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And now this news is very old, but since this is not really a current events blog, here we go. I also apologize for not having a lot of fun blogs lately but alas.

This story first came to my attention when two guest hosts were filling in on the Glenn Beck program, (sorry I forgot their names), and well it got me thinking, on perhaps a case study on why I am a Libertarian and why I am in fact a Libertarian.

This representative is in ignorance of this issue. She does not know the difference between a magazine and a clip. Something which she should know given the issues she is being forced to vote on in this day and age.

But yet she is forcing herself on an issue, of which she is ignorant of, by virtue of her position and the fact that Gun Control is a hot button issue.

This is the perfect response for anyone who asks, why are you a libertarian? Why do you distrust the Government so much? Why do you not want a central authority with the ability to give out things like health care and gun control and free abortion stuff.

Because, by and large, politicians are not experts at anything other than being politicians. And even if they were our expertise or knowledge base often extends to a few subjects we are interested in. Yet politicians, these days, are often asked to make decisions that affect each and every aspect of our lives. Everything from house insurance to border security to important and vital foreign policy interests.

I am a Libertarian because, while I have a general trust with people, I do not trust them to make decisions of this importance and which are so broad in nature. And I do not trust them because I do not trust myself.

Because I did not know the difference between a magazine and a clip, I was not sure. And while I do not trust myself with power long before this, it’s still another reason why its a bad idea.

And if I cannot trust myself with power over my life or anyone else’s because I am ignorant of a great many things, then how can I trust the people in charge? Who could be just as stupid on the thing they are being asked to make a decision of.

Even with expert testimony, being rushed in, giving people graphs and information and statistics left and right, yelling and shouting, doing this for millions of issues, really?

We are supposed to make decisions on this?

And then biases come into it, data that supports my position will sound better to me then data that doesn’t. So again, how can we trust politicians to make the right choice in this issue?

So I fall as a Libertarian, legalize almost everything and let the chips fall where they may based on the individual and then let the individuals and the community try to deal with the consequences.

Not mandates from stupid or ignorant people, not one size fits all solutions, just let people try to do their best with their own ignorance and brilliance.

That way all they harm is themselves, or the people around them, but not the three hundred million people around them.

This past week, (yey I am actually writing something that is current and do not have to wait for it and blah blah blah), immigration has been in the news, both legal and illegal immigration. The President was all set to unveil his plan to address this issue and deal with the current immigration problems facing this nation, mainly illegal immigration, so the Senate one upped him. A so-called ‘gang of eight’, eight senators, four democratic, and four Republican, came together to propose their own solution to the problems, to be voted in the full senate.

This group includes Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Chuck Schumer. Some of the politicians who are the most reviled, and most hostile to the liberties and values of our Republic.

Now there is one big problem with this and one thing I fear, which is perhaps a lesson to all of us.

And that is, in short, do not judge a bill by the people who make it, or by a certain series of buzz words. Just because I, and many other Conservatives and Libertarians, have disagreed with these politicians numerous times in the past, does not mean they cannot do something good.

And just because it has the words ‘pathway to citizenship’ means it is the wrong pathway to citizenship. That such a program may not even be blanket amnesty, something all Conservatives do not like.

This bill, from what I have heard, sounds reasonable. Worker visas for agricultural work, work verification for people to ensure they hire American citizens, penalties for people who knowingly hire illegals, a pathway to citizenship that includes illegal immigrants heading to the back of the line. And last but not least a provision where the border will be secured in order for these to take effect.

So it sounds like a reasonable proposal and people should not poo poo it just because we do not like the people making the proposal in the first place. That is at least partially bigoted and a little pig-headed.

On the other hand we do not need to blindly trust either.

After all these politicians have…at the best…a very political track record. They get things done for convenience and to advance a particular agenda, at least that is what their track record shows, not what is best for the country or for the constitution.

And, as Glenn Beck pointed out on his radio show, people have promised to secure the border. Promised that they would secure the border and we just have to deal with the people whoa are here now and everything will be hunky dorie.

This is a familiar pattern with politicians.

Everything from the Patriot Act and the NDAA, oh no it is just here to protect you, to keep you safe, from the big horrible spikey monsters under your bed…politicians swearing up and down that the things that are in those acts are not actually in them when they are.

To the most recent ‘Patient Affordable Care Act’. Or how about the…well you get the picture.

And after all we have seen one bill after another after another start out with the best of intentions, only to be weighed down with amendments, and pork, and so much legalese as to turn the final product, into something we will have to pass to find out what is in it…to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi.

So in the end trust but verify. We cannot distrust something simply because it’s from John McCain and Chuck Schumer…but we cannot trust it because it is from a Republican, or a Democrat…or from the Government..they are only here to help!

Will this be a solution? I don’t know, but if we don’t take things on their own merits then we are all doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past.

Recently, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre two competing, and yet oddly coherent, narratives have emerged. Mainly, it is all the Video Games fault, or it is all the guns fault.

Now guns, they have their defenders, whole organizations devoted to their defense, and some very good points have been made in their defense. The national attention is there and the message is well articulated…but there seems to be little defense for Video Games. Or at least none who have made this point.

In response to this and other tragedies Glenn Beck hosted a noted military psychologist on his TV program the other day, and the claim was that we are now raising a generation of killers through video games and the media. That Video Games are teaching people to kill, desensitizing people to kill, and is in effect causing the violence. Media and the rest of the ‘culture’ for that matter.

Now the arguments were very compelling actually, the idea that was presented that video game companies could be using the same tactics that the US Military uses to forge soldiers to sell a product, is interesting. I would buy it even, if it weren’t for one thing.

It’s never happened to me.

Now I want to make it very clear here, Glenn is not advocating for Government actions and bans, he is advocating for the individual to take action. He is simply pointing out what he believes this is a dangerous cultural problem that needs to be fixed through the individual and individual family. The day after his program aired his co host announced he had removed all the violent games, including Lego Indiana Jones, from his home. Beck even said that technology is like fire, it is good if you are the master of it, but bad if it is the master of you. So even he seems to be close to the answer to this problem….

Because it all comes down to the individual.

I am struck by this fact because I have been playing violent video games on and off since I have been..what? Six? Seven? Somewhere around then.

I was playing games like Ape Escape, Spyro the fire-breathing dragon. Crash Bandicoot which involved a…Bandicoot which twisted around in a tornado like pattern and blasted people out-of-the-way… well by people I mean demon spawned animals and stuff…or something…owned by a fat headed guy. Which then later evolved into a game where you were running around a race track launching missiles and bombs and TNT and Nitro at your fellow drivers, either human controlled or not.

To my early teens, playing games like the Medal of Honor Frontline, and Conflict Desert Storm I and II. Battling the Iraqi and Nazi Regimes, taking down tyranny by waging a special war as a Delta or OSS operative.

To my late teens waging a different kind of war in Conflict Global Terror, my first rated M game, which coincidentally involved the charters from Desert Storm fighting Neo Nazis…today.

To my early 20s with the Mass Effect series, the Call of Duty franchises, with blood and guts galore.

But yet, with roughly a 15 year ‘career’ in Video Games, by killing and destroying millions of beings from Nazis, to Trolls, to Cyber Zombies, I have not committed a murder, had nary a violent thought about a classmate or fellow human being, and in point of fact I was a lot more violent before my video game career then after it. But then again I was five, and mighty confused.

In fact I have often used Video Games as a stress relief, when I have had a bad day of school, stressful, or just really pissed, gone on the Play station, and went Orc hunting in Lord of the Rings.

Video games can inspire people to do a whole lot of things, out of jealousy, or ‘teaching them’, or whatever. But it is irresponsible to blame an inanimate object on any of our societies problems. After all it is a lot harder to kill someone with a video game, then a gun! I mean can you just imagine grinding away at a person’s head with a DVD?

The fault is with the individual, the lessons are from the individual, and the lessons are to the individual. The inspiration is to the individual.

Because during the program the Psychologist friend of Glenn’s made the argument that gaming is actually teaching people marksmanship. That people who play Video games aim for the head.

Now this is something I wonder. If I play Ace Combat or Madden NFL can I be a Fighter Ace or an effective football coach? So this argument fascinates me.

But this argument also has two big problems:

First of all most games that involve shooting aspects you get the message often loud and clear ‘aim for the head’. But that is a sound Marksmanship principle you can pick up almost anywhere, from television, to documentaries, to army training manuals, to the mere fact that your biological computer is in your head, might be a good place to shoot! And games can also teach one that it might be better to shoot people elsewhere, their chest for ease of accuracy, their legs to show them down, but again anyone can almost tell you the same thing.

And then the principle might be there, but often enough the actual combat situations aren’t. When you shoot a character in a video game there is no recoil, no wind, nothing for you to gauge how a real life shot should behave. All of these need to be taken into account in the real world.

And even games who do that, like the sniping missions in the Call of Duty series, taking in wind and the Coreilas effect, you don’t feel the wind on your face, you do not have the gun in your hand, you do not and cannot judge how the wind affects the bullet in the real world. Never mind other considerations.

But even then it is the individual who is important.

Sure a video game can ‘teach’ a gang member in east LA where to shoot a cop. But it could also teach a cop in Atlanta how and where to shoot, or what the situation calls for in a bank robbery and a hostage situation. Or it could teach a kid how to act to defend his kid sister from a robbery.

It is not the technology, not the media, not the fiction, not the gun, and certainly not the oven toaster causes deaths. Its how we use them, its how we chose to act with this technology.

And for other opinions on this issue visit this article:

Dear, Mr. Beck

Since the election you have claimed that we have ‘lost’ an entire generation. Mainly anyone who is of ‘College’ age has been lost to the public education system and just the society in general, lost to being Libertarians and Conservatives and believing in Small Government principles. That they are Socialists, or Liberals, or are voting en masse for the big Government policies of the current administration.

Regardless as someone who is Libertarian/ Conservative, someone who sees the corruption inherent in both parties, and someone who has spent my entire life in the Public Education system I can tell you that this is not the case. I still believe, raised in this environment, in the Constitution, our small Government, and that America has done more good to the world and the history of the world than harm.

And I for one believe it because of your influence, mainly, into looking things up and thinking and finding my own answers to the life’s solutions. You have encouraged me to think deeper and be a better person.

I am not alone as I know people my age, who have voted for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, have started their own business ventures and made things of themselves far more than I have. And they see the dangerous road this country is on.

This generation, as is any group of people is only lost if we give up on them. Are we going to assume the blacks or the Jews are lost because vast numbers of them vote for Obama? Are we going to assume that we cannot make any headway in any minority group because a lot of them are against the things we stand for?

This is the choice that we face. Either we let go, or we double down. Because eventually if we forsake people and lose people then these people will grow up to be the next Barrack Obama’s, the next future leaders, the next future teacher’s which will continue to sprout their political, moral, and scientific sensibilities on even more generations. And then what? Do we lose them to? If we give up on these people now then we could easily lose the entire future by the influence they will have.

I refuse. I will continue to preach my message, from a perspective of a young American, and from the perspective of someone who cares deeply about this country, cares because of you. I hope you join me in this message and continue to fight the good fight to all groups of the United States. As I also hope that all those within the sound of my voice and typing fingers can do the same.

Welcome to 2012, happy New Years and good salutations. I hope that 2011 was a good year for you and I hope that 2012 will be even better.

Now there is a tradition with this time of year that happens every year. The New Years resolution. Pacts that we make to ourselves in order to better ourselves, lose weight, get a job, learn how to do this or that and generally do something or achieve something you never have before. This is something that we are expected to do and most do it. So in the spirit of the occasion I have been wondering what to do about it, should I post my New Years resolutions? Should I completely ignore it? Should I just give some general thought on the New Year? Well I think that some form of New Years resolution is needed. But it would be…rather pointless…for me to go on about my wish and dreams. If I am to do anything with these blogs it is to provide principles and general life lessons for as many people as I can. In this case, a New Years resolution for our entire society. I think we should follow Glenn Becks example and restore love (link). So by the time 2013 dawns, lets restore love, or at least make our good one hundred and ten percent effort to do so.

Now why do we need to restore love? Don’t we love? Don’t we have spouses and children whom we love deeply?

Now I am sure that most of the people reading this now….especially the people who seem to read this blog often… does not need to restore love. I am sure you love people and especially those closest to you just fine. So I am quite literally preaching to the choir in this case.

But yet it is important to love, it is important to ask ourselves if we are loving people. Because Love is the opposite side of hate, they are the same coin, they are both powerful emotions, but love is still the opposite. One leads to darkness and the other one leads to light.

But more importantly love is an emotion of creation, of protection and preservation. As I said in a previous blog. You are not out to get anyone, you are not out to destroy someone or out to ruin them, they are not your enemy. You are just trying to preserve and defend what you hold dear. You are standing for something, you are standing up for something beyond yourself or you care about. Not because you are attacking people but defending someone or something. Not because you hate, but you want to prosper. You are not their enemies, you are not out to get them, but they are out to get you and destroy what you care for.

We need to restore love because too often people miss the fundamental difference. They do not know what love means, and they do not know what it means in regards to hate.

And we need to restore love because there is far too much hate. Oh the Jews are controlling the world and need to put down, oh the Muslims is a religion of war and hate and will behead you as much as look at you! Or that you have a dangerous idea that needs to be removed from the world. This is hate, this is hate of the group, and it needs to stop.

And not just love of ourselves and our children, but love of everyone. Or at least a caring because I think if you love everyone and spread yourself too thin is like loving no one as well, and just as dangerous. But no care for people, show them compassion.

Yes even our enemies.

After all do you not destroy your enemy by turning them into a friend?

You destroy your enemies by finding and sharing values, by learning to at least respect each other, and to teach them and hopefully have them teach you about life. By understanding.

You do not destroy them by killing them which only turns them into martyrs. You sometimes have to, sometimes you have to neutralize the threat and sometimes standing up for your values means you have to take a life. But that is not a way to destroy enemies, forever, you can only do that through an example of love and compassion, by providing the potential for a different way.

Believe me I know this is hard, maybe even impossible. That its sometimes hard to even love our spouses…or children or parents.

But hey we have to try because if we don’t give it an attempt we truly are dead as a people.

Two events happened to me this past week that led to this. One was a speech by Glenn Beck, the other one was an Anti Islam rant that I saw

I suppose this is just about the Glenn Beck speech really then anything else. (Link)

Because it hit me, as I was listening to it. Hit me so hard that I wept for most of the rest of it. So hard. I think this is one of those things where I have been circling it for a while, but maybe I was focusing on the wrong thing. (More on that in a bit.)

For those of you who do not know your history. The Righteous Among the Nations was a term coined by the Israeli Government slightly after World War 2 given to those brave souls that helped Jews out during the Holocaust. Fed them, clothed them, or provided some small manner of assistance during their time of need.

It has its roots in the term Righteous Gentile who are non Jews who nevertheless ascribe to and follow the Seven Laws of Noah.

(More information here)

It is my intention to create a Modern 21st century version of this to match the current and grave threats that the Jewish people face. In Israel, and around the world.

It is my intention to start off with a Facebook group at first, but I hope that this grows into something much greater.

Whether we are Muslims or Christians or Jews or Atheists we need to gather. For Jews everywhere. Gather to try to encourage a better way.

And not just for the Jews because they are Jews, that is a trap of those who would hate the Jews, but because it is the right thing to do. Because it is necessary for our common humanity.

We should do this no matter if someone is a Muslim, or a Christian, or an Atheist, we should be willing to stand up for them against bigotry and hate no matter what and encourage a better way. God demands it, our common humanity demands it.

But the Jews are under threat by those who want to see them all wiped out for being Jewish.

And this cannot just be about Israel this has to be about Jews everywhere. Because a friend of mine was right, we all have our own problems in our nations and our systems and we cannot constantly be worried about Israel. We have to stand up against evil in our own nations. That is the beauty of this, it’s not about Israel the nation, it’s about the group no matter where they live.

And nor are we supposed to be an attack group. This is not being against something but rather a protection group for something. To be counted and to let people know that we will stand with people. Not attack, not go against and not turn into the very thing that we are trying to fight. Collectivism, bigotry, and evil.

Because this is very important.

This is more important than College, or our own annoyances in our lives, sure we must make our lives secure but we can also strive for this.

Because in the 1930s, I think humanity missed its calling as the Nazis were on the rise. No one was gathering, or they were in small gatherings, you had a few isolated incidents. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his gang. But Antisemitism continued to spread and it led to one of the greatest mass butchering of a people in human history.

And then the Righteous Among the Nations came, when they gathered, it was already too late. Sure they saved people, sure they did what they could which under the circumstances was extraordinary, but the darkness had already fallen.

And I don’t think we can afford to wait this time. We must make our stand now, while we still can.

Now this might be presumptuous of me. What can a 21-year-old Kid who barely is getting started in life do?

I am not a dignitary, or a powerful commentator, and I am certainly not a member of the Israeli Government. Who created this honor in the first place and whose honor is rightfully bestowed by them upon…well the Righteous…

And after all there is already Christians United for Israel and Stand with Israel and probably a whole slew of other organizations devoted to the defense of Israel, and hopefully the Jews.

But this is way beyond Israel, yes we must stand with them, but Antisemitism is spreading across the globe.

In Europe, and America, and the Middle East. You have laws being passed against the Jews, or them being under threat, or political cartoons made up against them that are obviously Anti Semitic.

In France you have people moving out of France who are Jewish and heading for Israel to escape what they believe is coming again.

You have politicians pushing for the dividing up of Israel, and then you have others who will use that as an excuse to wipe Israel and the Jews off the map. Wherever they may be. This is my belief anyways.

(Story )

Which is why, my hope anyways, that people will gather and be apart of this group in the many nations. Address the Antisemitism in your own Nations and then try to gather and organize others.

We must be willing to stand for our Jewish neighbors and Friends and Lovers.

Because if we don’t then no one else will. And if we do not now then it will be a lot harder in the future when the darkness is at our doorstep.

And on a final note for those of you who play Mass Effect 2 know that during one of the scenes a character asks Commander Shepard why he is fighting, ‘whether it is for humanity as evidenced by the perfect Ms. Lawson?’

Now you can answer yes, yes you are fighting for her, that she is important to you.

Now on the surface of it this seems like a very selfish answer to the question. That you should be interested in saving all of humanity, you should be selfless right?

People who know me or have read this blog know that this is a very personal issue for me. Some people even know the specifics.

We need to make this issue personal for us. Personal, but not to where we are suffering from a persecution complex. This is about defense of the Jews and we cannot allow our emotions overcome us to where we attack others.

This is not a matter of statistics or numbers, if we deal with this in the millions of people then we will lose perspective. It becomes impersonal, cold, dry, meaningless detached.

We must do this for the people in our lives who we do not want to be killed over their ethnicity, or by what names they call God.

This is probably going where no blog has gone before, into the annals and depths of….BASEBALL….but I do think that this whole thing can relate to something that is much involved with our society.

Now for those of you who may not follow Baseball…you know who you are….the story is basically goes as follows. Barry Bonds, the rumor is, that he has taken steroids because he has hit a lot of Home Runs. He has done some amazing things. So Bob Costas has, repeatedly, come out and said, well he must have taken steroids! Look at what he has done. Look at all these amazing statistics that he has put up something HAS TO be up!

That is the general gist.

That Bob Costas has openly questioned the legitimacy of his stats, every single one of them.

That they are super human, no one in Baseball has done them before, and this is so far beyond and special than anything has ever done before.

So are we going to assume that anyone who does anything special is a steroid user and a cheater? So what about the greats like Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron.

And this idea, specifically about steroids, seems to be polluting the game despite the game beginning to move past it.

Why Kevin Youkilis is over angry, that is a sign of steroids, why Jose Bautista just hit his fiftieth home run, surely he is using steroids…after all he sucked before!….Oh Troy Troy Tulowitzki is doing things that no short stop has done in history! Why its common sense!

And on and on it goes.

Now Bob Costas can have any opinion that he chooses. I support him fully in that, in fact he could even be right! Barry Bonds’s stats are pretty awesome, you draw your own conclusions.

But at the moment this all remains nothing but opinion, allegations, and innuendo in regards to Barry Bonds. And this remains unproven about what happened, and when it happened.

The perfect solution to this would be to determine through the facts if he was taking steroids, when he was using steroids, and when he was not using steroids, was it an illegal substance at the time, and if it was then strike those specific stats from the record.

But with athletes this happens time and time again. They get accused and blamed for things when there is scant evidence.

The Duke rape case, accused, had their lives apparently ruined in some ways…at least especially at the time…based on evidence and accusations that proved to be false in the end.

Kobe Bryant was ACCUSED of rape and had a long case drawn out against him in Colorado, and was acquitted of all charges. But if you listen to people, and the people working the case, it was such a shame and he got away with it and that the victim had lost out.

We seem to have a rush to judgment in this country when it comes to people and things. And in cases time and time again, in sports, and beyond.

Yes Bob Costas can have his opinions….so does Glenn Beck, and still others.

Again the court of law is what is important here. The Court of what can be proven, and the court of public opinion too. But in so doing keeping in mind the actual facts to draw your opinions and conclusions from.

Because, as it seems to me, Costas did not pass this off as his speculation or Opinion. This is the way it happened, this is common sense, he must have done them look at the numbers!

What he took, and when he took it.

All I see is a Baseball player who hit a lot of home runs.

Yes he might have taken steroids, yes the allegations could be proven to be true, yes you can draw your own opinions from what you have seen and heard.

But it is not yet known.

So whether it is Barrack Obama, Glenn Beck, or Barry Bonds, we need to give each one a fair shake, and honestly look at the facts to draw our opinions from.

If we don’t we do ourselves a dangerous disservice.

A while back I was watching the Glenn Beck program and he had Joe Rogers on. He was talking about the American tax system, how it had discouraged saving.

I did not know what to make of it at first, but it was good food for thought. And then it hit me.

You see we have the tax system…a tax system. That taxes income. It taxes how much you make, and discourages saving.

That if you make money, have money, save, be frugal, or suddenly find yourself into a lot more dollars you will be taxed at a greater amount. Or at the least treated with suspicion. In other words such a tax system and such a culture that actually discourages saving.

And they have talked about other ways of taxing including savings accounts, taxing transfers of money, and other things.

We need something to, at the least reverse the trend. I do not advocate ‘tricking’ people into saving but we need a way to encourage people to be as frugal with the dollars and the resources that they have rather than the opposite which has trickled all the way to the top of our Government and our current policies of big spending.

Some people do not like giving money to the Government, some people do not even like spending more money then they have or spending in general.

Therefor any future tax will have to be consumption based. Based on what people buy.

That way people will, hopefully, start saving again. It will start going about its business again and then decide, is this item really what I want to spend on? Since it will slightly more expensive.

And that way you can have no loopholes, no tax breaks, no benefits, and everyone would be taxed in some way regardless of income.

That way people are not going to be taxed on purely what they save, but what they chose to spend in the markets and through society.

As many of you may know Beck will be leaving his Fox News show later on this year and transitioning off of it. (Story)

As of right now only he really knows what he is doing and what the future will bring, but he has promised us bigger and better things.

Whatever this ends up being though I do expect seeing more from him, and his company, later in the future. Regardless he has to do what he has to do.

He has often advocated, and implored us, to find our own answers. If he is not here who will we turn to? And that we have to be strong people on our own and know the truth on our own in the event he is not here. And even when he is here now, we should search on our own.

Now I do not think this is where he is going with the move, in fact I ultimately think quite the opposite.

But regardless this should serve as the perfect wake up call, the perfect remind, of just what if? What happens if he is not here to share his unique perspective on the world?

We have to use this as a reminder and to consider for a moment just what our lives would look like if something were to happen with him tomorrow.

I do not think we would stop believing in everything that we currently believe. I do not even think that we could stop finding the answers and the truth.

But the fact still remains that we are ultimately the only guardians of our own liberty. And we have to find a way to be stronger and to find more of the answers on our own if we are to survive.

I am not really down for the whole forty day and forty night challenge that he has come up with. It will not work for me. I think it’s a good idea, but I tend to move a little slower than that in all of my interactions with the world around me.

I need time to react and interact and to learn and to grow in all areas of my life.

I am at the start of this process. Figuring out a religious/spiritual/philosophical belief, and where I fit into the grand scale of the universe.

Right now that is where my focus primarily is.

More than on Presidential politics and what is coming up in the world and current events, more than science or anything else. And as many might have noticed my blogs have taken on more of a metaphysical twist lately.

But we need to constantly be learning and striving about our current world and the many threats we face in it. If we are to grow as humans, and survive. Individually, and as a Republic.

You know…this is late…even for a blog for the week. And with my blogs and the information I publish I am often late in my ability to get them up, so it is old news (Or is it…muhahahaha).

But that said in a way that provides time for further learning, and reflection. From me especially, and from you. I do not…tend to…rush into a situation. At least enough to write a blog on it and put my stamp on it for half an hour of writing, ten minutes of editing, and then having more people edit it and read it. This is my official opinion. So that way, it is important to learn, and I have done this time and time again.

The genesis of this blog happened right around November/ December, some comment I read or heard and I thought to myself, really, could my Zionist master please stand up?

But yet that never felt good for a Blog on its own it did not feel like its own subject.

But with things happening with Glenn Beck, and things happening in Egypt, around the world, the release of Rumors of War the Glenn Beck web documentary, and Israel evacuating its embassy (story), this and a whole lot more needs to be said on this subject.

Now…back about two or so weeks ago members of the media started with their latest, and perhaps most bizarre, Glenn Beck ‘conspiracy theory’ yet. Saying that he was Anti Semitic. I suppose this started right around the time of his George Soros special that he ran.

Saying that he was intentionally misspelling certain people’s names to make them sound more Jewish, saying that having eight people who are Jewish on a list of the worse people of the Century or something somehow proves that he is Anti Semitic. And that he made Anti Semitic claims against George Soros.

Now since I have friends who are both ethnically, and practicing, Jewish, this concerns me. I would not support Glenn if he were Anti Semitic. Not for a second. And I have seen no indication.

He has supported Israel and their right to existence and exposed the incidents behind the Gaza ‘aid’ flotilla and the connections, he has released documentaries specifically chronicling the current threat that Israel has faced from countries like Iran.

He has stood with a Jewish Rabbi, Daniel Lapin, he has invited Daniel Lapin onto both of his show, 8-28, and the pre 8-28 meeting.

He has waxed eloquent on the subject of Ancient Hebrew.

And has a Star of David in his opening diddy…montage…thingy.

Some Anti Semite is

Again there are real and legitimate madmen, crazy men, conspiracy theorists, and just generally people who hate anything Jewish or blame them from all problems from 9-11 to asthma (story).

People who might even use Glenn Beck as a justification for their vile hate, to use…misinterpreted…comments of his as a Clarion Call.

But he is…obviously….not one of them. Don’t shoot the messenger.

But yet there are legitimate people out there who do say and believe these things and are trying to spread this message. That Israel and the Jews are controlling everything and they got the world wrapped around their fingers.

Again, could my Zionist master please stand up?

Saying that they have brought down the twin towers, messing with our foreign policy, Jewed us into Iraq, and intentionally sunk US Navy vessels, calling Israel Israhell and just generally being evil.

If you do not believe me you can look it up I am sure…all of this is out there somewhere.

Yes a Conversation can be had on the extent of our support of Israel can help or hurt this country. We can have the conversation.

But lets not conflate the issue with downright silly and even dangerous rhetoric about the extend of Jewish influence in this country, the world, or that they have the world on a string.

We do not need to be collectivists.

Yes there are bad people in the world who are Jewish, of Jewish descent, or might even consider themselves Jewish in both of those categories.

But to confuse that and use it as an excuse to paint all Jews or all of Israel, or even Israel itself, with the same brush is the kind of rhetoric that has led to the deaths of millions of people in the past. (Unless you think the Holocaust did not happen).

Especially given the very real and very legitimate threat that Israel and the Jews face around the world.

Around the world, at home, from nation states, groups, international organizations, from the political right, and the political left.