of freedom for all, and not just our selfish interests and power?

Can we join the great philosophers of the past, like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Jesus to say, no matter the challenges we face, we can overcome, for this is what we believe?

Can we respect everyone’s belief system, while clearly articulating and living up to our own?

Do we continue to sacrifice our future generations financial stability, and way of life on the altar of political expediency, or do we rise up as americans in one voice and say, enough is enough?

These are only a few of the questions that I believe we must answer.  For this generation, and generations yet to come.

Because our answers to  these questions, and all of the other questions facing us, will determine the fate of generations yet to come.

The choices that we make now, between liberty and tyranny, between prosperity and debt, between freedom and death,  will resonate, far into the future.

As our history,  our mistakes, and our greatness affect our lives today, we need answers to these and other questions as they come up. For if we are to continue as a free people we can no longer to be silent.

And when people look back from a hundred years in the future, we want them to be grateful, grateful that we held the line and kept this country prosperous and free.