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In at least a short aside from my Mass Effect stuff, oh and hi btw, but in a short aside I really have to get this off my chest. Kinda commenting on this issue in the time and since once again Gay Marriage is in the news. And in the Political arena, and is something that should be talking about.

But…I hate it. In the past I have talked about my dislike of this issue. Not because I hate gays or Christians but because this issue just should not be. We have bigger fish to fry, other issues that are at stake. And the solution, one way or another, for this problem is patently obvious. And yet people spend most of their time just yelling at each other and not focusing on trying to solve anything.

So as a result I tend to shut down on this issue, sure I have talked about it but I have shut down on this and probably a lot of issues. For one reason or another. But again if I don’t speak out, maybe no one else will. Which could be the whole point of this blog.

So here I was, here I sit, getting angry, getting miserable, wondering what to do. So I went to Facebook and explained my issue: That the solution to this problem is for both sides to shut up, have a reasonable debate, respect each others rights…both of you!

And well I built that Facebook post, and well I did get some support from it.

So I built, and they came.

Here I was thinking that I was virtually alone in this issue when the two sides in this political debate seemed bound and determined to tear each other apart at the seams for not believing what they believed, for either wanting to change the definition of the word marriage, or to take away the ‘rights’ from a group of Americans.

And this has left me with a sense of unerring depression and angst that two groups of people could do this to one another and potentially put the country in greater jeopardy when we have so many other massive issues to worry about then this. We are risking a borderline Civil War in some respects, one group of the country or the other absolutely not agreeing with the other, over a disagreement on definitions and rights. And people wonder why I dislike Government?

But I took a stand, I got tired of it and since the issue is in the national consciousness again I made a ‘mini blog’ on Facebook. Not exactly something I am proud of, Facebook probably is not the best medium to engage in something like this. Not even sure if WordPress is the best place to engage in something like this.

But then something quite remarkable, though not unexpected happened People responded to the post, and they were agreeing with me, that government should get out of marriage and leave it up to the individuals and organizations involved to worry about it.

Jared Tapia and Scott Lehner made a comment in support of this idea.

Austin Petersen made a comment on his own Facebook in support of it which other fellow Libertarian commentators came on in support.

Now knowing Libertarians like I do this should not have come as a surprise. Yet it was heart warming. That here I was making a bold post or what I thought was a bold post and then more and more people came out to support it.

Jared made a bold post, and then people came out to support him.

Austin had people who supported his views.

I built it, and people came. We may surround them after all.

But for all of these people there are still people out there who want Government meddling in marriage. Because, well to paraphrase in a very simplistic manner, that we are too dumb. Or people are too dumb sometimes to know what they are doing, what they are getting into, and have no way of knowing how to get out of it. So we all have to suffer. Not by strengthening the individual, but by forging a stronger Government.

They are entitled to their opinion, and on some level they might be right.

But I built it, I took a stand, and people gathered around me. Letting me know where they stood, either as allies, or as…well enemies might be a strong word…but as opponents to my ideological preferences.

And this ultimately, is good.


Quite simple, this issue, this blog, this question. Does being on one side or the other of the gay marriage debate make one a bigot?

Now again I’m not sure I care about the specifics on this issue. I do not care if one is gay or not or one acts in a gay matter or not. That is not my purview but someone with a far greater pay grade then I am. As long as the liberty of religious institutions are protected I do not care. But I still have to wonder.

Because it seems that the public perception is, whether it is the President, Facebook, or a large portion of the news media, has apparently convinced a large portion of society that anyone who is against Gay Marriage is some kind of bigoted monster worthy of a Hitler or a Stalin.

But what is marriage?

Well (Definition) (Definition 2)

So then marriage at its most basic is a religious institution that requires the elements of love, wanting to form a family, and eventually child rearing and reproduction.

Marriage is to try to form a commitment between you, your partner, the church, and God. It is a commitment of love to try to form a lasting bond.

You love each other. You want to form a commitment. You may or may not have had sex. But you want to try to have a life together.

That makes it an action. To be married you have to act. It is not a function of biology or our nature as humans being, it is an institution, one you have to choose to be apart of.

And one can morally object to the actions of others they disagree with.

It is no different then going to the bathroom, or getting up at midnight to get a glass of orange juice. It is an action. It is a choice.

Granted I acknowledge that one can be bigoted and be against gay marriage. Believing that there is some quality that makes gays gay and that in turn makes them some kind of sub human. We have seen this tragically in many circumstances.

But it is not bigoted in and of itself to be against people’s life choices. Especially when this life choice is in effect becoming a member of a club. You usually need the clubs permission before you can join. You usually don’t have the final choice in that matter. They can say no. And sometimes for some pretty small and crummy reasons.

First of all I would like to apologize for my absence. In short I hope to be back and hope to be on more in the future from here on out. I hope to get back into the swing of things and continue to provide you more information on politics, religion, pop culture, and Mass Effect.

Now though something about this issue has always bugged me. The title of the blog simply puts it in the terms that I mean.

Now when I am talking about gays here I am talking about Gays in general, specifically gays as the movement for LGBT and the ones that are trying to get their ‘rights’. As such this blog might be far off on a lot of its claims since I tend to misjudge collective groups, something I am quite happy about. And this also doesn’t work for every single person who chooses this as their sexual preferences. And also I am for the legalization of Gay Marriage, just as a means of getting the Government…any Government…out of our bedrooms and churches. Places where they do not belong.

Now gays want to be married, in a lot of ways they consider it to be their right to be married. And according to the Supreme Court in some instances they just might be right. (Source)

OK that is all well and good. I am wrong. The Supreme arbiter of the term ‘rights’ in this country considers marriage to be a right. And that we can’t argue it or dispute it until a future group of arbiters makes the decision one way or the other…hmmmm.

But that is well-considered, but what I want to know is why? Why do gays want marriage? And what do they want ti for?

Sure they might be religious and I support them if they are and they actually legitimately want to find a church where they can be married and then celebrate their life bond with another human being. Share their lives with them. But marriage is primarily a religious institution. Sharing a couple and making a commitment before God to continue to share your life with them.

And most people who I talk to on this issue says they don’t want to force themselves on the churches, don’t want to force the churches into marrying gays and that they want to just leave them alone to conduct their own affairs. So I have to take them on their word.

Even though I have heard stories where people have sued churches for not marrying them when they were gay or not using their property…so no I am sure it’s all good. And fine….

So gays still have to go to the churches, and the synagogues, and ask for permission to marry. Even when this is a right apparently. And the churches can still say no. Can still turn them away, and can still be as ‘bigoted’ as they want. So is anything really solved?

And most of the people who I talk to aren’t even religious themselves. In the least. Not the gays that I talk to, not the activists who support the LGBT movement, not anyone. In fact religion doesn’t seem to enter into their minds as being apart of the equation. Marriage is not a religious institution and seems to be quite divorced from the issue…no pun intended. And they don’t seem to make any distinction between it and Civil Unions.

Furthermore people have been expressing their ‘love’ for centuries. Within marriage, without marriage, in between marriage, around marriage, before marriage, and after marriage. Now I am not condoning these exploits but people have been sharing love for a long time and marriage does not seem to enter into the equation. Right, wrong, you decide.

And no one in the political main stream in the United States is actively trying to ban…well gay sex. You can go and do anything you want to anyone you want as long as they consent, and as long as the churches don’t have to condone it. The rest is between you and God.

All people seem to want to ban is gays from marrying.

So what do gays want? What are they after?

We all have individual needs and wants. No one is disputing that, not here. But it seems like the LGBT movement as a movement is a powerful political bloc that has somehow convinced a large portion of the American population that if you aren’t one hundred percent for gay marriage then you are some kind of bigoted monster that is worthy of a Hitler or Stalin.

After all the churches still have all the power, you can still express your love in other ways.

So could it be that they are after the benefits?

Can’t you get those without marriage?

I was watching the Republican First debate a couple of weeks ago from South Carolina…starring Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Hermann Cain. I think most of the candidates represented themselves and did a good job with the questions. Each brought something to the debate and had good points, even though it took a few of them a while to get to them.

What struck me was perhaps a simple point, but it struck me, so thus to the blogosphere I go. (Fully clothed and not in the basement thank you)

I always think its important to have conversations with people, about Government, politics, and the state of the world. I enjoy having these conversations on a regular basis, and from all over the political map, whether they are to my political left, or the political right.

But I usually, usually, find the conversations and debates and perspectives with those to my more political right, the more Liberty Lovers then I am, the most enjoyable. Even when we do not always agree on the issues. I always learn something and really appreciate their perspective…unless they are some weird crazy nut job who insults your education but lets not get into that. ūüėČ

The point is, I think, that even on the issues of Gay Marriage, Abortion, or Foreign Affairs as long as their opinion grows liberty, and leaves me to decide mine, or at the very least the states, then that is ok.

I will disagree with you, and vehemently, but at least they are not trying to GROW the Government right?

As long as they understand the issues and the potential consequences of any of their actions I think we can tolerate a candidate that will shrink the Government even if we disagree with them on a single issue.

And I think this is something everyone can learn, those to the more left of me barely, and those to the right of me. If a candidate will mostly shrink the Government in their administration.

We need candidates who ultimately understand the issues, all of them, and are willing to make choices. Barring that can create a team that will lead them to understanding all the issues. We will never find a perfect candidate so as long as they shrink a Government and move us in the right direction, especially when it comes to personal, and State, Liberty, and our economy, then those candidates should be considered.

You know first off I would like to start off with a statement about Coincidence. The whole thing behind them is that they happen every once in a while, in random, but how can random events be called random if they keep on happening?

IDK but my faith in coincidence is starting to dissolve, wonder if they aren’t indicators of something more….divine providence perhaps?

Meh that’s crazy talk.

I have been wanting to do this blog almost since the rally on the mall…not the Glenn Beck one…the 10/2 rally.

I saw signs and posters, communist ones, hateful ones, anti Glenn Beck things, etc.

And one that seemed to indicate an anti-Jewish sentiment. What do you know when you go looking for the link you can find it…wow. :P.

But here it is, and some other pictures, judge for yourself.


Now this blog was pretty much going to be about this and nothing else, the whole case was going to be about that and watch yourself.

But since the original idea about this blog I have read more things, more things that…if true, are very concerning.

Now I want to make it very clear I am not one hundred percent sure of this myself. I am not sure of the facts, this was me looking at a story, from a Google search, based on something that a friend told me when I was talking to her on Facebook.

Here is the Story Itself.

Now in it draws a lot of threads between Ron Paul and Neo Nazi, Anti Semitic, and a lot of conspiracy theorist groups and individuals.

Now some of it may be true, some of it may not be true. I will have to look into it myself if he runs for the Republican Primary in the Future, the Libertarian Party, or is a serious candidate to run, this is important to find out about. But ultimately it is up to you.

And let me first address the taking money. It is my personal opinion that…well if anyone gives me money…I will take it. I do not especially care if I were running for a public office. Just give me your money and if you are a Nazi Group or a Communist Group…well then you are wasting your money. I will not help you.

But on the other hand if I knew, for one hundred percent certain that someone was coming from this perspective and side of the street, I might have some problems taking money.

But I can excuse him of taking people’s money.

The rest of the case is a bit interesting though, they make a solid case.

But they did offer a retraction story. (Read it here)

So I don’t know…it is up to you and me to make up our minds later. And to have the debate.

And it really is not that important for the actual blog.

But for the sake of this blog, lets pretend its true, lets pretend that every single one of those assertions is true and it’s not a mistake or someone being crazy.

Lets pretend this is the end all be all.

Because there is a lot there, and we have to know who we are allying with, who we like, and we also have to make the clear distinction in who we are allying with and on what issues.

Right down to the individual and even the individual issue.

Because believe me I can be friends with almost everyone, I am not like Barrack Obama….I do not go out looking for specific types of people to be friends with.

But that does not mean I will agree with them and on those issues. I will very much disagree with you when I think you are wrong, and you will know it.

You can have your opinions, whatever they are, but you must… who you are allying with so you can make clear distinctions.

Because we all are not perfect and there are people in every movement who may not be the best.

Even in that story, even in the original story, there was an account of a harassment of Rudy Giuliani, threatening to throw him off a ship. Read it.

Glenn Beck gets a lot of heat from Libertarians for the statement he made once where he said Ron Paul supporters should be thrown in jail. Fine maybe that was a bit rash.

But these Ron Paul supporters probably should be thrown in jail.

And even not how can you stand with these people? Even if you happen to agree with them.

And this is for anyone. We have to watch who we are, who we align with us, and even who is aligning with us, whether you are a Republican or a Libertarian or a Democrat or a Conservative or what have you.

And to be fair a lot of people that I do know do do this, but you must keep it up.

Because if you are a liberal, if you believe in abortion, if you believe in Gay Marriage, if you believe in Environmentalism, then watch who you are standing with.

Like this story.

If you are a member of the sexual revolution…whatever that is…if you do believe in free love and everything else… how can you stand with someone like that? How can you tolerate or except someone who does that? Will you make exceptions for morality because he is a good guy? Will that make you reconsider your own political views if that is the root of them?

Or how about in the case of certain Gay Marriage advocates….how about in the case of environmentalists who shows people blowing up for not believing in climate change?

How about Margret Sanger who advocated abortion to eliminate excess populations and races…mainly the blacks and the Latinos and maybe the Asians.

How can we align with people like that. Who is asking about the Jewish question?

On those specific issues.

I don’t really care who you call your friends and colleagues but you must make a stand against them when you think they are wrong.

It’s the only way we are going to move forward as a people.

In perhaps the most obvious statement of the year….but bear with me.

It has been…well plaguing me…for the longest time now…something about Liberal and Progressive Ideology.

You see where the Liberals always get the Conservatives, or those of us who are Libertarian but have a Conservative backing, is (at least in their mind) they can always say that they are for the little people, they are for freedom.

Because they are for Abortion rights, what is your business inside my uterus! And they are for gay marriage…how can you deny the people the right to happiness, the right to marriage, equal protection under the law!

Well the second one is easy to disprove, as I have proven out in previous blogs, as I have pointed to. There is marriage licences, there are property taxes and estate taxes and Government is deeply involved in marriage. (Ewww Get out of my bedroom! Perv.)

But the second one is the one that always getting in the way. Thought of the answer in Wal-Mart one day, and it made me laugh all the way to the door.

Its Health Care!

Now of course in my previous blog I went into the essence of Tyranny. A key point in this debate.

That the founders, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and even Ronald Regan viewed any growth of Government as being potentially dangerous, and potentially tyrannical.

That is the key.

You know that states are now publically funding abortions? Did you know that a lot of this is through federal spending? That it just might be in the Health Care legislation after all, or some future legislation?

The Government is in your uterus folks!

But but they are providing for me, they are allowing me the right to excercise my rights and provide easiness for them.

OK fine but consider this:

Say you want an abortion, you are going to the Fed to get it. You are a minority, or you are a likely Democrat voter. Abortion denied!

Or that it would cost 20000 dollars to do and the money is running short, and you are a minority and your kids are likely to be good Democrat voters. Abortion denied!

Or in the even more extreme example you are going to go married, you are a white woman, he is not a black man, well I am sorry the state just cannot approve this marriage. Denied!.

But these are extreme examples but the Government is a fickle and underhanded, uneven master, hell anyone is if you give them that much power. They will have the power of the purse, the ability to say and deny anything that they want to on a whim.

In the case of abortion that is a good thing. Even if this does not happen, even if they say free abortions for all, then they are still there.

Ladies how does it feel to have the Governments hands inside your uterus?

Men how does it feel to have Government in your bedrooms?

Eww perv.

That is what it feels like if you want more and more power to the Government, and less and less power to yourself.

With health care now passed into law, I feel that I should comment, and offer my opinions and my advice, and my voice to the matter.

First of all the title is rather obvious, this is just the beginning of this process.  As various commentators, politicians, and assorted others pointed out this is just the first step in the process.  This is just the first part of the legislation that will be put to the American people.  Incredibly, despite the 2700 pages, the payoffs, the bribes, and the take over of the student loan industry, there still must be more to be done.  We are not at the end of this process, which has, and will remain a single payer socialized health care system.

And this is just the beginning of a symbolic sense as well.  This is the true beginning of the movement to take back our country.

Up until now this has been just a movement, and while I do not want to take anything away from the significance of that, now it is something a lot bigger.

When this gets signed into law, by the President, it will represent a symbolic declaration of war against the people of the United States.

I am talking about a peaceful war, a peaceful movement, that will shape the course of history, and this country.

They have ignored us, ignored our voices and our opinions.  And whether or not we are in the majority, whether or not health care is a right, there are still a large portion of the population that did not think that this bill should have passed, or have been upset at one portion of it or another.

We all want reform, if and when it is necessary.  We all want to progress our lives, and our freedoms, and we all want a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children and their children.

But we want it to be done right.  We want it to be done so the greatest amount of people can have the greatest amount of control, the greatest amount of our freedoms, with the lowest cost to ourselves and our country, without violating others freedoms.  Or at least that is what I want to see.

I was talking to someone earlier tonight and health care came up, they said that the people who are on the opposition feel that their constitutional rights are being violated at the situation that they face.  Their lack of health care, and that health care is a right.

I will state what I did with Gay Marriage, it is not a right.  I can see no moral, legal, religious, or philosophical argument that suggests to me that health insurance is a right to have.  But, I am not you.

This brings up the issue again of how do we respect everyone’s freedoms? How do we extend a ‘right’ without actually making something a right? Especially legislated, mandated, and controlled by a governmental organ.

I do not know the answer to this question.

But I do know that you cannot violate the Constitution in order to extend a Constitutional right.  It is not fair to take away other rights and force someone, through the power of government, to buy a health insurance plan that they may not want.

Because with all the bribes, the mandates, and everything else that has gone along with the process in forming this bill, and they have openly discussed violating the United States Constitution.

And regardless this is not a right, they have not created a right.  As I have been making the case they have created a mandate, a forced mandate.  Because a right you can exercise of your own free will.

You can exercise it, or you do not have to use your rights.

But that is not what this is.  This remains a government mandate, they are forcing it on you, and if you do not use it, in a way acceptable to them, you will be fined, and forced into it.

No one forces you to speak, no one forces you to go to church, so how is THIS a right?

Now I am still coming into my own, I am still trying to do my best.  I have, sadly, not done my best, in fact pretty much all I do is this blog.  This is slowly changing, and I admit my failures.

But this cannot be a battle, a war, that any of us can sit on the sidelines for.  It will require all of us, working as hard as we can, with all the energies we have left to fight this.  To petition our governments and ensure that they do the right thing.

We will fight this legislation in the states, we will fight it on the beaches, we will fight it in our homes and our hospitals.  We will fight it until it is defeated or we are.  We will fight it until we do not need it anymore.  We will fight it by nullifying it, we will fight it by not paying it, we will fight it by going to jail in droves if that is what is required to win.

Come What May, We Will Stand, We will survive.

Too long have we let the paradigm be a few powerful elite in government, the media, our universities control us and our lives.

Especially the Government.

We have allowed ourselves to be fought over, to give our loyalties over to governments, and political parties.  We have allowed ourselves to be divided into ideological groups where someone can claim they are something, or be a Republican, and Democrat, and we have given over to them.

I have had this conversation, my Dad has had this conversation, many times, that our loyalty lies with the party and that the only way we can solve the problem is to elect them to office.

This should be flipped, the game needs to be changed, the paradigm needs to change.  We should never be loyal to a party, or our government, their loyalties should be us.  They should be fighting for our loyalties.

We cannot rely on the government to solve the problem that they created.

If this is the Republicans, all the better. If not then we must form our own political party, or petition anyone who is willing to listen for a redress of our grievances and take it to Washington.

But ultimately we must fix our own lives, and all the moral problems that we have.  We must become the people we are meant to be, because we are the ones that we have been waiting for.

And we must be strong enough, as individuals and families, that when others come out and begin to ask questions, we will be here, to offer our help and our services.

The Battle for Health Care may be over, the war for our freedoms now begin.

Oh yes, that  controversial issue, the one that annoys me almost to the point of apathy.  The issue of what rights gays should have to marry or not to marry.

Now out of all the issues that are facing this nation today there are few that are more divisive, and few that have two sides as bitterly entrenched as Gay Marriage.

But I do not think codifying marriage to be between one man and one woman, or legalizing it to where they all can marry and churches can not deny them, is the right way to go.

I have heard similar positions, on other sites, and articles.  But, I first came up with the idea on my own after listening to the Glenn Beck Program last March.

Simply put that Marriage should not be legalized, period.¬† Especially on the federal level, which is not to say that gays can’t seek any form of union they desire.

The word marriage is in itself  can be viewed as a religious term.  This being said, and as we have the so often incorrectly used separation of church and state in this country, the issue becomes a State Rights issue. Does a state create a civil union, or not. That is for each state to decide, and not the courts.

Now any person or group, that wants to have its members be  joined in any fashion they so choose should have no problem with this, unless of course  it is not about individual rights, but about another attack on the basic foundation of this country.

In short, if you are gay, and want to have all the rights and privileges of marriage, then peacefully campaign in your state for civil unions. Marriage is a religious designation, you can either find a church that will “marry”¬† you, form your own church, or move to a state that recognizes same sex unions.

For the religious minded, you have the same choice. You can campaign peacefully in your own state to codify the word marriage, and conduct your own lives, and your own church as you see fit. You do not have the  right to impose your views on anyone else. Another of our founding principles is the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the basic right to that pursuit regardless of any factor including orientation.

From my perspective I constantly look for the solution that will give the most people the most freedom, while keeping the rest of society secure.

And this should not violate anyones rights, or morality.  If you still see Gay Marriage as being wrong then you can still marry whomever you will wherever you will and then lead your life by the best example to try to encourage others to see your viewpoint. You do not however have any right to impose your view and your morality on anyone else.

This is an issue for the individual to decide, and I feel that the best way to give the individual what they want is to present them with the most options that we can.